4.230769230769231 65
Corona You can’t find a bad O. The make the best most consistent sticks on the market. If I could afford to fill every humidor with them I would! 5 5 1
Corona I have no complaints. This is a very good smoke from start to finish. This cigar is comprised of Ligero from one region Jalapa. The Cain F contains Ligero from three (3) regions of Nicaragua Estelí Condega and Jalapa. My next purchase will be for the later. I can only imagine the various conditions from these different regions. I will dream about the time until I have them and lighting them up. I think I'm in love and her name is Oliva from the volcanic region of Nicaragua. A little pricey but I may break up with Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo another fine cigar with Ligero tobacco. 5 5 1
Corona Draw was a little loose. Flavor was OK. Some coffee pepper and leather. Probably some better budget sticks out there. 4 5 1
Corona These are a step below the Oliva V fore flavor wise. But they do still pack a kick so you best be ready. Construction and consistency is always a winner woth these. 4 5 1
Corona One of the best in the Cain lineup. Powerful but not overpowering. Not sure what I tasted but it's good 4 5 1
Corona The Oliva Cain Daytona Corona is a good smoke. Not to complaint about any Oliva cigars I prefer a bigger ring cigar. Some people like smaller ring cigars. What ever your taste may be Oliva cigars are still great 5 5 1
Corona Nice smoke catch it on a deal if you can. 4 5 1
Corona I have a box of these. They are the most mild of the Cain family. Very flavorful with still enough pep to let you know it has plenty of Ligero in it. Construction is flawless and so is the burn. Try one with your morning coffee. 5 5 1
Corona Slight strength and spice but still smooth. Less cost then some others with similar profile. Great oliva quality. That habano seedy nutty twang. 4 5 1
Corona An expensive fat stick. The ring gauge is too much and the price is way too high for the stick. A decent smoke but not worth the money 4 5 1
Corona I'm not a huge fan of the Cain series from Oliva. It seems like the whole line is just there to show how much strength can go in a cigar without a lot of effort on flavors 4 5 1
Corona This is a nice chance of pace form Oliva. It's so smooth and creamy on every draw. hint of leather and nuts. 5 5 1
Corona Another offering from Oliva's Studio Tobac Cain however this isn't going to know your socks off like the F or Habano. 3 5 1
Corona I used to smoke these daily at my office. They were consistent good draw and reliable flavors. I prefer a larger ring gage but theses held up well to my nervous wet bite. Can be a bit bitter if rushed . 4 5 1
Corona Elegant smoke. Very well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Nice flavors burns well throughout. Nice mild flavors to start. Good build to a nice finish. Try it. Good stick. Worth the price 5 5 1
Corona Potent and strong! It's a full bodied full strength cigar but supposedly there's stronger cigars. Yikes! 4 5 1
Corona This was an excellent cigar. Great taste draw burn. Medium to full but no bite at all. Loved it. 5 5 1
Corona Buy some and check them out they are full of Oliva flavor and made with Oliva quality. Another winner 5 5 1
Corona Good flavorful and tasteful cigar. Nice to smoke just anytime but not if you don't have the time for a long lasting cigar 5 5 1
Corona Olivia Cain toro by oliva is a very nice cigar with creamy notes and smooth and easy to smoke 5 5 1
Corona More mold than other Cain cigars the Daytona still has a spicy profile. Solid ash good draw and pairs well with Irish Whiskey. 3 5 1
Corona I had this at my local b & m. When I took it out of the cello the wrapper started coming off. Had to correct the burn multiple times. Flavor however was awesome. Hopefully it was just a dud construction wise. 3 5 1
Corona Good well balanced stick smooth and creamy. Notes of leather spice and nuts. It's one dimensional but profile is interesting enough to keep my attention. Not terribly expensive either would recommend. 3 5 1
Corona Wow what a powerful cigar on an empty stomach don't recommend doing that my bad your gain great flavor in this powerhouse this Cain will beat you like a grandpa 4 5 1
Corona Pepper bomb is all I can say about this. It's a super strong stick but that doesn't mean it sacrifices flavor. Yes the pepper takes the spotlight you also get leather and woody notes that keep things interesting. 4 5 1
Corona This Cain is a little less powerful the the rest of the Cain it's almost has a craZiness to it and the Nicaraguan tobacco shines through 4 5 1
Corona Great smoke. Nice and smooth. Not too strong. Great burn. Definitely one to keep on hand. 5 5 1
Corona Oliva is the best line of cigars out there. Best flavors draw and construction. I enjiy every line and this particular one is no different 5 5 1
Corona I absolutely love the cain line but the Daytona is my favorite and the corona size is tops! I could smoke these things morning noon and night they have enough strength to satisfy but not too much and that I can't have it for breakfast do yourself a favor and buy a box! 5 5 1
Corona Oliva Cain Daytona corona is one of the best cigars I've had the pleasure of cutting lighting and smoking. Always a great smoke 4 5 1
Corona Couple of minor wrapper issues. Good smoke overall. Mild flavor for dark wrapper. Good burn and mostly a good smoke. 4 5 1
Corona This cigar was bland. Not quite horrible but really wasn't good either. I've had similar for have the price. Very dry and fell apart 3 5 1
Corona Well this is about an hour and a half cigar to smoke but it's got some potency to it it's strong dark leave tobacco flavor just got a bite of some pepper and maybe I hit up some brandy flavor I'm not sure but it's a good cigar 5 5 1
Corona The Cain Daytona is one of my favorite cigars. It is also very affordable. Pick one or 20 up today you'll enjoy every one of them. 4 5 1
Corona This was one of the first cigars I tried. It worked to keep me coming back for more. Cain is a good smooth smoke. 5 5 1
Corona The Oliva Cain Daytona is a beast. Wow what a powerful cigar. Hold on to your hat. 5 5 1
Corona A great full bodied smoke. Tobacco leather almonds and wood. Burns and tastes great. A great evening smoke. 4 5 1
Corona This one surprised me a little. The Cain line that Oliva has put out are pretty 3 5 1
Corona This one is a pretty good cigar. Lots of flavor and it really packs a punch. 4 5 1
Corona An inconsistent overly strong and harsh cigar. Let me say it again... Strong strong cigar. You must love nicotine for this one 3 5 1
Corona The Olivia Cain Daytona is an excellent cigar experience loaded with flavor but not for those who don't like a stronger smoke 4 5 1
Corona This is a decent cigar for the price when on sale. Not harsh but not great. Over all okay 4 5 1
Corona Another fine smoke by Oliva. Consistent smoke from beginning to end. A pure joy to smoke. 4 5 1
Corona Soked these years back. Live the corona in any cigar and I think the best Cain out of all sizes. I'm smoking other Olivas now. With so many out there I don't stay with the same smoke for long. Delicious smoke well wort trying. I tried one at an event and bought a box. That's how good I thought they were. Doesn't last ad long ad other sizes but if you don't have two hours to enjoy a smoke it is a perfect size. 4 5 1
Corona The Cain Label has never disappointed me. Do not hesitate to fill your humidor with these smokes. Great flavor and burn. I now save these for myself and offer other brands to guests. 4 5 1
Corona solid cigar. some spicy flavors to it. decent price very pretty looking home dog really. 4 5 1
Corona Had some dificulty with the construction and burn but good on the flavors. Worrh a try 3 5 1
Corona This cigar oozes great creamy flavor. It is very smooth and very well built. Great smoke. 5 5 1
Corona This mild/medium smoke has perfect construction with a dead even draw from start to finish Begins with a hint of citrus goes to a nice natural tobacco flavor and finishes with a little spice. Would pair nicely with martini or margarita and would be excellent with your morning or mid afternoon coffee or tea. I'm glad that I bought a box. 4 5 1
Corona The Cain Daytona is solid. Not my favorite definitely not my least favorite. Try it and you'll be happy you did. Usually you can get them for a low price as well. Smoked fairly quickly. 4 5 1
Corona I love pepper and spicy tasting cigars. This didn't disappoint me at all. With a hint of something woody in there that made it taste good 5 5 1
Corona I love all of Olivas cigars they have great flavor great construction and are well-balanced from start to finish 5 5 1
Corona This Oliva Cain corona is a another example of a excellent cigar in the Oliva family. You can enjoy one with a Jefferson single malt bourbon in the backyard at the end of a busy day at work. It has an excellent drawburn ash smoke flavor and finish. 5 5 1
Corona I believe this cigar was in the top 20 cigars of the year that alone should tell you enough about this beauty 4 5 1
Corona Picked one up on sale at a local brick and mortar. Pretty tasty for a cheaper stick but not up to the level of the Serie V 4 5 1
Corona Little longer for my taste since I'm not huge on the corona sizes but smokes like a charm and wouldn't expect less from Oliva 4 5 1
Corona Yes it's a very very good and great cigars and it's mild sweet and little bold but also its a great taste 5 5 1
Corona Notes of coffee and tobacco with bits of pepper and maybe a bit of sweetness. Medium body full flavor 5 5 1
Corona Above average stick with a lot of flavor a clean draw and a smooth even burn from start to finish. Good stick 4 5 1
Corona Excellent value relative to others in price and size range. Very nice medium body flavor profile. Consistent from box to box with good construction. 4 5 1
Corona Taste is a bit weak but the shabby construction turned me off 3 5 1
Corona Medium cigar. Smooth great construction and burn. Enjoy any time of the day . 5 5 1
Corona Outstanding cigar! I tried 2 in a sampler pack. When they had a deal for a box of these puppies I jumped on them. So haply with my purchase! 5 5 1
Corona Good cigar! good taste burn draw ok I like a little more easy draw 3 5 1
Corona Big fan of Oliva 5 5 1

Oliva Cain Daytona

Corona 6 × 46 OCDC_1

Cain Daytona is a Nicaraguan puro made entirely of Cuban-seed, long-leaf ligeros from the Jalapa Valley, so you can bet that this Corona really packs a punch. There is more to this beauty than just strength, a blend of perfectly aged tobaccos adds refinement, balance, and smoothness to this succulent single cigar.
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