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Torpedo Just ordered a second bundle. The first was very nice good draw and well made stick for the price. Better than some of the more expensive brands that I had in the past. 4 5 1
Torpedo Good smoking for the ride home from work. Lasts a good forty-five minutes to an hour. 4 5 1
Torpedo This is a really good smoke especially if you can get them on sale or at a good price via an auction. Not sure I would pay full price for them. But they do quite well in all the categories. Perhaps a little hard on the draw. 4 5 1
Torpedo I think this cigar has become my go to cigar 4 5 1
Torpedo Have had two bundles and will smoke more. This is a really nice smooth and spicy well made smoke and for this price almost unbelievable. go for it 4 5 1
Torpedo Great cigar for the money! I've smoked about 15 out of the bundle and have found it consistent well constructed with clean filler and a nice draw . 4 5 1
Torpedo Wrappers fall apart.what is smokeable is Ok. 2 5 1
Torpedo This is one I wake up to every morning. One of the best constructed cigars I’ve ever had. Every bundle has been consistent in flavor, smoke and construction. I’ve yet to have one be bad or burn wonkie. Nice mellow flavor works great with coffee. 5 5 1
Torpedo Personally I like it 4 5 1
Torpedo Nicely made cigar with a even burn. Mild with flavors of nuts and spice! 5 5 1
Torpedo Not a bad cigar for the money! 3 5 1

Flor de Oliva Gold

Torpedo 6.50 × 52 FLGTORP

From the Flor de Oliva Gold lineup a Torpedo that is smooth, delicious, and very affordable is waiting to be smoked. From the first puff to the last, you will experience lush complex flavors that will appease your palate, and satiate your senses, without slaying your budget so grab your bundle of 20 now!
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