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Lonsdale these cigars are not smokable. something is wrong with the leaves. either they are not tobacco or something else. I tried many ways of cutting punching but nothing works. There is no smoke coming out to my mouth when I inhale. 1 5 1
Lonsdale What could I possibly say wrong about a cigar that I paid about a buck for? Well not much. I've had about 15 of the 50 in the bundle and I can just say that the ends on about five aren't well filled and they pinch off about half way through smoking them. About what you'd expect for what you paid. 3 5 1
Lonsdale A truly great find. Dollar for dollar the best cigar I've found for the money yet. Lonsdales are not one of my regular size smokes but I enjoy one now and then and had a chance to bid on these during one of the auctions. Lucky me. I won! A few days later I was unwrapping this fifty cigar bundle and making room in one of my humidors for it. From the first one I was impressed with the flavor construction and just plain enjoyable smoking experience this cigar provided. Out of the more than 25 I've smoked already I have had two that seemed to coal up after the first third was smoked. With a little patience and persistence I was able to move the cigar through that ugly point and finish the smoke without tossing it away. If I end up with four bad sticks out of fifty I won't howl too loudly. I am amazed that this Lonsdale size cigar is actually nearly an hour long smoke. I don't get that out of most of the Toros I buy today! 4 5 1
Lonsdale These sticks are just fine and what a bargain!! I like everything about them. Packed a little loose and burn gets somewhat uneven but all in all a really great smoke. Taste is great and you can’t beat the price. I’m gonna buy some more!! 4 5 1
Lonsdale One has low expectations for bargain priced bundles but...Delighted to have stumbled upon a very affordable and enjoyable daily cigar! The Lonsdale shape is new to me but it's elegant and fits the experience of these. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Very impressed with the quality for the $. Nice smoke. Will hbuy again. 5 5 1
Lonsdale I've been buying these for a while. The price and quality are very good. Consistency is excellent. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Great every day smoke, ordered these on a whim mostly because of the price point and I like to t try out hondurans I haven't tried before and there are just fine, even burn, nice draw, that spot on not too dark not to light flavour. I've had better cigars, but these cigars are exactly as advertised and definitely worth a try. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Good everyday smoke! Will definitely order more next time on sale! I'm a Montecristo fan first...however very impressed with 4 5 1
Lonsdale Smoked three so far. Today they tasted very good. First two Ok. but this may be me. The same cigars do not always taste the same. Perhaps depends on previous meals, etc. But today it was a good smoke and well worth the price. 4 5 1
Lonsdale These cigars are generally well constructed and burn as well as could be expected for a budget cigar. The flavor is good but a bit weak and mellow for my taste and i find myself wanting more smoke. The 6x60 version is a much better cigar. 3 5 1
Lonsdale this place is great 5 5 1
Lonsdale I picked these up on special for around a $1/stick. They aren't bad, but definitely not good. You get what you pay for. I'd say better than a yardgar, but not a daily rotation smoke either. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Smoke starts off medium burns well about halfway through starts picking up in flavor and strength finishes medium to strong. Overall a great smoke for the price after shipping and tax only paid about $1.10 a stick. Won it on auction for 45 bucks for 50. 5 5 1

Honduran Factory Corojos

Lonsdale 6.62 × 44 HOCL

Honduran Factory Corojos Lonsdale is a well-aged, medium to full-bodied Honduran cigar that ended up homeless and residing in the gigantic Plasencia warehouse until we grabbed them all up. Loaded with rich earth and spicy flavors, these Kraft-wrapped bundles of 50 are without a doubt one of the best cigar deals on the planet.
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