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1958 No. 2 I got to say The Pre-embargo Limited is a pretty good cigar I stumbled onto it looking through JR cigars I bought a box of them and I like them I just ordered another box a couple days ago 4 5 1
1958 No. 2 Good value for a good medium body cigar. Good golf course stick I would buy again. The torpedo provides lots of smoke. 2 5 1
1958 No. 2 Great cigar! Great smoke! Best value for your dollar. 5 5 1
1958 No. 2 Unfortunately not such a great experience. Took one out of the box and the wrapper crumbled into pieces. Tried another and it was like smoking an exploding cigar. Will put away in my humidor for a while and see what happens. 1 5 1
1958 No. 2 Good solid smoke. well make and nice balanced flavor. Significant upgrade from the base counterfeit model. 4 5 1
1958 No. 2 A great cigar 4 5 1
1958 No. 2 Great cigar for the price always a good go to! Good construction with a solid draw. Full flavor with some spicy notes. 4 5 1
1958 No. 2 This is my go to cigar. A great value. 4 5 1
1958 No. 2 I generally buy this cigar as my primary cheap cigar. Sometimes the quality (dried up and breaking up) is lacking. I have sent at least one box back. This most recent case had about a third of the cigars with splits or poor finishing on the outer layer. I'll keep buying but sometimes you just have to send them back. 2 5 1
1958 No. 2 Really happy with the entire cigar. Only thing that happens, about 1 out of 10 unravels after the cut. 4 5 1
1958 No. 2 How did price go up on them and you haven't had in 1 1/2 year 4 5 1

Genuine Pre-Embargo C.C. Edicion Limitada

1958 No. 2 6 × 55 EL225

Handcrafted in Nicaragua to mirror the extremely popular (and astronomically priced) dark-wrapped Cuban cigars introduced by Habanos S.A., the Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban Edición Limitada 1958 No. 2 cigars are robust, spicy, smooth, and aromatic – and the closest thing to the real deal. The deep, chocolate-brown wrappers are both great-tasting and great-looking! JR Cigar is the best place to buy copycat Cuban cigars online. Buy a sliding-lid cedar chest of 25 today.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Cedar Chest of 25

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