4.379310344827586 29
Habano Toro These cigar are quite good. They aren’t premium but are enjoyable. Smooth medium flavor. Good draw and great smoke. 4 5 1
Habano Toro Very easy smoke! I think this is an overall cigar that a first time smoker could enjoy and an everyday smoke would keep in their humidor for a good cheap smoke. Draw is very easy, construction is loose, and the flavor is on the bland side. 4 5 1
Habano Toro I’ll give this cigar a 4! I like for the price! 4 5 1
Habano Toro Love these for the price great every day cigar 5 5 1
Habano Toro Good cigar burned not so good 4 5 1
Habano Toro I took a chance on these because they were in an auction super cheap not expecting much, but they are surprisingly good. They always burn well, and have a pleasant, mild flavor. I'm always thrilled to find a bargain smoke that's worth buying again. 4 5 1
Habano Toro I like this cigar a lot! Just bought another two bundles! I smoke 3 or 4 cigars a day and these are always one of them. Maybe two now! I’ve purchased a lot of expensive cigars( too many) but like these better then most! I’d recommend them to anyone! They have enough taste for me! 4 5 1
Habano Toro Overall a great cigar 4 5 1
Habano Toro I picked up a couple of bundles of these on sale, and they're really good for the price. I usually smoke the Odyssey Habano, and these are almost as good. The only difference is that they don't quite taste as good. Great construction and draw, and the consistency is great from beginning to end. If you're looking for a bargain smoke, Hambones are a great choice. 4 5 1
Habano Toro Good smoke 4 5 1
Habano Toro Finding a consistently good smoke, at a great price, isn't easy. I have purchased six or seven bundles of this cigar and haven't had a bad one yet. 5 5 1
Habano Toro These are pretty good and consistent, taste good, good draw, good flavor, good construction. Nothing overwhelming or outstanding but pretty decent nonetheless, specially for the price. I prefer the Hambones maduros better but that's just my taste, since the Maduro packs more flavor and punch. I will be buying these again, giving them 5 stars for the price really, if it costed more I would probably choose another brand but since they are so cheap, compared to cigars on similar price range, these are definetely worth it. 5 5 1
Habano Toro I bought these primarily because of the price. They truly surprised me as to the quality, consistency, and flavor of these smokes. My only complaint is that they leave an after taste once completed with the smoke. It's not unpleasant but not normal for higher quality sticks. 4 5 1
Habano Toro For $20 a bundle really good Habano can't beat $1 cigar delivered 4 5 1
Habano Toro Ok for the price 3 5 1
Habano Toro Hambone Maduro is a great smoke at a reasonable price. They burn well and have a rich taste. I smoke them everyday! 5 5 1
Habano Toro Great affordable smoke. Good taste and even burn. 5 5 1
Habano Toro Great tasting smokes. Good draw and even burn 5 5 1
Habano Toro Very pleasant for a mixed filler. Has very unique flavor profile, I almost get a note of pork belly on occasion, always a great draw, I sometimes use these as my daily smoke. Great value, great hams. 4 5 1
Habano Toro Not a bad cigar just trying to see which one i like 5 5 1
Habano Toro Good flavor, nice draw. 4 5 1
Habano Toro My go to everyday smoke. Good flavor, well constructed and even burn. I smoke these all the time. 5 5 1
Habano Toro My new affordable favorite. Smooth like butter and tasty to boot. Love. 5 5 1
Habano Toro Ain't no bone like the Hambone.  Easy on the wallet, smooth, nutty and tasty to the pallet.  The Habano wrapped toro is a great vitola for that throughout the day Hambone fix.  A sandwich, but a real cigar.  I get lots of compliments on the pleasing aroma, even from non-stogie smokers. It's a go to.  *(When I'm star rating these cigars, like always, it's up against others in their sandwich/$1-$3 class; to be clear, "In context my friends," they ain't a Cao, Avo or Fuente). 5 5 1
Habano Toro Tasty cigar with a great draw and burn at a great price 4 5 1
Habano Toro Always a quality draw for a value proce 5 5 1
Habano Toro If I had my way I wouldn't say how much I'm impressed by these sticks more for me. But if you have thought about getting them get them. Might be my aging palate but I can taste a hint of citrus during the very enjoyable smoke 5 5 1
Habano Toro I was surprised to find I really like these cigars. despite the low price, and the short filler didn't bother me. 4 5 1
Habano Toro I use this as one of my other everyday smokes. Sometimes gets an uneven burn. 4 5 1


Habano Toro 6 × 50 HAMHT

Hambones Habano Toro cigars are part of line of premium cigars that marks the return an old American brand that was very popular in the early 1900s. Originally called J.P. Alley’s Sweets 5¢ cigars, the reinvented Hambones is a highly ambitious project where the overall strength of each cigar in this 12 vitola line is dictated by the type of wrapper used in the blend. In this case, a rare Connecticut seed Habano leaf is paired with a mixed filler blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco that provides a medium bodied smoke with rich, complex flavors of earth, spice, roasted nuts, and coffee. Situated as a value priced offering, these top-shelf cigars boast the immaculate construction, great burn, and consistently great taste that’s found in long filler premium cigars costing almost double the price. Order a super affordable bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, and discover an everyday smoker that’s truly best in its class!

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