4.208333333333333 24
No. 5 Toro As with most the My Father line I like this cigar. Good flavor great construction and no weird flavor turns or excessive bitterness towards the end. 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro The My Father No. 5 Toro is one of the best cigars you'll ever smoke in your life. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro My father number 5 Toro is a very fine cigar. You will love this cigar no matter what. Notes of nut Cedar and molasses 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro Perfect cigar. Lots of smoke great draw good burn. Flavor is complex. Smooth but full strength. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro I don't rate too many cigars in the high nineties but this would have been a perfect score had it not been for a tight draw 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro The wrapper is fantastic. The flavor is sweet and nutty. The smoke has a crisp leather and pepper taste 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro My father number 5 toro is a well constructed flavorful cigar. You can't go wrong with a my fathers cigar 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro This is a great cigar. I smoked the No. 1s for several years and lately have been smoking more of the Le Bijoux. Although a little expensive for an everyday smoke this cigar is a pleasure. Medium to strong in body. 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro Beautiful construction. Draw was a little snugg for me. The burn was not as it should be as I had to relight. For a 10 dollar cigar I'd expect better 3 5 1
No. 5 Toro Very good evening smoke after a meal. Big smoke output and tons of flavor. I'm not the guy who can tell you what those flavors are but I can definitely tell you they are distinct and very prominent. This is a good example of getting what you pay for. Try one when you're in the mood for a great 1 hour smoke. 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro These are probabpy my most bought size for my father cigars. Pricy smokes but worth it. Lots of nice earthy spices and provides pots of smoke output 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro My Father always makes for a great smooth smoke. Good consistency and construction and a great flavor. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro This is my favorite size of smoke it believe it allows the cigars time to develop complexity notes of coffee nuts and leather with a slight sweetness 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro Great cigar packed with full flavor. You really cant go wrong with this cigar. It is reay a work of art. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro Another great smoke from My Father. Loads of flavors from leather and cocoa to spices and creams. Great for after a heavy meal. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro I really like the entire My Father line! These are a real flavor bomb with plenty of spice. Beautifully made like all the rest these start with a blast of pepper then move along to present a powerful mix of rich earthy flavors. A truly great smoke. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro Very consistent cigar. I'm not sure I've ever had a bad my father. This is one of my favorite sizes and has a lot of Woody and chocolatey flavors 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro One of my favorite cigars. Spicy full bodied complex. Great draw great burn. Looks like a work of art and smokes even better 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro the 5 deff was not for me i dont like the toro thought i would because of a mf but not for me at all 1 5 1
No. 5 Toro This cigar has a nice earthy and smokey taste with a great Finish of a Bouquet of fruit and finger. 5 5 1
No. 5 Toro Don pepin is awesome when it comes to its blends as well as everything about it 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro Another hit from Garcia. I found this stick to be medium to full with loads of spicy goodness! I will definitely buy again. 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro Great cigar full-bodied very smooth complex smoke with many different flavors of notes of spice leather and earth also a sweet cedar you should try it 4 5 1
No. 5 Toro Not a fan. Had a chemical taste. Could barely smoke it 2 5 1

My Father

No. 5 Toro 6 × 56 MF5_1

For a truly distinct premium cigar, try the famous My Father No. 5 Toro. Available here as a single cigar, this full-bodied smoke features rich, bold flavors of earth, coffee and spice. A whopper of a design, it has been expertly handcrafted in Esteli, Nicaragua from hand-selected Nicaraguan long fillers, a peppery Nicaraguan binder, and Ecuadorian-grown Habano Rosado leaf. This is the perfect opportunity to finally check out what everyone’s raving about – you won’t be disappointed.
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