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Big Bull I originally picked up this stick both because of its stated full bodied flavor and also because of its heritage as a resilient Nicaraguan brand. My hopes were somewhat dashed. While exhibiting some very nice flavor qualities, I find myself more frustrated than pleased at all of the inconsistencies I’ve experienced. Difficulties staying lit (having to continually smoke it very hot to keep the burn going), frequent canoeing causing multiple re-lights and just in general of not being to peacefully relax and enjoy the hour plus that I was looking for. I have tried this cigar in several sizes, always seeking to prove my initial reaction false, but have come up disappointed almost all of the time. To be completely fair, it does exhibit some very nice flavor profiles that I look for in a full-bodied smoke, but the constant “messing around” required to get through with the cigar makes it far less than enjoyable. I wish they would look into their wrapping of their product so we could all enjoy this traditional stick. 3 3 1

Joya de Nicaragua 1970 Antano

Big Bull 7 × 60 JNABB

The powerful, yet very refined full-bodied flavors of Joya de Nicaragua Antano premium handmade cigars come bursting through with every puff on the massive Big Bull! Inside this huge frame is an incomparable blending of the finest aged all-Nicaraguan tobaccos just itching to be smoked. Designed with the seasoned enthusiast in mind, this 60-gauge ring, and 7 inch body demands your full attention. Available in a 20-count cedar chest.

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Cedar Chest of 20

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