El Rey del Mundo

Shade Grown Toro 6 × 52 RDMST

El Rey Del Mundo Shade Grown Toro cigars are one of two new premium blends that have been added to legendary El Rey del Mundo brand portfolio. These top notch (6 x 52) Toro’s are the first ever El Rey del Mundo to wear Connecticut-seed wrappers grown in Honduras. This shade grown wrapper was grown in the Talanga Valley under cheese cloth tents, which filters the sun’s rays, resulting in a thinner leaf that’s lighter in both color and body. Underneath this gorgeous golden-brown wrapper is the finest aged Honduran tobaccos; From Jamastran, the binder holds together a filler blend from Copan and Jamastran. A brand well known for its bold, fuller bodied Cuban style blends, El Rey del Mundo Shade Grown Toro is the company’s tamest and smoothest blend to date. This is a mellow cigar, offering lush, creamy textured notes of cedar, leather, cashews, sweet spice, and cocoa. Order an affordable box of 24 from JR Cigar today, then sit back, relax, and savor the softer side of El Rey del Mundo.

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