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Corona Major I love Don Diego cigars and chose this time to order tubes for hiking. The funny thing is that I have never had a tubed cigar come as just a plain cellophaned cigar packed into an aluminum tube? The pleasure of buying certain cigars is in the aesthetics. A cedar wrap, a glass tube, tissue wrapped, etc. Finding cellophane inside the tube disappointed me a bit. 4 5 1
Corona Major Great mellow and great flavor tunes great for traveling also 5 5 1
Corona Major I love tubed cigars, and I really like these coronas. They have a nice sweet spicy taste, and a mild and smooth body. I've been a fan of the Privadas for some time, but thought I'd give the regular Don DIegos a try, and I'm happy I did. They seem to have a bit more sweetness and spice than the Privadas. Like the other fellow, I find it odd that the cigars would be cellophaned inside the tube, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I highly recommend them! 4 5 1
Corona Major It's time to revise my positive review of May. I just won 3 5-packs of these, and of the first five not a single one was smokable, due to being rolled too tight. It's getting really annoying that every cigar brand made by Altadis is inconsistent to the point of my not wanting to buy any more Don Diegos, Montecristos, H. Upmanns, or any other brand rolled in that factory. It's a shame, since when these are good they are very good, and sell for a decent price. Good Dominican puros seem to be getting scarcer by the day, or outrageously expensive. Actually, Montecristos ARE outrageously expensive, and are just as prone to poor construction as the Don Diegos. It's time for Altadis to get their act together, and get their construction problems under control, before they lose all their customers. 1 5 1
Corona Major Excellent cigar, perfect draw nice smooth smoke 5 5 1
Corona Major Smooth Tasting Mellow Cigar! 5 5 1
Corona Major This stick was surprisingly good to me. The smooth even draw and light flavor made it a pleasant smoke. Not too peppery and not too mild. Great construction as well. 5 5 1

Don Diego

Corona Major 5.50 × 44 DDCM5

The famous Don Diego Corona Major inside our handy 5-pack selection is one of the most eye-catching and well-made cigars on the planet. The creamy smooth Connecticut wrapper combined with choice Dominican filler offers a very pleasant, extremely mellow taste with a creamy texture, delightful aroma, and perfect balance.
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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



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