3.64 25
Perfecto Cuban style smoke. Lot of spice at 1st 3rd mellowing to nutty leather. Very good. 4 5 1
Perfecto This is a great cigar and has become one of my favorites. For the price I definitely don't think you will find anything better. 5 5 1
Perfecto When I purchased these I was expecting much more. Hardly no flavor complexity was non-existent. Burn and construction was decent but as a whole I did not like them at all. 2 5 1
Perfecto My brother picked up one of these a few weeks back at the local. I took a few tokes off of it. He really enjoyed it but it wasn't my thing. Pretty wrapper and good construction. I'm personally leary of anything with CUBAN in the name. Seems gimmicky to me. It wasn't bad for a 2dollar smoke. I have no idea what he paid tho. 3 5 1
Perfecto The perfecto says it all. This little gem draws and lights well. Great flavor that lingers and is my go to favorite for when i have a short time for a cigar break! 3 5 1
Perfecto My buddy ordered a box of these and I would have one with him periodically over a month span. Over that time there were three sticks out of them all that fell apart pretty easily. They tasted good smelled wonderful but even one out of the bunch is too many. Gamble in my book. 3 5 1
Perfecto These are good cigars. I had an issue with a couple starting to come undone near the very end but it was time to let it die. I just wanted a little more out of them haha. They have good flavor and great draw. An all around good smoke 4 5 1
Perfecto Nice vitola these are remarkably consistent very luxury of a little toast not nice bit of spice towards the nub 3 5 1
Perfecto this cigar is very much in the Cuban style is very consistent pretty much middle of the road and not really my style 3 5 1
Perfecto The perfecto says it all. This little gem draws and lights well. Great flavor that lingers and is my go to favorite for when i have a short time for a cigar break! 4 5 1
Perfecto Got two boxes of these on sale. Extremely smooth cigar great construction and consistency. Will buy more of these when mine are almost gone. One of the better smokes I have had so far. 4 5 1
Perfecto It might be the best kept secret happening for the price. But would like to know who makes it. 4 5 1
Perfecto All of this line tastes nice and the exotic shapes are always rolled by more skilled workers Used to be a better price value Almost a premium cigar 5 5 1
Perfecto just no i say no again they are so raunchy they i could not finish i think one of the worst ive tried 2 5 1
Perfecto I love perfects! And I really like the counterfeit Cuban line. Put them together and you can't miss! Full flavored with great construction highly recommended. 4 5 1
Perfecto Wonderful surprise. Sweet construction. Even burn. Leathery spice and earth. Full bodied and full of smoke. 5 5 1
Perfecto I smoked these a few years ago and really enjoyed them. I found they burned unevenly but did not require a torch flame adjustment. I have enjoyed every one that I had and enjoy them when they fall into sampler packs. 4 5 1
Perfecto These are popular cigars in the JR shop in DC. They are made by Perdomo and pretty flavorful and have some body to them. At their price point give it a shot! 4 5 1
Perfecto Ha ha. Is this thing still around? Haven't had one while but it was a decent smoke back in the day. Well built. Spicy but not complex flavors. 3 5 1
Perfecto Even taking into account the mess of a wrapper this is still a pretty solid cigar. Good flavor and draw. Kind of inconsistent due to the wrapper but I can overlook it. 3 5 1
Perfecto Is is typical with cigars that are knockoffs they don't ever taste right are typically cheaper in quality and construction and as such vary in flavor from stick to stick. 2 5 1
Perfecto Even though this thing fell apart on me towards the end I loved it thought the heavy smoke and smooth draw was worth it falling apart. 4 5 1
Perfecto A good rich flavor in one of my favor shapes. Genuine counterfeit really do a great job of making sure their cigars smoke amazing. 4 5 1
Perfecto I keep these on hand in my humidor at the lake for a nice summer treat. Well made and consistent. Easy to smoke 4 5 1
Perfecto Had great time with this stick and I will enjoy this in my humidor ! Have to hid these from my buddies 5 5 1

Genuine Counterfeit Cuban

Perfecto 4.75 × 52 GCCP

Genuine Counterfeit Cuban Perfecto cigars are expertly rolled with a premium blend of perfectly aged Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos covered by a sturdy Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Made to mimic the character and taste of those great old pre-embargo cigars from Cuba, this top-notch blend comes pretty darn close, and the old-world Perfecto shape simply screams Habano! Order an affordable cedar chest of 25, and savor the earthy, spicy, and sweet taste of genuine Cuban tobaccos for pennies on the dollar!
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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra

Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Cedar Chest of 25

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