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Habano Torpedo right decent cigar for the investment.....good everyday enjoyable smoke 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo Ordered a bundle when they were on sale. They were surprisingly Good, especially at that price point. Since JR Never seems to give any discount on name brands anymore, I bought another one of these. Very pleased with the purchase. The only issue that I found was, a couple of them tunneled a bit! 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo Very nice, flavorful cigar. Excellent price. 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo I'm on my second bundle of these and they never fail. Burn well, pretty tasty and construction's good too. 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo Good construction and a good even burn 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo Construction and draw are good. The taste offers a little pepper, but not much else. Still, it's above average for a $2 smoke these days. 3 5 1
Habano Torpedo Just 6 left on my1st bundle - Great Draw - Even Burn- Excellent Cigar- Plenty of Flavor for the Money. I will be buying another bundle!! Thanks JR!! 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo A little TLC in a humidor makes these a good daily smoke 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo I also ordered 4 Monte Cristo 6pack tins 2 in each order. The day after I joined JR plus JR sent my products but I paid for USPS priority shipping and was supposed to receive my packages on May 2nd. I don't blame JR just the shipping, should have known the USPS would mess it up. Just hoping I receive my orders, again JR is not at fault. Your loyal customer-Ali F. I will post a review of the smokes when I receive them. 3 5 1
Habano Torpedo I purchased two bundles while they were on sell, I was a bit skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have only smoked 3 and they need more aging but I was surprised but the great draw, long filler, and some unique flavors. I almost taste of bacon at the finish. Sounds like it would be unpleasant but the habano wrapper, and Nicaraguan binder give it an earthy, toothy bite. After they age I will update my review. Right now I am thinking these are good every day smokes. 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo It was a consistent cigar I like the habano wrapper much better then the Connecticut wrapper. It stays together better. 3 5 1
Habano Torpedo A consistent cigar for everyday, and I am not a big fan of the Connecticut wrapper as they appear to crack and be dry compared to the same cigar in the habano wrapper. Well worth the money though. 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo I do believe i,ve found my smoke! economical tasteful and very well put together. always know when I light one up it,ll be a great smoking experience. 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo See above 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo Not a bad stick for the price. If you want a good basic smoke. Basic is not bad by any means. The flavor is there. Sometimes I refer to this a s a good solid medium. Burns good and is almost a steal when on sale. 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo I just order another bundles of these beauties yesterday, during a flash sale… I’ll save the price point per cigar until after my review… I’ve ordered a number of the Hambones, bic I was lured n by the descriptions/reviews and price point. Most were ok, but not note worthy … This Hambone on the other hand is a keeper - Never disappoints. Taste and burn, I’d put up against the mighty… Punch/R&J - She has this kinda taste… For obvious reasons, not the same construction, but at $1/cigar I can get very comfortable with a couple of touch ups! Love this cigar - She’s one of my daily/Utility smokes (I’m on this post a 6-7 cigar consumer… to wife - one or two every now and then…) 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo I mean yes for the price point he’ll yeah can’t beat it. But you trip out on the flavor that comes with it I have smoked other cigars that cost a lot more and they were not for me the blends to me sucked. But for a daily smoke it’s everything you need out of it. Burns great. No issues so far packed very well for the most part. Just buy it give it a try i stick with the torpedo size all the time cause the draw to me works best no issues when cutting the cap. I gave my guys some and they loved it as well. You win on all sides buying these bundles of enjoyment. 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo I am very impressed with this cigar given its price point. It came in one of the assorted bundles JR puts together, which has served me well in discovering new, tasty and in this case - extremely inexpensive cigars. I think of it as my Utility Cigar - the one I go to when I only have 30 minutes or so to enjoy or in the dog park where I’m not fully engaged with my smoke. I always have a supply on hand. I’ve tried a number of the Hambones (some were deserving of their “cheap” price) and this is by far and away my favorite- In fact, this is the only I still buy. 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo Well it's not a bad cigar I noticed all the other reviews said that for the price it's not bad at all I would agree with that however I do point out this is not a long filler it burned pretty well but it didn't burn like a real hand rolled long filler 3 5 1
Habano Torpedo good cigar for the price. pretty good draw and has a good flavored wrapper would probably buy again 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo You want an affordable stick that is subtle and won’t bite back??? Start here my friends… This Torpedo by Hambones, wrapped In Connecticut Habanero might be the trick… It has a smooth draw that has a little bit of pepper flavor. Not too much, but enough to let you know it’s there. The burn has been consistent, but it may take some effort and concentration to keep it even throughout your 45-60 minutes escape. I start my day with a Hambone and coffee before my family rises, while sitting on my porch. The aroma isn’t overwhelming, just nice enough to help you appreciate you your stick and daily routine. Light draw as well. You aren’t sucking it down, nice and steady. It goes well with coffee, and it doesn’t hinder my post smoke workout then shower. I’m a Hambone fan for sure! I love the price and consistency they bring. 4 5 1
Habano Torpedo This cigar has good flavor,easy draw & will last quite a long time.I was pleasantly surprised in the quality of a off brand cigar.I like mild to medium types of cigars & these fit the bill with a great price.I highly recommend these if you are interested in a economy priced cigar that ranks up with more expensive cigars. 5 5 1
Habano Torpedo I got this cigar along with a bundle of 60 cigars, many of them top priced premiums. Amazingly, I was reaching for this cigar instead of the premiums. Top notch construction, good flavor, lots of smoke, stayed lite if I put it down...hope JR continues to stock this one. 5 5 1


Habano Torpedo 6 × 52 HAMHTO

Expertly hand rolled in Honduras, Hambones Habano Torpedo is a beautiful looking cigar that marks the return of a very popular private label brand from the mid-1920s. Originally called J.P. Alley’s Sweets 5¢ cigars, the new reimagined Hambones is a highly ambitious project where the overall strength of each cigar in this 12 vitola series is dictated by the type of wrapper used on the blend. In this case, a rare honey brown Connecticut seed Habano wrapper, paired with a mixed filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco, provides a medium bodied smoke with rich, complex flavors of earth, spice, roasted nuts, and coffee. Although, situated as a value priced offering, this pristine Torpedo boast the immaculate construction, great burn, and consistently great taste normally found on long filler blends costing almost double the price. Order a super affordable bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, and discover a cigar that you can enjoy all day long without emptying your pockets.

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