4.25 52
Gran Perfecto Joya de Nicaragua antono Grand perfecto is a beautifully balance and constructed stick. The flavors you'll find in the cigar work perfectly together you're going to love 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Great build and excellent draw - best full flavor cigar for the money! Quality at any price! 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto This was the first hand rolled cigar I ever smoked. I enjoyed it then. And still enjoy them. Medium full body good draw. Good flavor. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Fantastic mild to medium smoke. Got a few to age to see if they will get better. Worth getting a couple. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Very well made cigar and I enjoyed this cigar very much it is a must try 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto I love all the Joya de Nicaragua 1970 vitolas they have great flavor and top notch burn and construction. While there on the full/strong side they pay just beautiful with a cup of coffee 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto This cigar is a great smoke for the price. This particular size and shape isn't my favorite but still worth the hour and a half or so to smoke it. 3 5 1
Gran Perfecto Loved this stick. Very dyeing and dark with immense flavor. Doesn't get any better 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Nice full flavor but still smooth great draw and perfect burn plenty of smoke 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Smooth and creamy. Hints of caramel and vanilla. A good pairing would be a nice cup of ice coffee 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto If you like strong cigars this one's for you. Good flavors and construction. The strength can be almost overpowering at time. 3 5 1
Gran Perfecto This is all Nicaraguan and that means strong!!!! It's definitely spicy and intense but you may prefer that sort of thing. I get dizzy. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto The whole Antono line is often overlooked as it has been around a while. But if you're looking for a full strength flavor bomb get one. These are so tasty and very affordable. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Thick rich spicy earth. Very consistent draw and flavors with a thick and heavy long coffee finish. Great fuller bodied smoke for the coin. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto This cigar looked and smelled great. However it was severely lacking the flavor that I thought it should have had. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto I have yet to have a bad smoke from JDN. This stick had an excellent draw almost bordering on too open. However the flavors from the cigar are amazing. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto One of my favorite cigars period Always a fabulous Nicaraguan powerhouse of nicotine and flavor Never for the faint of heart 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto I really enjoy this line but I want particularly fond of this specific size personally 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Very good smoke. Strong but not overpowering. Tons of flavor. Would recommend as a after dinner cigar. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Wow! What can I say? These are some of the most robust cigars on the market regardless of the Vitola. Heavy pepper spice and solid tobacco flavor. Very oily on the pallet. Between these and the Dark Corojo are among my favorites. You want power you got it! 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto I haven't had a lot of these but first one I smoked draw was very tight and wasn't happy with the flavors. 3 5 1
Gran Perfecto This stick was a mind blowing experience i was shocked and pleasently suprised about this stick and how it developed 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto great cigar. I've liked all joyas I've smoked and this one too. no burn issues. will get more of these. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto These are powerhouse Nicaraguan puros. Don't attempt on an empty stomach. Loaded with spice. Full powered and full flavored. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto These joya is pretty dang good. Nice flavor and draw. Also has a good burn consistency and construction. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto JDN cigars are a mainstay in my humidor. This stick is great . If you have smoked a joya before you know what to expect. Great smoke from start to finish. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Pretty good stick. Get some spice and wood notes out of this one. I like this one better than the original. 3 5 1
Gran Perfecto Joys de Nicaragua is fantastic with a dark and deep and dense smoke with a flavorful wrapper. Highly recommend 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto This is my favorite smoke. Be ready for a stronger than goats breath cigar. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto A very good but not great cigar. That's not a rip it just is questionable as to whether it's worth $8.50 a stick. The draw is balanced and consistent throughout the smoke and stands up well to the wind when smoked outside. Being triple Nicaraguan there's not much enrichment of the fillers as the cigar smokes down What you taste at the tip you taste at the end and everywhere in between. It doesn't change. If that's what you're looking for you'll be pleased with this one . I however prefer a cigar that matures as I smoke it presenting a plethora of flavors as it burns down. Also this cigar is ballyhooed as a strong cigar but I found it to be a slightly inferior version of the Joya de Nicaragua Antano that was offered a few years ago Now THAT was a great cigar! That being said I don't regret buying a box of these and would probably order them again. However if you are truly looking for a strong smoke that burns well with marvelous flavor blends I would recommend the Black Partagas Magnifico. Its a lot more Bang for considerably less bucks. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto I consider myself a beginner even though I've been smoking cigars on and off for about 10 years. Not to mention that I score this cigar a 10 on the basics (Draw construction consistency) What really hooked me is the Unprecedented Flavor! From the start to pushing the ring down for one more puff I am put under a mystical spell of 3 to an unbelievable 4 different flavors. I have to do all I can to stop myself form eating it! I rate this cigar above all that I have ever smoked. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Magnificent little tasty cigar filled with flavor all the way down to the very last puff 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto To my mind the Antaño is the prototypical Nicaraguan. Well made and with a wonderful sweet spicy flavor. If you haven't had it try one. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Beautiful full bodied and full flavored. Nice spice pepper and a touch of sweetness. Definitely worth smoking... many times 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Smoked this out on the beach last week! Despite the wind and elements. This stick burned evenly and kept its tight draw. Really good flavors. Like it had my mouth watering. Really earthy and peppery. Loved it! 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Nice punch of flavor with this one. Draw was a little tight but loosened up near the half way point. Pepper and leather dominated this stick! 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto These are small yet powerful cigars. Strong Nicaraguan tobacco and delicious flavors. These are a quick yet delightful smoke. These are a definite thumbs up 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto The Joya de Nicaragua antano 1970 is an awesome full bodied stick. Lots of rich flavor for a good price 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Not great flavor and was really disappointed by the poor construction. First I couldn't draw then it started to unravel. Buyer beeare 1 5 1
Gran Perfecto Great cigar with great powerful flavors I could smoke this at any time considering the price 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Good cigar. I try to keep some of these on hand. Good flavor and good price. 3 5 1
Gran Perfecto This cigar is primarily sweet earthly flavors with that distinct Nicaraguan zing. Notes of coffee and leather are also present during the cigar. The flavors of the cigar do not change much and remain very consistent from one third to the next. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Really like these Joyas. I did find them a bit on the spicy side so it's just a matter of taste. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Think of this like a nice bark of chocolate. So much taste and flavor in this cigar. Is definitely worth buying a box 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Great draw good flavor and Burned even but it had a crack in the cigar. Will try another. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto I love the shape of these the thin foot makes for an easy light the cigar burns well and is fairly smooth 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto A good cigar. Mine had a knot in it so the draw was a little hard but the flavor was great didn't leave that taste in your mouth when it was done 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto One of the best Nicaraguan blends woth subtle sweetness and bold rich earthy and leathery tones. Awesome 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto This Is One Good Cigar. Spice But Not Hot. A lot Like Cinnamon. I tasted Tasted Toasted Leather For Lilltle Bit At The Beginning. It Developed A Creamy Nature That Blended With The Spice More And More Until The End On The Nub. This Will Be One That I Look Forward To Again. There Is Something Traditional And Timeless About This One. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto I usually want a 60 ring smoke and this Antano selection fits the bill on smoothness and burn to the end. Now it is moderately bold but not biting to me. I taste a hint of chocolate and the flavor to me accelerates with sipping a brandy or premium bourbon (such as Woodford) while smoking. Call me eccentric but this Joye De N is most enjoyable during an evening on the terrace when there is some humidity and not much air stirring. Quite Colonial you know. 4 5 1
Gran Perfecto Great cigar and great service. 5 5 1
Gran Perfecto Medium-full bodied with creamy notes of chocolate, pepper, spice, & berries. Excellent construction, draw, consistency, & relatively even burn; with a firm & uniform, white & gray ash. The dark brown & oily, Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper shows a few veins, but is otherwise smooth & very well finished. Ready to smoke fresh from the box and gets even creamier with a bit of aging. 5 5 1

Joya de Nicaragua 1970 Antano

Gran Perfecto 6 × 60 JNAGP

If you’ve been searching for a powerful smoke to knock your socks off, check out the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Gran Perfecto. An extremely full-bodied Nicaraguan puro, it has a rich peppery flavor profile that’ll keep you coming back for more. Masterfully grown, fermented and hand-rolled in Nicaragua, the Gran Perfecto features a smooth Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper and hearty, complex Nicaraguan black tobaccos. The Gran Perfecto boasts a nubby 60 gauge ring and 6 inch body construction that puts the flavor at the front. Available in a cedar chest of 20.
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