4.2362204724409445 127
Consul This is a quick spicy nica style smoke. I’ll smoke em while mowing the lawn. 4 5 1
Consul The Joya De Nicaragua Antano starts off full body and a spicy kick the flavor profile is well balanced I get cedar coffee pepper and spice but nothing overpowers the others! Although a powerful cigar the smoke has a creaminess to it! Construction is flawless no burn or draw issues a must have in my opinion! 5 5 1
Consul Well constructed smoke. Nice to look at with a good draw. Full flavored not for the faint of heart 5 5 1
Consul This is a great cigar and a must have. Has a nice spice pepper flavor to it 5 5 1
Consul Excellent smoke. Just the right amount of spice and stays consistent throughout the entire cigar. 4 5 1
Consul Short and fat and oh so flavorful. This thing sure packs a punch. It is very powerful but still has Nuance flavors like coffee and vanilla 4 5 1
Consul The Joya Antano line has been a long time favorite of mine. Strong and spicy. Not as complex as some cigars but enjoyable. Not a cigar for beginners it is a powerhouse. 4 5 1
Consul Decent cigar. Not aomething I would go out specifically to buy. But not saying it's bad 4 5 1
Consul Surprisingly good smoked! Great flavors of hey leather some nutmeg and some white pepper. 3 5 1
Consul another great stick from drew estate family of cigars... grab a box - you won't be disappointed 5 5 1
Consul Truly a marvelous cigar. Love the way it lights. Great construction and flavor. Nice chocolate undertones with some espresso notes. Love it. Will buy more 5 5 1
Consul That sounds pretty easy to use the same as not to mention it is also hundreds of the troubled marriages the 4 5 1
Consul Not too bad fairly smooth. Not big on the aroma and had a bit of an off burn. Had to relight it once. 4 5 1
Consul Another great cigar from Joya. I really liked the flavors off this thing and the construction was absolutely flawless 4 5 1
Consul This was my first Joya and it did not impress me. Everything about it was mediocre the first third was decent nothing special the second third it did open up a bit but it wasn't enough I didn't get to the end. 3 5 1
Consul Really enjoyed this cigar. Full of flavor and a really mellow smoke. Has a consistent draw. 4 5 1
Consul As expected I absolutley love this perfect cigar. Lots of taste and flavor. Wonderful cigar with a nice room note. 3 5 1
Consul While not in my top ten they are a good go to in a pinch! No bummers in the bunch! 4 5 1
Consul Tons of flavor! Definitely smoke this with a meal though because it's pretty strong even for those that like full body 5 5 1
Consul Dry smooth cigar. Great taste to the palette and the draw is perfect Will be getting these for the humidor 5 5 1
Consul I am absolutely obsessed with the amazing flavor of these smokes. And for a nice nub like this I whish I could smoke these everyday day 4 5 1
Consul This cigar fires on all cylinders for me. Perfect construction. Excellent flavor perfect draw and burn line. This is a full bodied blend for sure though so each a large meal before smoking! 5 5 1
Consul I've loved this cigar for years. Great long latest burn and a great taste 5 5 1
Consul I love this whole line. Haven't had a bad one yet. Keep up the good work. 3 5 1
Consul it is a good cigar but not as good as it used to be. maybe a new year of a new crop. it is still worth the buy. 5 5 1
Consul Great smoke. Good burn. Nice medium flavor. Great construction. One of my top 15 cigars. 5 5 1
Consul Perfect cigar. It doesn't get any better than this one right here. I highly recommend. 5 5 1
Consul Since joyas partnership with DE i have had nothing but great experieces with JDN. The antano is a bit strong so i normally have this after dinner. 5 5 1
Consul The joya de Nicaragua consul is a great smoke definitely recommend and does not disappoint. 5 5 1
Consul Not a good idea on a empty stomach. Very heavy. Good after a big meal 4 5 1
Consul At first glance I thought what's the gimmick with the fire label but to my surprise there was no gimmick at all. This stick is a clean crisp mid body smoke. I really enjoyed it. 4 5 1
Consul This one allows for more smoke output and gives a harder kick to it definitely increases the spiciness but it still makes the cigar really great absolutely wonderful 4 5 1
Consul This is a nice nicaraguan cigar with a medium to full flavor and a consisiten even draw. Good deal 5 5 1
Consul This is one of my favorite go-to cigars! Love the flavors through the whole smoke. Just a beautiful cigar too. 4 5 1
Consul This is an incredible cigar. So many flavors beautiful draw... I'm not sure how to describe the amazement that is this cigar! 5 5 1
Consul This is a fantastic budget stick. It burns for just about an hour and a half requires no touch ups and has a delicious flavor. 5 5 1
Consul Truly a remarkable cigar. Very well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Exceptional flavors and very well constructed 5 5 1
Consul Super big fan of this cigar. I love all the stuff from this company. I love the spice and cream from this bad boy. A little earthy to. Almost the perfect combo here 5 5 1
Consul Good size for the antano. Better draw and consistency than the others. Little more spice as well 4 5 1
Consul Like its brother this is a luxury to smoke. I love everything about it. all you can say is good things. Don't hesitate 3 5 1
Consul One of my favorites. You really can't beat the cigar for the price. Excellent construction great flavor awesome power. 5 5 1
Consul I have also smoked at one time or another the joya de Nicaragua antano consul and it wasn't as grand as its counterpart but I liked it none the less 3 5 1
Consul This is the best size for this cigar series. It burns slow enough to last about a solid 45 min to one hour. True aging but the slightly bitter aftertaste doesn't improve too much. Otherwise great value powerhouse cigar. 3 5 1
Consul So good for anyone it's a grey smoke by jdn it's rally affordable and it would recommend anyone try these ba boys 4 5 1
Consul It is a cigar rich in deep flavor as the stick burns you get deep rich earthy and leathery flavor. 4 5 1
Consul Yet another good stick from Joya. I really like this line of sticks for a good consistent medium smoke to relax and enjoy with! 5 5 1
Consul You can not go wrong with this smoke a must try especially for the price I love giving them away to friends 4 5 1
Consul Love these cigars. Sweet and creamy. Great burn and and draw. Pairs well with a a good bourbon or buttery scotch. Great daily smoker. 4 5 1
Consul Good darn smoke bring one or more to the herf. I love the aroma of this stick. 4 5 1
Consul These are dark and bold but not bitter or harsh. It is a very strong richness. 5 5 1
Consul Great cigar great flavor good draw and great consistency I would definitely recommend this to anyone to put in their humidor 4 5 1
Consul Very nice quick smoke for the cold windy days or just to forget about the world around you. 5 5 1
Consul Joya DE Nicaragua is a great strong bodied smoke. I really really enjoy the strength and the magnificent flavors emitted from this stick. Try one today 4 5 1
Consul The Joya Consul Is a great full strength full flavored cigar. The price point is very good too. 4 5 1
Consul Really high quality full flavored cigar. Not for the newbie but great for lifers. 4 5 1
Consul A cigar that I consistently have stocked in my humidor. A must try for any cigar smoker 5 5 1
Consul Im loving it. Chilling on da couch ar da crib smoking a ciga. In da bronx. How many mo words yo? 5 5 1
Consul These are really nice. I loved the flavor. I got a hint of spice. Very well constructed with a good smooth draw. 5 5 1
Consul The joya brand always makes a fine stinker.these cigars burn very slowly and last.they have a nice floral aroma. 3 5 1
Consul JdN makes some great mid range cigars good flavor and strength profile for the price too. These are a nice medium body some good flavors and not a lot of change from 1st third to the last. Good construction too. 4 5 1
Consul Anther little guy with a ton of flavor. Dense smoke with great draw and maintained pretty good construction 4 5 1
Consul I love this cigar which is full of brown spices (Indian spices) black pepper and pairs wonderfully with cognac and dark beers. 5 5 1
Consul Quite the firecracker and delicious to boot! Strong flavors ad an extremely full body in this baby 5 5 1
Consul I enjoyed the smaller sizes for a fast Smoke at work.. The cigars starts out with earthy tones and hints of spice. Overall a great smoke 4 5 1
Consul All the antanos are great. It's like perfection. These and the nortenos are great smokes. Highly recommend v 5 5 1
Consul this Is a really enjoyable cigar. these cigars taste great are built well. and smoke awesome 5 5 1
Consul I am joyed this and always have it’s a good smoke great flavor profiles good earthy tones and a little bit to kick it did burn on evenly for the first 10 minutes or so but leveled out and smoke really well 4 5 1
Consul 100% must try smoke. A very fine cigar everyone should try at least once. 5 5 1
Consul Another winner from jdn. Love this blend. Dark and oily. Creamy and powerful. Great for after a big meal 5 5 1
Consul The joya is a joy to smoke. Peppery and nutty. Good burn and draw from start to finish. 5 5 1
Consul My favorite every day smoke. Great flavor consistency is good never had a bad one. I prefer the consul size it honestly seems to have a better flavor profile than the other sizes. Its like the perfect ring guage. Earthy tad bit of pepper 4 5 1
Consul The Antano Consul is similar to the Churchill except the length and the ring size. 3 5 1
Consul Love the size of this cigar perfect for trips and fishing never had to relight it and it has amazing flavor 5 5 1
Consul I guess this one is a better size for the jdn antanos. If the price is right i guess i could do these. Still i am not stocking up on thesd any time soon. 3 5 1
Consul I dont know what it is about jdn. Not a fan. Its not bad. But i was in no hurry to stock up after my 3 count ran out. If ur a drew estate fan this should be right up ur alley for a med to full body between a habano and maduro flavoring. Just not my thing 4 5 1
Consul Nice thicker almost stub. A surprise when I tried this one. Very enjoyable and well flavored! 5 5 1
Consul Cigar makes for a nice drive home smoke. Great consistency great flavors fabulous Construction. Has always been one of my go to Cigars after a nice lunch. 4 5 1
Consul Short and stout little fella but packs a proper punch. Not too spicy and the right amount of smooth and creamy. I like this guy can be a one hour smoke or less but I like to take my time with this one. 4 5 1
Consul As someone who prefers a more mild cigar I was blown away by the rich flavors of this cigar.. I will be ordering more soon! 4 5 1
Consul Great cigar with hints of bourbon and scotch. Nice and mild but can be overwhelming at times 3 5 1
Consul These cigars for me have always been consistent and the draw is decent as well as the flavor not one I would buy again 3 5 1
Consul Absolutely love this cigar. It has a great draw and flavor. Will be buying again! 4 5 1
Consul Try this one out next time you have the urge to smoke a fatty. This cigar boast long burns and tasty spices all he way to the end 5 5 1
Consul I really like the antano and this is a great size for it. It is pretty strong and very rush so this is a good compromise. 4 5 1
Consul I love the Antano. All sizes. This one is just a smaller version of the BigBull. Taste is great. 4 5 1
Consul I prefer Nicaraguan tobacco this is like smoking a little piece of heaven. Try one 4 5 1
Consul Smoked one today! Great earthy flavor! Changes from earthy to creamy and nutty. Definitely worth it 5 5 1
Consul IF it's Hoya it's good. That's the flat out truth of it. You can't say that about many full lines of cigars. But you can about these guys. 5 5 1
Consul An excellent full bodied full flavor smoke. Perfect sized. Provides an amazing aroma and an even better taste. Love this smoke 5 5 1
Consul A little bland but not a terrible stick. Cheap enough but would not be a go to for me. 3 5 1
Consul This little fatty packs a mean punch. It isn't lacking in flavor at all. Nice smooth burn. Draw isn't too loose or too tight. Nice smoke. 5 5 1
Consul I prefer the Gran Consul but to each their own. These sticks are deliciously good and perfectly crafted. Try one today. Now........ 5 5 1
Consul Love this cigar. The only issue is that it is too small. Draw and construction is absolutely second to none. 5 5 1
Consul Great little treats especially when you're on the go or with friend at the park or just relaxing 4 5 1
Consul Though the pre-light draw was a bit tight the post-light draws were perfect open with just a touch of resistance. 3 5 1
Consul Tried it. Not for me but a decent cigar for the money. Maybe second try will be better? 3 5 1
Consul Great size cant beat the flavor and size aaesome stick no regrets with this one the only one my wife is into 5 5 1
Consul Love huge gauge cigars In an Antanio it's almost overwhelming in strength and nicotine but since it's one of my all-time favorites I can suffer through! 5 5 1
Consul This was a great smoke like before. This is worth a go if you never had this brand before. 4 5 1
Consul This one just isn't for me I don't like the aroma I don't like the way it smokes and I don't like the flavors 3 5 1
Consul This smoke was a little tricky off of the draw. After it got going the flavor was smooth and was thoroughly enjoyed. Can't wait to buy more 4 5 1
Consul I have smoked the antano a gift from a retailer as a sampler. A product he sold in a exclusive line up of many premium brands. Solid construction consistent draw and distinct flavor. 4 5 1
Consul I love this cigar. It is definitely one of my new favorites. Its construction is decent as well. The draw is pretty loose though. 3 5 1
Consul I enjoyed this cigar very much. It is one i always look for when buying 4 5 1
Consul This is a decent cigar to smoke when you want something a little different. It tastes well and I would buy again 4 5 1
Consul These are great I always keep some ready to enjoy. One of my favorite full body smokes. 5 5 1
Consul I'm having one of those cigars right now that's a really good cigar I would buy them again 5 5 1
Consul Again I love all the vitolas the 1970 comes in. None of them disappointe at all 3 5 1
Consul Ok cigar. Could be better honestly. Just average body good pull flavor is good. Wouldn't recommend to others 2 5 1
Consul Joya de nic is a wonderful Stick i prefer the lancero but the all the line upis good here one of my must get into your humi lineup 4 5 1
Consul I try alot of different cigars and in my book this is a so so smoke not really one of my favs. 3 5 1
Consul Not as robust as I expected. The construction and draw was good. The flavor is about the only problem 4 5 1
Consul JdN makes some great mid range cigars good flavor and strength profile for the price too. These are a nice medium body some good flavors and not a lot of change from 1st third to the last. Good construction too. 4 5 1
Consul At any size. At any time of day these cigars are terrific. A full body earthy flavor lots of creamy smoke they would pair well with just about anything. 4 5 1
Consul This JdN is bursting with flavor and a sweet aroma. Highly recommended! 4 5 1
Consul The consul is a powerhouse with amazing flavor!! It gives a nice kick all the way through and is a favorite of mine 5 5 1
Consul Overall a decent smoke that only takes about an hour or a little less so is good for shorter times 3 5 1
Consul Yes this class of cigars are to strong and to bold and very dark a dull taste like not to good 3 5 1
Consul Could not wait to get a box. I used to pick up as a single. I got my 20 way before Christmas. With the free gift. The cigar is like they say a small vacation. I have smoked several and they are fine, smooth, and enjoyable. The draw is good and the burn is steady. One thing that is a cause for concern is my seal on the box was broken and I don’t know what to think of that. Uhm...that has never happened before. Any way they taste good and they have their own humidor. 4 5 1
Consul Truly awesome smoke ! Draw is great, awesome flavor, fantastic construction 5 5 1
Consul I just recently returned to enjoying an occasional cigar. In the past, the JDN Consul was one my go-to cigars. Well, its still a great smoke perfectly constructed with a great draw and abundant flavor. 5 5 1
Consul This is my go to cigar. Always have no less than a box on hand along with the dark corojo. For me it's perfect. Balls to the wall spicy smooth strength from beginning to end. If you're reading this deciding if you're going to pull the trigger; do yourself a favor and pick up 10. Let em sit for awhile and be rewarded. A best bang for your buck and always available. Just smoke one! 5 5 1
Consul really liked this one. the retro was right at the sweet spot...not too bold but still plenty of body. would definitely buy again. 5 5 1
Consul Tough burn at times, but the flavor was definitely there. You might need to smoke more than one to get to the great experience all the reviewers are talking about. But once you get a good one, it's well worth the price of admission. 5 5 1
Consul One of my all time favorites. Put 'em on sale more often, JR. 5 5 1
Consul I have been a fan of this smoke for years. Drew Estate delivers with this delight every time. Super great go to or daily. 5 5 1
Consul Burn is good, taste a bit bland, construction fair, smoke poor, draw fair 3 5 1

Joya de Nicaragua 1970 Antano

Consul 4.50 × 52 JNAC

If you’re looking for an intensely powerful smoke that wastes no time, the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Consul is perfect. With a stout 52 gauge ring and stubby 4.5 inch body, this Nicaraguan puro packs a bold punch for its short stature. As you can guess, it’s full bodied to the extreme. Expertly constructed with Nicaraguan black tobacco and a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper, the Consul will undoubtedly intrigue and invigorate your senses. If your mouth is watering, pick up a beautiful cedar chest of 20 now.
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