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Habano Robusto decent smoking cigar..great value 4 5 1
Habano Robusto I bought two packages of Ham Boned because they were cheap and I’m a frugal guy brought up in New England. The first one I smoked was a little harsh but just smoked one while washing my car and drinking a beer by and it was pretty good! I’m 76 and don’t want to out live my money. When it comes to wine I’ll take two $20!bottles over any $40+ bottle I’ve had! So for s cheap smoke these are pretty good! I haven’t smoked enough of these to really comment on consistency! 4 5 1
Habano Robusto Full smoke full taste of smooth habano. 4 5 1
Habano Robusto Good for price 4 5 1
Habano Robusto Nicely constructed good taste burns well 4 5 1
Habano Robusto Goog cigars at good price. 5 5 1
Habano Robusto A good decent cigar. Nice draw and consistency. 4 5 1
Habano Robusto Very pleased 5 5 1
Habano Robusto Decided to roll the dice on these. They taste okay and usually burn unevenly ("canoeing"). So, I feel like I got what I paid for. Set your expectations accordingly and you might be satisfied. Personally, I'll go back to paying a bit more for Drew Estate's Factory Smokes and be much happier. (I didn't get anything for posting this review. These are my honest opinions.) 3 5 1
Habano Robusto Really like these guys, great flavor with a nice and consistent burn 4 5 1
Habano Robusto These ever so lightly sweet, succulent little piggies are delicious. Shorter and stubbier than the toro vitola version, what you get is pure juiciness in this habano Hambone robusto from General Cigar Co. Those who think they can compare them to a Philly Blunt are sadly mistaken rookies. Hambones are the real deal for the price. Really, they ain't mealy. I hit 'em everyday. 5 5 1
Habano Robusto Ain't no bone like the Hambone.  Easy on the wallet, smooth, nutty and tasty to the pallet.  The Habano wrapped robusto is a perfect vitola for that throughout the day Hambone fix.  A sandwich, but a real cigar.  I get lots of compliments on the pleasing aroma, even from non-stogie smokers. It's a go to.  *(When I'm star rating these cigars, like always, it's up against others in their sandwich/$1-$3 class; to be clear, "In context my friends," they ain't a Cao, Avo or Fuente). 5 5 1
Habano Robusto A very good everyday smoke. Price conscious gem in a stable of jewels. Consistently reliable enjoyment has sold me. Join the party, leave the JIVE & enjoy the smoke. 4 5 1


Habano Robusto 5 × 50 HAMHR

Hambones Habano Robusto is an affordable cigar that that is a reimagined version of an old American brand that was very popular in the mid-1920s. Originally called J.P. Alley’s Sweets 5¢ cigars. The cigar draws its name from the original box that featured a picture of a pilot, nicknamed “Hambone” smoking a cigar while flying over the ocean. This new Hambones Habano Robusto is a highly ambitious project where the overall strength of each cigar in this 12 vitola series, is dictated by the type of wrapper used in the blend. In this case, a rare Connecticut seed Habano wrapper, surrounding a mixed filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco, provides a medium bodied smoke with rich, complex flavors of earth, spice, roasted nuts, and coffee. Positioned as a value priced offering, top-notch construction, great burn, and consistently great taste makes it a real standout among mixed filler cigars in this price range. Order a super affordable bundle of 20 from JR Cigar and discover an everyday smoker that’s certain to exceed all your expectations!

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Connecticut Habano


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