4.647058823529412 17
Baby Jane Most best flavored cigars I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. Never harsh and perfect for a stand alone smoke without a drink. 5 5 1
Baby Jane My cigars did not make it to my door. I called and explained to the lady who answers the phone. She went far above anything I could’ve expected. She put me on hold and called the post office and filed a complaint for me. 5 5 1
Baby Jane This is my go to cigar when I'm looking for a sweet, consistent and quick smoke. 5 5 1
Baby Jane I bought these cigars for at work I read the description it didn’t say anything about them being so sweet it taste like the paper is soaked in Imitation sugarAnd the roles so tight that you can’t get any smoke through them 2 5 1
Baby Jane Won a 5 pack of tins on the auction for a very good price. Only had Fat Bottom Betty's before this but FBB was good enough to try more. I haven't had any issue with draw like others. As far as a quick smoke goes these have been perfect compared to others I've tried. Maybe it's a preference but I enjoy the sweet wrapper. 4 5 1
Baby Jane If you are looking for your next favorite cigar then look no further This company has definitely brought something new and enjoyable to the mix 5 5 1
Baby Jane Sweetness mixed with dark chocolate creates flavorful smoke. 5 5 1
Baby Jane I was pleasantly surprised by these cigars. They are smaller than what I normally smoke but refreshing and conveniently sized. They light quick and burn well. A nice 20-30 min smoke. Have similar taste to the larger sizes which is what I enjoy. They come with a convenient tin which keeps them from getting crushed in my jacket. 5 5 1
Baby Jane Out of the Deadwood collection Sweet Jane is my favorite by far! Fat bottom Betty is a solid Tie but need plenty of free time to enjoy her essence. Not a huge fan of crazy Alice. Leather Rose takes second place and petite just as good. Baby Jane is a great and spot on in my opinion of Sweet Jane for the “Lunch break” or not much free time but want to enjoy a well crafted Cigar. I give anyone who is a Deadwood fan to say likewise in a premium cigar in mini version to deny this but fact of the matter is “Baby Jane is a perfect time efficient match for its full size figure” I am glad they created this convenience for the avid cigar smoker and hope to may see baby versions of its sister cigars! Baby Jane is a convenient 10 pk with a tin and Boveda pack to keep fresh for everyday use! 5 5 1
Baby Jane Great taste. Everyone loves the smell. Great daily cigar. 5 5 1
Baby Jane One of the best!! Love these cigars. 5 5 1
Baby Jane I love these sweet little cigars. Little too sweet for me at times, but just at first, that mellows out quickly. I have had some that unravel without being cut too high, but a v-cut keeps that from happening. That is really the only issues I have had with them. I have shared with newer cigar smokers, and they have all loved them. 5 5 1
Baby Jane Cap seems to always come apart, but is a sweet consistent smoke. Recommend a shallow punch with a knife for best draw. 4 5 1
Baby Jane Amazing flavor, tons of smoke, but as previous reviewing stated, the cap always seems to come unraveled unless you cut about 1/4 off the end. 4 5 1
Baby Jane A friend was smoking these at my home one evening, I don't smoke anything. I loved the smell, so I ask to try one. I'm new to this, but I loved taste. I have bought quite a few of them. Would recommend to try them, 5 5 1
Baby Jane Quick, delicious, easy to smoke cigar 5 5 1
Baby Jane I bought these about a month or two ago and just recently tried a couple. They are amazing! They had a maple syrup sweetness (light) as well as cream flavor. There was a hint of pepper spiciness as well. It was just the perfect balance and combination of many flavors. I also got a bit of a floral taste too. Wow. This made my trip to work flash by and I was glad to be early and finish this beauty off. This is definitely box worthy for me! 5 5 1

Deadwood Tobacco Co.

Baby Jane 4 × 32 DWBBJ

Deadwood Tobacco Co. Baby Jane cigars are expertly rolled in a petite, pocket friendly (4 x32) size that’s perfect for premium cigar smokers on the go. A collaboration between Deadwood Tobacco Co. brand owner Vaughn Boyd and Drew Estate, the cigars are meticulously handcrafted at the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua using a very dark and oily maduro wrapper, surrounding a core of aromatic and exotic tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars. The end result is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke that’s laced with captivating notes of anise, pepper, earth, and dried fruit, backed by some floral tones on the finish. Sold in 5- pack tins ,with 10 of these tasty morsels in each tin, Baby Jane provides a unique and savory smoking experience that has Drew Estate written all over it.

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