3.0 25
Plazas thought they would be a good everyday smoke Most are rolled way too tight!! For now will stick with AyC Coronas 3 5 1
Plazas No flavor, tastes like sawdust and draws way too hard. 1 5 1
Plazas Good Cigar 5 5 1
Plazas One cigar is just fine. The next one will give you a hernia trying to get a draw. A lot of times just getting the wrapper off can be a real challenge. 3 5 1
Plazas My favorite smoke 4 5 1
Plazas Like most Cigar Connoisseurs -- I shy away from machine made cigars. With this (1) One, I will make an exception... It burns evenly, Draws well and I would consider it a Good Quick Smoke to add to any Collection. The only thing it lacks is Zesty Flavor -- but that's made up in the Price !!! I've been buying Cigars for over (25) Twenty Five Years from JR Cigars. Take it from a voice of experience -- you won't go wrong. JR Cigar Aficionado 4 5 1
Plazas Ok 4 5 1
Plazas I am satisfied with my purchases. 4 5 1
Plazas They are always to dry and brittle. They will break when taking the wrapper off. I have purchased 2-3 boxes but I will not purchase them again. 2 5 1
Plazas Half of cigars were dryer up fell apart in my hands 1 5 1
Plazas Using your company long time. You never offer me a deal 3 5 1
Plazas Smoked several so far... and at least half of them were rolled too tight. After releasing the tobacco, the draw is smooth and taste is fine. 3 5 1
Plazas The cigars are so dried out half of the wrappers are splitting. Great flavor, terrible wrapper condition. Won't buy them again. 2 5 1
Plazas I've been enjoying Plazas for years but of late the construction has been truly awful. I returned a box since more than half had split wrappers. (JR was very helpful with that with a refund.) Other boxes have at least several cigars that are unsmokeable due to holes and gaps in the wrapper. PLEASE check your factory to find out what's going on! I really like these cigars but if things don't change soon I'm giving up. 2 5 1
Plazas Bought 4 boxes and had to reglue most of them. 3 5 1
Plazas I wrote a fairly negative review last month due to consistently terrible construction. JR seems to have fixed the problem. Famous Plazas are back to the cigars I have always enjoyed. These are not "premiums" but are very good everyday smokes. 4 5 1
Plazas I have bought to different boxes of these cigars. The first ones I bought were so full of holes I was given back my money, thank you Jr. Got the next box, was to be a different in flavor, was not. Many of the cigars were so full of holes I used scotch tape to plug them so I could smoke them. Some times the wrapper didn't come off and it would break the cigar. I have to say the teste was okay. 2 5 1
Plazas Then they are infested with tobacco beetles. I didn't even know JR made Machine Made smokes. I haven't smoked them just want to warn you about tobacco beetles. 2 5 1
Plazas Cigars are a good smoke, but lately they are broken or inconsistent with draw and taste. 3 5 1
Plazas Quality is good, flavor is mild, and is very reasonably priced 4 5 1
Plazas Plaza are almost as good as the Churchill Occasionally get one that draws a little hard 4 5 1
Plazas Pretty good for the price. Have to be careful unwrapping them. A few out of each box will not draw. 4 5 1
Plazas The last 6-8 boxes I purchased were dry, and they were so brittle the cigar would break, crumble in your hands before even lighting it. I started purchasing from another source but I decided to give JR another chance. The last 2 boxes I purchased are some better. 3 5 1
Plazas Where are the cigars. The Plazas have been sold out for over 2 months. What is going on. 1 5 1
Plazas OK for an inexpensive cigar. 4 5 1

J&R Famous

Plazas 6 × 42 RBPL

One of our all-time bestselling brands, Our J&R Famous Plazas have been pleasing everyday smokers close to 40-years! What we consider to be the “Bentley” of machine-made cigars, the 6 x42 J&R Famous Plazas are made using leftover Dominican and Honduran filler tobaccos from some of the finest handmade premium cigars ever produced. The cigars are finished with a top-quality golden-brown, all tobacco, Honduran wrapper. The result is an exceptionally smooth, mellow to medium bodied smoke that’s brimming with easygoing flavors of cocoa, wood, leather, and marshmallow. Plazas are sold in affordable boxes of 50.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Dominican Republic / Honduras

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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