5.0 9
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado Didn't realize these were a flat rolled stick. Very easy draw and excellent bread/creamy flavor throughout. Totally worth the purchase and will look for more! 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado The flavor was great tastes of cream and chocolate very smooth smoke all the way. 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado Amazing cigar. Very impressed by the construction, burn and flavors of dough, cream and silky nutty flavors. A must but. 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado Box pressed? Its mashed. A very complexed cigar with warm vanilla and tobacco flavors, hints of leather. Its really hard to put a taste profile on such a fine cigar. 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado I bought these on a special JR promotion. Wow, already one of my favorites in my humidor. The box pressed, more of a rectangular pressed than box pressed. Oily wrapper with no unwrapping, perfect draw, even white ash to the end. Flavor was mild, somewhat complex but enjoyable to the end. Love them and will try to let them hang out in my humidor for a bit. I am not not an everyday smoker but always try to keep 35-60 on hand at all times. I have some cigars I have some I haven't touched in over 5 years and these will disappear soon. Highly recommend! 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado Very, very good stick. 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado Got a few of these in a sampler. I smoked one and found citrus, wood and a bit of sweet wood in it. Didn't think too much about it but that night I dreamed of this cigar. The next day I kept recalling the flavors and especially the smooth, creamy feel of the smoke. The next one I smoked was a replica of the one in my dream. The draw is a joy, the feel in your hand is comfortable, friendly. I bought a pack and found them to be overbearing and a bit sour. Just got another sampler with a few in it and it was as perfect as my dream...again. I suspect that they need some serious sleep time for that citrus note to ease off. But the good ones are tremendous. The others certainly deserve a bit of patience. 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado Just wanted to follow up on this cigar. I have been struggling to isolate the blend and suspect it is the same as the Herrera esteli habano. I think I mentioned that the core of these delivered a far too peppery, stale or dry tobacco flavor. I put them down for a short rest and fired one up to see. They are fully recovered. Smooth, very flavorful bread, cracker, slightly cinnamon with a slight, not unpleasant bitter finish. It is only a pity that I wound up going through most of the bundle testing for recovery. At ten dollars a piece it's sort of an expensive endeavor. Be warned, if the first has too much pepper, put them in a safe place and wait for a few months. It's worth your time. 5 5 1
Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado This is a great cigar. The flavor is tasty and the size and box pressed adds to it. The draw is a bit tight however I believe it works well. 5 5 1

Herrera Esteli

Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado 6.50 × 44 HERCEI

Herrera Esteli JR Exclusive Box Pressed Cuadrado is a gorgeous premium cigar made only for yours truly! A Cuba-inspired creation by the highly talented team at Drew Estate, this vitola is rolled and box-pressed in a (6.5 × 44) format using the finest aged Cuban-seed binder and fillers, paired with a seamless, oily, reddish-brown wrapper. sweet-and-spicy tobacco flavors complimented by cocoa, cinnamon, and toasted bread, makes this JR Exclusive a very special smoke that you won’t find anywhere else!

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