4.26984126984127 63
Hyde Park This is surprisingly strongly and more flavorful than other macanudos that I’ve tried. Really well done smoke. Will definitely smoke again. 4 5 1
Hyde Park This is a good flavorful nice tasting stick with a nice aroma. I have had two of them now and they seem to have a good build also. I can't give a five star but they are a four star stick. 4 5 1
Hyde Park a good tasting smoke with a nice aroma with no after taste and a good build 4 5 1
Hyde Park Love the maduro. Not a whole lot of flavor but good enough to smoke daily. An everyday cigar. Mild to medium in flavor. Can't smoke the high end full flavor all the time. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Got one in a sample pack and right away I noticed that the wrapper leaf looked sloppy and the cap was lopsided making the cut difficult. Probably would be better to punch instead of cut. Aside from the construction I thought the smoke was very flavorful with a rich coffee taste. Flavors came and went throughout the smoke but there was never any hot spots or bad flavors. 3 5 1
Hyde Park This one was about palatable then I smoked a Lil more and throw it away and smoke a good stick 3 5 1
Hyde Park This is another good one that holds up to the name and does not let down at all 4 5 1
Hyde Park Found the draw was a bit harder to draw the outer wrapper was not that great! Peeling of the wrapper was common! 3 5 1
Hyde Park Decent cigar with full Flavor of coffee and pepper. Very decent draw and construction. Nice finish as well 4 5 1
Hyde Park This cigar was a real treat by macanudo. Dont let the dark wrapper scare u if ur into milder smokes because this thing is medium bodied at best. Nice hints of coffee throughout 5 5 1
Hyde Park Really great smoke. I always keep these in stock in my humidor. Dark color rich flavor very consistent. 4 5 1
Hyde Park This might be the best that Macanudo has to offer. Beautiful dark oily wrapper with almost invisible seams. Great draw and razor sharp burn. Packed with flavor. I guess there's always a first time. 5 5 1
Hyde Park A very mild maduro. A mild bodied smoke with slightly more flavor than a regular Macanudo. 4 5 1
Hyde Park The macanudos are my favorite cigar and the maduro has a awesome flavor. It's a perfect smoke for anytime. The price isn't bad either you can usually find them for around 5 bucks a stick 5 5 1
Hyde Park It has all of Macanudo’s signature smooth flavors but with the added complexity of a broadleaf wrapper. Good cigar to get acquainted with what a maduro wrapper brings to a cigar 4 5 1
Hyde Park great cigar and price 5 5 1
Hyde Park Ordered 10 cigars. Received only eight cigars 3 5 1
Hyde Park A very dark rustic looking cigar. Performed well with an even burn and solid white ash. Flavors are balanced and medium bodied with a leathery and spicy taste. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Another great cigar from Macanudo. I prefer a larger cigar but these are very tasty. The cigar hold up well to s firm wet bite. Subtle sweetness from the maduro wrapper. Very tasty I prefer slighter wrapper for more pepper notes. 3 5 1
Hyde Park I dont usually smoke macanudo. Reminds me of miller lite of beer. But someone offered me one of these. This was very much doable. Nice smooth fermented smoke and taste. Usual maduro creaminess. I would definitely be willing to do it again. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Mild to medium body. Great draw good even burn pretty flavorful for a milder cigar. A nice after dinner cugqr 5 5 1
Hyde Park Quite tasty and stayed lit while riding my Harley Davidson in a parade for 2 hours 4 5 1
Hyde Park This was hands down the best Macanudo I've smoked ever. It's an average cigar at best but a lot better than the others I've smoked. 3 5 1
Hyde Park This cigar had a very different type of flavor. It was a extremely smooth cigar that was fruity and bold. Each stage of the cigar seemed to offer something different. Very enjoyable. 4 5 1
Hyde Park A heavier smoke than the tradition Macanudo. Spicier and with more of a flavor punch. Medium body and pretty well made. Several had tight draws but we all know how to fix that. Give them a try if you want a stronger cigar with the same quality of Macanudo. 4 5 1
Hyde Park This cigar was one of the monthly sampler packs. Started very harsh smoothed a bit midway through. I found the harshness distracting way over priced for the smoke. No more Macanudo's for me. 3 5 1
Hyde Park I really liked it. Top notch. Give it a try for yourself. I have several more left in the humidor but kinda makes a dilema.... do I smoke them all now or make them last 5 5 1
Hyde Park As with other reviewers Macanudos are my goto smokes but the quality is obviously falling off with the construction being 'hollow' and then the burn being hot. Taste is good when the smoke is consistent. 3 5 1
Hyde Park The Hyde Park version of the Macanudo Maduro is not as good as the Prince Phillip. The taste is harsher. The draw less consistent. The construction slightly lower quality. It is an OK smoke for the price but my preference will remain the Prince Phillip version of this cigar brand. 3 5 1
Hyde Park One of the go to cigars. It's definitely on the mild side so a nice midday smoke. Wish the price was a little better as even on sale it's the same price as the store 4 5 1
Hyde Park Nice smooth smoke. A 'go to' when you're just relaxing by the pool or wherever! I give these to clients and they never disappoint. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Always find the Macanudo Maduro to be a very tasty and creamy blend that I regularly keep in my humidors. The construction and draw where very consistent. 5 5 1
Hyde Park Was a great smoke would recommend 4 5 1
Hyde Park Just a great all around cigar! 5 5 1
Hyde Park have to admit these were in my list of must try and when 10 pack on sale, I bought them. Glad I did. Flavorful and smooth. Good construction. I will keep them as a regular for sure. Try them. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Excellent cigar for the price 4 5 1
Hyde Park I prefer a mild cigar but at the same time I like a "real" cigar. This Macondo fits the bill, with the right taste not sweet nor harsh. 5 5 1
Hyde Park Perfect size,.. overall very enjoyable 5 5 1
Hyde Park Good addition to the humidor. Good flavor and draw! Great evening smoke to end the day! 4 5 1
Hyde Park Nice smooth well balance smoke 4 5 1
Hyde Park Smooth, well constructed, balanced cigar. Hints of chocolate, coffee...not to sweet. Will buy again. Goes greatat with a cold Dunkelweisen. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Awesome cigar from a true Maduro smoker, well constructed, smooth smoke, just can’t say enough about this cigar, other than awesome 5 5 1
Hyde Park Smooth, aromatic and easy on the draw 5 5 1
Hyde Park Well worth the price. 5 5 1
Hyde Park Love this cigar. Always consistent in every way. Great medium flavor strength. Not too spicy or bitter. One of my favs 5 5 1
Hyde Park Nice stick mellow and just the rite draw I like. I bought these in a five pack just to give them a try. I'll be picking up a box in the near future. 4 5 1
Hyde Park This is one of my favorite sticks. Great flavor and even burn. Definitely my go to smoke. Just picked up another box. Give them a try you won't be disappointed. 5 5 1
Hyde Park one of best maduros out there 5 5 1
Hyde Park Goes great with my morning coffee very smooth 4 5 1
Hyde Park The first third of this cigar seems unremarkable, almost harsh, but the second third mellows nicely, and the flavors start to develop. The last third IMO is when this cigar shines. Nice chocolate flavor balanced with spicy pepper and no bitterness right down to the nub. I will let some of these have some more time in the humidor and I expect more enjoyable smokes from these nice cigars. 4 5 1
Hyde Park A total pleasure from beginning to end. The cold taste is enjoyable with notes of cocoa, cherry and mild spice. The draw is excellent as is the consistency, construction, aroma, and flavor. Notes of cocoa, mild cherry, some coffee, and leather. Overall, it is a masterpiece. And the price is very reasonable for a cigar of this quality. Interestingly, although it is a true maduro, it is medium in strength. 5 5 1
Hyde Park One of my favorites. Tasty, great draw, great construction. 5 5 1
Hyde Park What I learned was premium as a young man. Musty maduro that always sweats, gives great flavor notes and stays smooth to the nub 5 5 1
Hyde Park Always enjoy these puppies! Just a good smoke!! 4 5 1
Hyde Park Great tasting cigar,smoothe,will buy again 5 5 1
Hyde Park These have been my favorite cigar for twenty years. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a mellow smoke. 5 5 1
Hyde Park A great cigar. Very flavorful at a good price 5 5 1
Hyde Park Fantastic flavor 5 5 1
Hyde Park These cigars are a gift for my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 5 1
Hyde Park I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. Great burn and consistency. Sweet flavors of spice and earthy goodness. Will buy again. 4 5 1
Hyde Park Bought these on a great deal. Excellent construction and flavor. Absolutely would purchase again when price is right... 5 5 1
Hyde Park I would rate this an excellent cigar if it had not gotten awful strong/rank the last little bit. Up until that point it was an excellent cigar. 4 5 1
Hyde Park I got one of these in a cigar grab bag, ten for thirty bucks. I've never been a huge fan of Macanudo, they are too mild for my tastes. This maduro was a gem, beautiful construction, shiny and oily. The wrapper tasted very good. I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it for about an hour. Beautiful, firm white ash with dead even burn. The smoke had great though mild flavor, the retro-hale was satisfying. I'm not sure I would pay full price for another one because I'd be more apt to go for something on the bold side of medium. But this cigar was definitely good. I'd recommend it to someone who is still developing their palate. 5 5 1

Macanudo Maduro

Hyde Park 5.50 × 49 MAHP3_1

The famous Macanudo Hyde Park explodes with lush piquant flavors when draped in this oily, dark wrapper. Notes of Cocoa, dark coffee and spice add a little kick to this classic beauty. It is available in single cigars.
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