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Privada No. 1 Let me not waste words or time here ......Just Santa bring me more of these I been a good boy. 5 5 1
Privada No. 1 good value and mild smoke 4 5 1
Privada No. 1 Quick delivery was greatly appreciated 5 5 1
Privada No. 1 Like pretty much everyone else I suppose, I had been trending up in potent tobacco bombs for some 20 years and swaying to the larger ring gages. But that was last decade. Now I favor a more mellow, more svelte sort of smoke. If you want that sort of experience for a breakfast or lunch cigar Don Diego is the best possible choice. Cedar, walnuts, (complete with that touch of bitter finish that works splendidly with coffee) and maybe just a hint of cinnamon on the very tail end. The smoke has a velvety quality to it that satisfies. Great as well for a compatriot who is new to cigars while you smoke your Jdn antanio magnum. The construction is fantastic, though they are a bit uneven in draw, some a bit lose. Get a five pack and bring one out on a golden morning while the wife and kids are shopping, you won't regret it. Honest. 5 5 1
Privada No. 1 I am re-posting my review of the Don Diego Privada No. 2 here because it is hard for me to disinguish between the two in terms of flavor. Here goes: I have enjoyed cigars most of my adult life. I’m pushing 60 now so I guess you could say I’ve smoked my fair share. There was a few years in there where I enjoyed the newer styled cigars that are bold, peppery and strong. But I have burned out on that style. I realized that I prefer my cigars to politely accompany me, versus be the loud center of attention. This cigar is perfect in that respect. It has plenty of flavor but it’s not overpowering. It has that classic Connecticut wrapper taste which to me is smooth and toasty like a roasted nut. This one has just a little bit more of that unsweetened brown tea flavor than some - a little bit tannic I guess you could say - but I do enjoy that flavor profile. The construction is outstanding as is the draw and burn. Highly recommended if you enjoy classically flavored Connecticut wrapped cigars or want to taste something with a traditional mild flavor. 5 5 1
Privada No. 1 You can't go wrong with the Don Diego Privadas, and the #1 is a great choice. They are sweet, mild, a little spicy, and easygoing. When you tire of blowtorch Nicaraguans and Hondurans with vaguely sinister hipster names and creepy morbid graphics, and you're ready to just enjoy your cigars, rather than ride them like a wild bronco, try the Don Diego Privadas. Be sure to give them plenty of drying time, so they smoke sweet all the way to the end, especially as the weather gets more humid. Construction is a bit spotty, so expect a few to be tight. ALTADIS is getting better, but still doesn't roll their cigars with perfect consistency. 4 5 1
Privada No. 1 If you want a very mild sweet cedar smoke this is for you. I am still in the breaking whiskey bottles over my head smoking 80 rings size black cigars named corpse charrer and blowing grayish diesel smoke like a bull dozer and starting bar fights with my other hand.....lol...read the other reviews...hahaha 4 5 1

Don Diego

Privada No. 1 6.62 × 43 DDP1

The famous Don Diego Privada No. 1 cigar, rolled in a classic 6.62 × 43 Lonsdale size, has been a popular choice for decades among smokers that enjoy a creamy smooth cigar with a rich mellow-medium bodied profile. This timeless blend consists of a silky, blonde U.S. Connecticut Shade wrapper paired with the finest aged tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Order an affordable box of 25 and discover a smoke with warm and inviting flavors of sweet spice, leather, cedar, and cocoa, that never become harsh or bitter.
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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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