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Short Crystal It’s just a solid smoke It’s a mild to medium that is really good in the evening with a cuppa coffee or a cuppa tea. Either way it’s one of those really relaxing and mild smokes that you can’t help but enjoy 4 5 1
Short Crystal One of the finest cigars I have ever smoked. Second ok not to my old fav...hoyo Excalibur 1066 toroedo. This stick is delicious from fist pull to satisfying end. Nothing but the highest quality cigars made by Got a. Never disappointing try one today . 5 5 1
Short Crystal Great little smoke and I love the tube since I travel and never have to worry about a smashed stuck 3 5 1
Short Crystal These are not really bad but just the flavors are not that complex at all just a plain old smoke to me 2 5 1
Short Crystal This was a good stick that the flavors are spot on and the time that I got out of it was also good 4 5 1
Short Crystal First cigar from box was soft and poorly constructed. This led to a burn straight down the middle of the cigar and a toss out shortly after lighting. Waited and tried one more later in the day and that one met expectations. Three stars for now. Will update later 3 5 1
Short Crystal Yes sir more please. Just right for an evening shorter smoke before retiring to the study full of flavor and zest big things do come in small packages 5 5 1


Short Crystal 5.25 × 50 EXSC

The short Crystal offers the smoker medium bodied luxury flavor in an elegant glass tube and packaged in a box of 10. Notes of almond, cocoa, cedar, and spice along with a sweet finish will have you ordering more.
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Connecticut Shade

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua




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