4.071428571428571 42
Miniatures I love cigarillos for those times where you are strapped for time. Nothing like getting in a hoyo de Monterey cigarillos. 5 5 1
Miniatures I enjoy some of the full size Excaliburs so these were a disappointment. Not much flavor very difficult to keep under control and prevent overheating inconsistent draw. 3 5 1
Miniatures I love the Excalibur cigars esp IV and a mini version would be great if they tasted anything like them. Don't get me wrong they are not bad but they are just mini cigars that do not comparing to the full size ones. Okay if you want a short smoke. 3 5 1
Miniatures Great tin of cigars they are almost the exact same as a normal size cigar but let you have a quick smoke when you don't have time to smoke a Churchill. 4 5 1
Miniatures I like these but not as much as the Romeo and Juliette blue tin. Flavor is just there but it's a fair value overall. 4 5 1
Miniatures For a short smoke this is a very good cigarillo. For small smoke very good flaovr and construction is immaculate. If you need a short smoke with cigar flavor can't go wrong. 4 5 1
Miniatures Not bad. A little bland as i remember. A good size mini cigar. I prefer Montecristo miniatures partagas or romeos. 4 5 1
Miniatures nice quick cigar. no problems with draw or burn anytime I've smoked them.. good tobacco flavor 4 5 1
Miniatures Excalibur mini cigars are great for when you don't have enough time for a full cigar. Had these at a wedding 5 5 1
Miniatures Good little cigar. Perfect size. Prefer ones with rolled tighter at draw end. Getting pricey though. Used to be available in packages of 10 tins but now only available in packages of 5 tins. Getting to be time to quit. Too much $$$ 3 5 1
Miniatures A quick burn time for this time of year. Medium with a hint of leather and earthiness. 3 5 1
Miniatures Great little a buddy of mine had these I got to try one I was surprised by the flavor and how long they lasted 4 5 1
Miniatures Full bodied great flavor cigar great cigar for money. Great little cigar for a short time smoke. Great fir luncheon meetings. 4 5 1
Miniatures The minis are a great way to be satisfied in a short period of time say 15 minutes or less great draw and large amount of flavorful smoke 5 5 1
Miniatures For years I smoked Excalibur cigars. I loved the way they tasted. My only complaint was that I seldom had time to finish the cigar in one sitting. I found the Excalibur miniatures here online and decided to give them a try. The only thing I was concerned with was would they taste the same. Wow! I was not disappointed in the least. These are perfect little cigars for a really quick break. I do a lot of photography work with Photoshop and sometimes I just get bleary eyed from looking at a computer screen. Now I walk away from the computer, light up a miniature, and enjoy the full taste of a great cigar in small form. I will certainly continue to purchase these. 5 5 1
Miniatures Hit or miss for me. Smoked 6 or 7 of them now. 2 or 3 were amazing. The others were meh. I like how quick they smoke it's nice for going out in the cold. Some have been ungodly smooth others harsh and flavorless. Good for the price. If they were more consistent it would be my go to rillo. 3 5 1
Miniatures Decent quick smoke. Burns evenly throughout. Taste good for a tiny cigar. If buy it again!!! 3 5 1
Miniatures Mild but rich. Great quick smokes. Mild in flavor and strength but gets the job done. I smoke thsee on breaks or just when I don't have time for a full smoke. 3 5 1
Miniatures This is a smoke that your going to some with you want a skinny smoke that doesn't take a lot of time. But it isn't something you want to smoke if your just starting off. It's a full body smoke. 4 5 1
Miniatures Not a big fan of the minis.. too much like smoking a cigarette for my taste 2 5 1
Miniatures This is a medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: cedar leather nuts toffee hint of cocoa. Even burn and an ok mini-gar. If you do not have time for full length this is the one to go to. 3 5 1
Miniatures I usually don't smoke small cigars but I gave these a try..I was very surprised and impressed..for a small cigar these have a lot of flavor..good draw ..nice taste.. 5 5 1
Miniatures Mini cigars are always disappointment but necessary evils Excalibur is as good as a mini gets 5 5 1
Miniatures i have to say i hated these were the worst stick ive seen and taste is horrible but could just be me 2 5 1
Miniatures Nice little sticks when you don't have time to sit for a spell. Give them a try. A 5 5 1
Miniatures This cigar provides a very satisfying cigar smoking experience when there isn't enough time to enjoy a full size cigar. Mild to start fairly strong at the finish it gives me a nice 5 minute smoke break without waste. Only issue is that wrapper is fragile and sometimes are cracked out of the can making it unable to be smoked. Consistency in cigar construction is not perfect but acceptable. I have had a few cans that had defective cigarillos (2 or 3 out of 200).. 4 5 1
Miniatures A little harsh for me. My first purchase of a cigarillo. Good for a quick smoke when you don't have time for a full cigar 3 5 1
Miniatures Good strong smoke. You can have all of the enjoyment of a very good cigar and in only 10 minutes then get back to work. 5 5 1
Miniatures Arrived a little late but thanks 5 5 1
Miniatures I started ordering the smaller ones. Same quality, just enough to walk to the mailbox 5 5 1
Miniatures I love the Excalibur taste in such a small smoke. These are perfect for me I sometimes have very little time, also I smoke 2-3 Robustos or Toro's a day these are great in between my morning smoke and afternoon smoke. 5 5 1
Miniatures I have smoked these miniatures for a long time. They are just about the only thing I smoke, so obviously I enjoy them. I've tried many other "miniature" products and, to me, they all taste dry or stale compared to the excaliburs. 5 5 1
Miniatures Good for a quick smoke. Wrapper could be a little better but not bad for the price. Service at JR Cigars is first quality! 5 5 1
Miniatures I first tried these cigarillos a few years ago, and had remembered them favorably. So, for a change, I recently tried them again. Very disappointing. Perhaps I received a bad batch, but they're quite harsh, roughly constructed, and draw inconsistently. Also, a bit more expensive than comparable---and much better!---cigarillos. Will not be ordering them again, and can not recommend. A shame, because they are sized very nicely. 2 5 1
Miniatures Great little smokes ... they give me exactly what I need, when I need it!!! 5 5 1
Miniatures Good flavor, ok draw, only complaint is the size but I knew it when purchased. Overall decent. 4 5 1
Miniatures Perfect little smoke 5 5 1
Miniatures I first bought Excalibur Minis at Total Wine for $24 a tin. Glad I found JR Cigars got a GREAT deal on a carton of 10. These cigarillos are a much better alternative to cigarettes. Much greater flavor out of all the cigarillos I've tried I'd say Excalibur is my favorite. Highly recommend JR Cigars 5 5 1
Miniatures Love them 5 5 1
Miniatures Great taste, consistency in draw could be better, but overall good smoke 4 5 1
Miniatures received qucikly thank you 5 5 1
Miniatures I've smoked these for at least 20 years, GREAT daily smoke. Recently though the quality has dropped. I've in some boxes as many as 1/2 box that were unsmokeable. They were packed with large stems or too tightly rolled. 4 5 1


Miniatures 3 × 22 EXMI

Miniature in size but certainly not flavor, these stealthy medium-bodied premium treats, in 10 tins of 20, are perfect for that anytime, anywhere, quick cigar break.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

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