3.310344827586207 29
606 I've smoked all kinds of cigars this has to be one of the best tasting and easy draw smoke. The price is perfect. I'm ordering 2 more bundles for me and as gifts. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone. 😎 5 5 1
606 We all know where and by whom this cigar is made. You can't have a better cigar for a price 5 5 1
606 This stick was highly disappointing the flavor was mild and harsh the draw was great but the taste was cheap almost stale and really dry 3 5 1
606 to me these reminded me of a quarum not very appealing at all to say the least just a cheap short filler 2 5 1
606 If you are looking for a smoke that has a fast burn and is a good quality stick then this is the one that you want to go for 4 5 1
606 Very good overall. Nice flavor smooth draw and very even burn. Some sticks very dry and unwrapped Would buy again 3 5 1
606 Not what it use to be. Only a fair smoke at best. Quick burn and very woodsy. 2 5 1
606 This cigar was ok it did not live up to the hype that I had heard about from some of my buddies that have smoked them. Maybe it was a dud idk I will give it another try 3 5 1
606 Can't say enough about this cigar. Mid flavor consistent throughout. Good construction. even burn. Great draw. Have only bought singles locally but will buy a bundle soon 5 5 1
606 Kind of a mixed bag with this bundle stick. Better off sticking to the regular Cusano line up and spending an extra buck or two. 3 5 1
606 I like the flavor of the cc Cusano. It is a reasonably priced cigar well made and draws very well. I like this cigar on the golf course. 3 5 1
606 Don't let the Cuban name fool you this cigar is horrible. Hot and wet flavors on the tongue made me gag 1 5 1
606 Nothing better then a high quality cigarvatba bundle price. Who needs a box and a big name in order to get quality and tast 3 5 1
606 5/23/15 I'd buy again. Some uneven burning 4 5 1
606 With every puff of this cigar I got a mouthful of tobacco bits. Not very happy, but, it was a cheap cigar. I'll know better in the future! 1 5 1
606 Draws very well and smokes evenly. All are consistently smooth. Definitely will buy again. 5 5 1
606 3 previous bundles, had same problem - consistent canoeing, filler hollowing and premature wrapper burn. This last batch I ordered seems better so far - but, watching closely 3 5 1
606 Builds flavor as a quality cigar should. JR markets this piece accurately. Get these by Rapid Fire or Free Fall and you're under $2 buck...and this is a whole lot of cigar (6 x 60). Yes, value beyond measure. 5 5 1
606 I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. Again another auction surprise. 5 5 1
606 Nice draw nice burn. The flavor was very good as well. I enjoyed them ver much 5 5 1
606 Overall I wasn't impressed. It was bland the construction was bad to say the least and the draw was nearly impossible. 2 5 1
606 Not a bad bundle. Cigar has a salty taste with hints of ginger towards the end. Construction and draw are decent. 4 5 1
606 I was looking for something a bit more full flavored. In my opinion This is a very lightly flavored cigar labeled as medium to full. The Bundle has been inconsistent with a few dry sticks and some blowing up early. The flavor isn't bad just not what I thought. Still decent for the money if you like the size and flavor. 3 5 1
606 Not a bad smoke at all.. rich mellow flavor kind of has a medium taste also. Long burning with good construction and good consistency 3 5 1
606 Near perfect construction with an even draw and long finish. Medium bodied cigar that deserves an honest try. 3 5 1
606 Excellent product for the price. Smooth draw no canoeing mild & consistent flavor throughout each stick 4 5 1
606 Last order of Cusanos was determined, very late in process, to be out of stock. However, 4 mini cigar promo was shipped without my approval - and, I was charged for shipping. Ridiculous! - and, I prefer this not to happen again. In the meantime, I was forced to use an alternate source to fulfill my 4 bundle holiday order. 1 5 1
606 Got one in a sampler pack. The construction and look are great, as is the draw, but the flavor is very dull and the wrapper burned unevenly. It was very mild, almost too mild, kind of like drinking milk when you were expecting cola. Overall, not bad, but I wouldn’t pay more than a couple of bucks for one. 3 5 1
606 They’re not long leaf and I’m spitting tobacco out of my mouth if I cut them 3 5 1

Cusano CC Bundle

606 6 × 60 CCC606B

An old-style Cuban flavor is what you get when you smoke this delicious 60-ring gauge treat. It uses vintage Dominican tobaccos so it is smooth with no harshness. It’s then wrapped with an Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper to make it rich, spicy, and a little peppery. This bundle of 20 is a great full-bodied cigar and a perfect humidor-stuffer.
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Ecuador Sun Grown

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium - Full


Bundle of 20

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