4.0 7
Grandes I smoke these as dailies. consistency is off with this batch usually a good smoke for the $$$ 3 5 1
Grandes I received this in a sampler and was not expecting much but it's actually quite decent. Lots of leather going on and full bodied. Would be a perfect 5 or 10 pack purchase. 4 5 1
Grandes Alright cigar for the price. Not one I would smoke while I'm not doing something else. Definitely good for the golf course! 3 5 1
Grandes The Henry Clay Honduran is the best and most consistent cigar for the price. They are like tanks too. I found one in my golf bag that had been sitting there for a couple of months. I lit it up and it was still great. 5 5 1
Grandes After 10 minutes you just want to eat the cigar. Dusk creamy flavor. Great with coffee or a smooth whiskey. A great midday or dinner cigar. Go ahead and hold it in your mouth for 1 minute straight; best have a napkin ready to wipe the saliva off your chin. However don't eat the cigar please. You might think it but don't do it. 5 5 1
Grandes Great smoke 4 5 1
Grandes Been looking for a good cigar at a reasonable price.cthese will do the trick. 4 5 1

Henry Clay Honduran

Grandes 6 × 50 HCG

Solid in size and sleek in appearance, Henry Clay Honduran Grandes are 6.5 x 50 handmade premium cigars finished with Cuban-seed rosado EMS wrappers that not only display a rich red tint but also hint at the zesty, spicy-sweet treats that lie ahead. Packed in boxes of 20 cigars, Henry Clay Honduran Grandes are expertly handcrafted at the famed Flor de Copán factory with a recipe of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian long-filler leaf that provides a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile. With a name that's familiar to longtime tobacco fans, Henry Clay Honduran Grandes are a popular option for smokers shopping online to buy a handmade premium cigar with whole lot of hearty tobacco flavor...for only a little bit of hard-earned money.
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Honduras / Nicaragua / Peru


Medium - Full


Box of 20

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