3.1666666666666665 18
Connecticut Churchill Just wanted to try it and see if i got lucky with a good stick at a low price. I didn't get lucky. I call this a break in case of emergency stick. Flavor is off but it did burn even. I won't buy again. 3 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Overall it's a pretty good cigar for the price 3 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Aside from not being a fan of the name, “Hambone,” fortunately the cigars themselves proved to be a good daily when walking the dog or messing around with my yard. Point a solid all around inexpensive smoke when you’re not interested in lighting up a more expensive cigar. Don’t worry You can still share and chances are you friend will like them too. 4 5 1
Connecticut Churchill A consistent cigar,good draw,consistent burn,and priced Affordably 4 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Draw is good, flavor is lacking, and it burns hot every now and then. 3 5 1
Connecticut Churchill I smoke three every day. I think they are great 5 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Good cigar for the price 4 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Construction is terrible. Burn is terrible. 1 5 1
Connecticut Churchill excellent cigar for the price 5 5 1
Connecticut Churchill I find the construction remarkably good -- better than some more expensive -- which is almost everything . Rather mild flavor . I like cigars I can just bite off the end rather than find a cutter . 5 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Nothing spectacular nor would it be pathetic. Just an average rating on all points. Catch them on sale get some for to have a decent smoke. 3 5 1
Connecticut Churchill After smoking the first one I contemplated throwing the rest away. Terrible draw, constantly have to relight, and it burns part of the cigar but not another. Saving grace is flavor. Having smoked ten so far, I would say two were decent on the draw, six were very bad, and two were awful. Would give one star except for the flavor which is decent for this price point. 2 5 1
Connecticut Churchill To tightly rolled, very hard to draw Wouldn’t buy these again wasted more then2/3’s of bundle 1 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Great salesperson to help ans shipments on time. 5 5 1
Connecticut Churchill It is not a mellow smoke. 3 5 1
Connecticut Churchill Decent construction, some unraveling on a few so far. Good draw, flavor good. Fair amount of flavorful smoke, consistent burn throughout. Cracking and unraveling is my only real concern this far 3 5 1
Connecticut Churchill These cigars had a decent taste, but they were very inconsistent. You have to puff on them constantly to even attempt to keep them going, which didn't even work all the time. When it did work, it made them burn very hot. They were not worth the money and I wouldn't get them again 1 5 1
Connecticut Churchill I wish these were better. Very inconsistent burn. They flavor was great. I smoked to and just got frustrated. Took em apart and it's a short filler. Almost cigeratte tobacco. But the wrapper is very nice. I took em apart to make pipe tobacco and backwoods style cigars. Not a good cigar really. More of a chore to smoke than an enjoyment. 2 5 1


Connecticut Churchill 7 × 50 HAMCCH

Hambones Connecticut Churchill cigars draws its inspiration from a popular American brand from the early 1900s that was called .P. Alley’s Sweets 5¢ cigars. These nostalgic cigars feature a rich golden-brown Connecticut followed by a mixed filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco. The -new reimagined Hambones is a highly ambitious project where the overall strength of each cigar in this 12 vitola series is dictated by the type of wrapper used on the blend. In this case, the Connecticut wrapper provides a mellow smoke with rich, silky smooth notes of cocoa, leather, cedar, and hints of sweet spice. It’s a value priced cigar with fabulous construction and consistently great taste that far exceeds its super affordable bundle of 20 price. Order yours from JR Cigar, and discover what may become your new favorite daily smoker.

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