3.8260869565217392 23
El Perrito The El credito El puriito was not a good experience for me bad draw uneven burn couldn't taste anything only smoked one but just being real 2 5 1
El Perrito The price went up but it appears quality control has gone down. Still a great little smoke. 3 5 1
El Perrito Long smoking cigar. Great flavor the burn time on this one is good as well as the construction. And the consistency of this cigar 3 5 1
El Perrito Not sure if this should be in the Cigar shop or the gas station. Not Avery good. The wrapper is so off putting it makes trying to smoke it a chore 2 5 1
El Perrito Ugly as sin but great cheap smoke. Strong flavors accompanied with immense tobacco strength. Not to be taken lightly. 4 5 1
El Perrito This is my garage smoke. I like that they are inexpensive but have great flavor and construction. They look like they were rolled by a novice but that is all smoke and mirrors. In most cases these taste great and smoke down to below the band. Occasionally I get one that was rolled too narrow below the band. I simply use my cigar cutter to cut off 1/2 inch and it draws fine. Best small cigar for flavor and price I've found 4 5 1
El Perrito I have Purchased over 5 Boxes of these Goodies! Each one is a Truly Great Cigar The Flavor is (mmmmm) Mixed but a Great Mix I wish there were one more size just a little rounded 4 5 1
El Perrito Usually a great big cigar taste in a short smoke, however, the draw on many in my box makes me think either QA has failed at the manufacturers or they are not hand rolling anymore. 3 5 1
El Perrito Nice cigar for working in yard or wherever but quality has sipped as the price has increased drastically from $75 for 50 to $93 for 50. Won't be buying these anymore. 3 5 1
El Perrito this is a great non expensive stick from a underrated place that i think should produce more 3 5 1
El Perrito Looks like something out of an old Clint Eastwood western. Great for a daily afternoon smoke! Cheap on price but not cheap on strength. True hand-rolled burns even full of character! 4 5 1
El Perrito does cigar looks and taste a little rough around the edges pretty much just run of the mill medium cigar with pepper not really for me 3 5 1
El Perrito Great little full body sticks. 5 5 1
El Perrito Great 30 minute smoke. Full bodied and flavorful 5 5 1
El Perrito Mostly great smokes. There are some inconsistencies though. Some don't burn properly and some draw very difficulty. All in all a great short full-bodied smokes. 4 5 1
El Perrito Love these cigars, have smoked them for years... keep em comin’! 5 5 1
El Perrito These are a great “everyday “ stick. Full body and surprisingly so. They are handmade and a smaller portfolio. Therefore, they are sometimes difficult to draw and or burn uneven. I usually get one or two a box that need help. Overall, great value and kick! 5 5 1
El Perrito Love it. Great small Full body stick. Great for when you want a quick smoke. Taste Great and Burn Great. 5 5 1
El Perrito This is my go too cigar very good 5 5 1
El Perrito One of my favorite “inexpensive” cigars. No issues with draw or burn. I’ve been buying these for the several years now and have never been disappointed. Consistent flavor, not too strong and great for the golf course. A little rough appearance but that’s what they are looking for when made. 5 5 1
El Perrito I have a big problem with this cigar! It burns my thumb and index finger when it is about the size of 1/2”. I just can’t put it down even when it burns my lips. 5 5 1
El Perrito I like these for those evenings when I'm not ready to stop smoking, but don't want to light another full-sized cigar. They have a pretty good taste, and generally good construction, and they are pre-trimmed, so it's easy to just grab one and light it. The flavor is not bad for such a small cigar. The body is surprisingly full, but not heavy. A great little cigar to keep a box of on hand. 3 5 1
El Perrito These are good for those evenings when it's not time to go to bed, but too late to light a full sized cigar. The flavor is OK, body medium, burn usually good. They come already open at the head, so no cutting is needed. A box of 50 of these lasts me a long time. 3 5 1

El Credito

El Perrito 5.50 × 38 ECEP

Long and lean but by no means little in terms of flavor, El Credito El Perrito handmade premium cigars are not only expertly crafted by the creators of the beloved La Gloria Cubana brand but they are truly the traditional definition of "handmade"!

Without so much as touching a cigar mold, the torcedores of El Credito El Perrito skillfully sculpt each cigar into its slim and slender 5.5 x 38 shape, which is made up of a mouthwatering long-filler blend of Piloto Cubano tobaccos surrounded by a zesty Connecticut broadleaf binder and finally finished with an Ecuador Habano wrapper in a soft, lush medium-brown color. Featuring a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile, El Credito El Perrito handmade premium cigars are rich, robust, and a real-deal bargain in boxes of 50.

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Ecuador Habano

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



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