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Giants 10X66 Dry and the wrapper was cracked. 2 5 1
Giants 10X66 Nice cigar. Was a tad dry 3 5 1
Giants 10X66 Been wanting to order an 8 pack of these for a while now. I finally pulled the trigger the other day and they just arrived in the mail. I'm normally a pretty fast smoker and I can burn through a toro or Gordo in like half an hour no problem. I've been working on this one giant for almost an hour and a half and still probably have half an hour to go. Construction is nice. Wrapper is fully intact and has been great this whole time. Not dried out at all. Burn has been extremely consistent the whole time and haven't had to do a single touch up or relight. I even set it down for 5 minutes to take the trash down to the curb and when I came back to it, it was still burning perfectly fine. And it's a nice solid cigar, not soft or squishy at all. Draw is excellent. I used a punch cutter. I'm not so sure a standard guillotine or V cutter would work. The flavor and smell is fantastic in my opinion. I've probably smoked over 500 Oliva cigars over the years and though they each have their own individual characteristics and nuances to them, they all share a similar, almost slightly sweet and salty note. This one is no exception. Excellent taste on the lips and a mild to medium peppery note on the retrohale through the nose. Nicotine level seems to be about average. I usually go for really strong Nicaraguan cigars with a high vitamin N level to them without ever really being affected by it. My only concern on nicotine levels with this is that since it's such a large and long smoke, if you're not really used to higher levels of nicotine it might be just a tad bit strong for you. But if you're at least an occasional smoker you'll be fine. The only real downside I can see is that they don't fit in my humidor, so I had to put them in a Ziploc freezer bag with a Boveda humidity pack. Overall I'm very happy with this cigar and can't wait to smoke the other 7, and then buy another pack 😁 5 5 1

Flor de Oliva

Giants 10X66 10 × 66 FLGI10

A monster of a premium cigar, Flor de Oliva Giants 10X66 need a strong will, a powerful jaw, and plenty of time, to conquer its intensely delicious full-bodied flavors of white pepper, espresso, cashews, and a long- lasting, creamy finish. Highly affordable, and very satisfying, the Flor de Oliva Giant is the reigning king of big ring cigars! 

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