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Churchill I have smoked this stick as my everyday bundle for the last 10 yrs. Lately the quality control is lacking I am getting from 3 to 7 cigars in every bundle that are rolled so tight that they will not draw when I try to use a cigar punch to try to open the to tight roll their cigar just bursts open. This started in the fall of 2017 and only gotten worse this yr. I am through with Flor de Olivia maduro wasting my money! 2 5 1
Churchill For a cheaper smoke this is pretty good. Wrapper a little bland. But the smoke gives off nuts and cocoa flavor. 4 5 1
Churchill Love the flor de oliva maduro Churchill it is the best budget smoke I've ever had I recommend this stick for your humidor and your wallet 4 5 1
Churchill The maduro is the best of this value priced line. It's not worth more than it's cost but it's an acceptable smoke 4 5 1
Churchill This was a fairly decent cigar nice draw flavors were hit an miss but nicely constructed good smoke very peppery 3 5 1
Churchill This cigar has more Imphal in appearance the. In the cigar itself. It falls short of a decent smoke and the construction is poor. 3 5 1
Churchill I Enjoy These. They Burn Well. They Have Good Flavor. For The Price They Are Not Bad At all 5 5 1
Churchill Good smoke nice flavor with a slight sweetness due to the maduro wrapper the construction of this cigar is good the burn was even about 2 inch ash 3 5 1
Churchill Nice full maduro smoke for an everyday cigar. Good flavor and consistent enough to keep around for a daily smoke 3 5 1
Churchill If you're looking for a stick that's powerful enough to make you feel drunk go with this one. I enjoyed it! 4 5 1
Churchill This was just average. Nothing special about it but definitely not terrible either. Ok for a cheap smoke. 2 5 1
Churchill Beautiful dark oily Maduro wrapper is perfect for the evening sitting at the lake. Well constructed cigar even draw. 4 5 1
Churchill this was a pretty well constructed simple tasting Maduro cigar and some nights Earth Fare some wood in there it was alright 3 5 1
Churchill maduro was a awesome stick for the price have to say really nice and bought a bunch up great humi stuffer 4 5 1
Churchill I like these in Maduro even more than the regular versions. Excellent yard gars due to smooth draws good burning and lots of smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill Well the maduro version of the Flor de Oliva just isn't as good as the others. The maduro makes it a little less consistent with the burn impacting the experience. 3 5 1
Churchill best cigar for the money. Have never had a plugged cigar ever. I have purchased several bundles of this cigar smokes and tastes like a cigar three times the price 3 5 1
Churchill Love ‘em!! 5 5 1
Churchill Great Cigar for the price, good everyday. 5 5 1
Churchill I find the cigar hard to draw and decided to write a review and found others had the same issue. Having to work at smoking the cigar is no fun. 3 5 1
Churchill I am considering purchasing the Maduro along with more of the Gold and the Corojo later. Sadly, I looked up Reviews and have been disappointed to see the last Review was in April of 22 ... and before that several terrible reviews. I don't want to believe this because the GOLD bundle I ordered were SUPERB.. and I will write that up soon. I have two more sticks left and they are in my humidor gaining more YUMMY I am sure. I'll pull them out in a couple months and the last one I will get to in the summer. Then I will Write my Review of the GOLD.... but WOW... the terrible write ups of the last year have me scratching my head. I fear ordering them now... 1 5 1

Flor de Oliva Maduro

Churchill 7 × 50 FLCH3

Bold yet incredibly smooth, this tasty Churchill offers a symphony of luscious flavors along with a hint of caramel sweetness with every puff. This affordable smoke, packaged in a bundle of 20, is one of the finest Maduro cigars on the planet, regardless of price.
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