4.4375 16
Corona Maduro Love the smooth coffee flavor. 4 5 1
Corona Maduro Smooth flavor 5 5 1
Corona Maduro I've smoked plenty of Tabak Especial and Larutan/Naturals and this definitely tastes and smells more like a Natural than the more coffee flavored profile of the Tabak. It has a nice dark cherry taste and aroma, almost like it has some pipe tobacco in it. Comes in a box of 10 in a one-size-fits-all box that they clearly use for all sizes of this brand. Also has a one-size-fits-all band. Good solid medium smoke. Even got a little nic buzz going for me on a Wednesday afternoon. Construction is a bit rustic as you might expect at the lower price point, but still has smooth draw, good ash, held together nicely, and didn't require a relight. Great little quick smoke for under $4, especially if you buy with one of the Drew Estate sampler packs when they run a special. 4 5 1
Corona Maduro I think these are the best cigars in the world!!! Love the flavor, the burn. A++ I'll never change, no need to. 5 5 1
Corona Maduro Just as advertised, it has a smooth even draw. Enjoyed every pull. 4 5 1
Corona Maduro Excellent overall cigar. The Madura is probably my preference now in the Isla line. Cigar pairs nicely with a coffee or cognac/brandy or sherry cask scotch. 5 5 1
Corona Maduro This is currently my all time favorite. Sweet and smooth all the way through. Can be enjoyed anytime of day, and aroma is a delight to those around you. 5 5 1
Corona Maduro first cigar i smoked in years that was two year ago. great smoke ! 5 5 1
Corona Maduro Good flavor along with a mild smoke. 4 5 1
Corona Maduro This is a cigar that bought 10 of without trying one first. I don't often do that, but I really bought these knowing the type of cigar that they are would be great for sharing with friends that would like to try a cigar, but aren't ready for the heavy hitters that I regularly smoke. I don't want to drive a new smoker away because they got knocked over by what I handed them. lol Anyway... when I received these, I decided to try one out with a cup of coffee while put some ribs on the smoker. The wrapper was a little dry, and I had a small tear near the foot, but nothing that created a problem. This was a win as far as I'm concerned. Not being a flavored cigar smoker, I gotta say I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. The smoke emitted was very pleasant, and even my wife didn't mind it. I ended up smoking it down to a nub, and it never needed a re-light or any tending to. Overall, I'm very pleased, and look forward to sharing the rest with friends. 4 5 1
Corona Maduro I'm new to this so bare with me. I've recently started smoking cigars more often - 2 or 3 times a month. It started with friend sharing some Padron 64 Anniversary. It was great but its a bit much for a beginner so I started looking slightly milder shorter smoke. These Isla del Sols popped up in a few reviews and sounded like what I was looking for. I haven't smoked enough to to pick out more than one or 2 flavors in any cigar. The best I can say is that I know a good smoke from a bad smoke and this was somewhere in the middle. That said, the draw on these is a little tight. Not sure if that is a thing you just have to deal with in small cigars. The wrapper is almost tow sweet but that fades pretty quickly. Another issue was that this cigar would not stay lit. Had to re-light it twice and the burn was uneven. In all fairness i think the batch I got was a little dry at the end so the first 1/3 of the cigar was somewhat bitter. The second 1/3 was much more enjoyable. The last 1/3 was showing promise but being such a small gauge i quit a little early. Overall these are not bad for the money but I expected more based on the reviews I read. I put them in with a 72% bovida pack and will leave them alone for.... 4 weeks? Then in with a 68% for a few more weeks. Hopefully that will help them burn a little more consistently. 3 5 1
Corona Maduro Is earthy sweet peppery delicious 5 5 1
Corona Maduro For awhile I was into this type of cigar, now moving onto more full flavor. The value to quality is excellent! 4 5 1
Corona Maduro Good even burn. Mild and good flavor. Wrapper is not tight enough but acceptable. Just bought my second box. Enjoyable stick. 4 5 1
Corona Maduro Flavorful smoke at a great price 5 5 1
Corona Maduro This is a great cigar for - in the morning with coffee or a late night smoke. Great taste, good consistency and good draw. Very enjoyable! 5 5 1

Isla del Sol

Corona Maduro 5 × 44 IDSMC

Isla del Sol Corona Maduro is an indulgent coffee infused premium cigar from Drew Estate. The cigar combines a dark, oily maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan fillers infused with exotic Sumatra Mandheling bean coffee and garnished with a sweetened cap. Rich and sweet with nuances of cocoa, spice, and dark roast coffee, this is a cigar that you’ll want to savor right down to the nub.

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