4.052631578947368 19
Aniversario No. 3 The davidoff colorado claro Aniversario no 3 is a great smoke fancy and expensive like all Davidoffs line but a worthy experience I like this smoke a lot 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Great cigar loved everything about it the construction was superb the flavor was consistent throughout mild to medium in strength strongly recommend 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 This is a great Davidoff for the price point and a great cigar if you just want to enjoy a cigar for that exact reason... I would definitely recommend this to the avid smoker 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Not a bad cigar at all extra smooth great flavor with great consistency and a awesome burn with a nice white ash and even the consistency was great also.m everyone should live these smokes... 3 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 One of the best premium smokes and if u can afford the pleasure go for it. Great cigar and draw And smooth finish 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 I love the no. 3. This cigar has a superb flavor and is so smooth and creamy. It does have a complex flavor but can be enjoyed by anyone. 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 another nicely constructed miles from Davidoff it's not really my thing I like something a bit more full bodied 3 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Davidoff Colorado is yet another gem from the folks at Davidoff. Superbly constructed and quality Control out the Yazoo these people have the winner every time 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 The consistency on these are great following the great flavor draw and construction. Well put together cigar that diserves a high ranking. 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 i didnt like the colorado i was horrible and draw was horrifing and taste just was like smoming a old sock 3 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 When I purchased this cigar I knew from the get go that this was going to be a seriously good smoke 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 This cigar is a decent smoke with a nice flavor of raisins and fruit. It smokes well With a white wine and a nice blazing fire. 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 These beauties are a medium to heavy smoke with spicy leather after note. Even burn with a long dark gray foot. Can be a little rough at the end. A nice change of pace 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Nice medium strength cigar offering from Davidoff. Nice juicy flavor. Definitely earthy. Acceptable consistency. 3 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 I've had this cigar actually at the recent Davidoff event at Casa de montecristo. Very tasty especially for a Connecticut. I would smoke again 4 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 This series gets 5 stars across the board. Perfect looking cigar that smokes even better. I wish I had a humidor full of these at all times. 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Davidoff cigars boast one of the best reputations in the industry in terms of construction consistency and quality. Mild and flavorfull as always these are an elegant smoke. 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Everything's a home run with this davidoff you just can't go wrong if you are a mild to medium smoker with some extra cash enjoy the ride. 5 5 1
Aniversario No. 3 Definitely not a smoke for me. Although well constructed with an excellent burn and draw I found it excessively harsh with a nasty throat burn, the flavor was sour, green and candela like. Not enjoyable at all. 2 5 1

Davidoff Colorado Claro

Aniversario No. 3 6 × 50 DACCA3

Davidoff Colorado Claro Aniversario No. 3 is a 6 x 50 Toro-sized handmade premium luxury cigar expertly crafted with the choicest handpicked fillers from the Dominican Republic, followed by an Ecuadorian binder. After further aging, each cigar is finished with the star of the show- a rare and luxurious Ecuador Connecticut sun-grown wrapper leaf. Although medium-to-full bodied in strength, the cigar delivers exceptionally balanced body with smooth roasted-nut notes, hints of spice, and a soft, subtle sweetness that engulfs the palate with every draw. When seasoned smokers are searching for unique and luxurious cigars to buy online, the Davidoff Colorado Claro is always a sophisticated selection. Treat yourself to a box of 10 from JR Cigar and enjoy every moment smoking this decadent indulgence from Davidoff.

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Ecuador Connecticut Sun Grown


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Box of 10

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