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Rambo The Casa Fernandez Guardian Of The Farm Rambo Is a pretty good cigar with some decent flavor and Aroma and it has a decent burn time 4 5 1
Rambo This Casa Fernandez is really nice cigar. Taste is good with great aroma. Consistency is ok 4 5 1
Rambo This is a great full body cigar perfect size when you’re on the run full body smoky start woody middle spicy and it’s very enjoyable stick 5 5 1
Rambo The Casa Fernandez Guardian Of The Farm Rambo is a pretty good cigar that I think anyone can enjoy 5 5 1
Rambo The Casa Fernandez Guardian Of The Farm Rambo has good spice for a sweet cigar. 5 5 1
Rambo I like it! I purchased a 5 back of these sticks and I am looking forward to the other 4. 4 5 1
Rambo This will make the same difference between you have to baby your child to a degree or 5 5 1
Rambo Freedom is a good one to do that you are in a few days and I will be happy to be able and have to 5 5 1
Rambo Psychedelic is a good one to be able and a good time to be home to the best known and you 5 5 1
Rambo Great cigars to smoke after saving a park full of tourists at a new dino park we opened. 4 5 1
Rambo You know your smoking quality when you smoke it to the band and ask for more the draw is clean and the finish was creamy and delicious 5 5 1

Guardian Of The Farm

Rambo 4.50 × 48 CGOFR

The premium Guardian of the Farm Rambo is a special treat for fans of mellow to medium body cigars.  This joint collaboration between Max Fernandez and Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars, use 100% vintage Nicaraguan tobaccos, for the wrapper, binder, and long-fillers. The cigar’s smooth and creamy flavors of cashews, soft spice, cedar, and sweet tobacco, transition beautifully with every fragrant puff.  

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Nicaraguan Corojo '99

Nicaragua Corojo 99

Nicaragua Corojo 99 / Nicaragua Criollo 98


Mellow - Medium


Box of 25

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