4.381818181818182 55
Churchill Medium to full flavor. Good cigar as usual from RyJ. Only complaint is a little uneven burn but not bad. 4 5 1
Churchill I have tried hundreds of different cigars many as the result of attending Smokin’ in the Carolinas at JR Cigar over the past 3 years. There are so many good ones out there! What sets the Romeo y Julieta Anniversario apart from the rest is a consistently smooth flavor and aroma as well as a high quality rolling that provides a tight ash. Even after discovering other cigars that I’ll enjoy a lot my buddies tease me for commenting “That’s a good smoke!” every time I go back to the Anniversarios. 5 5 1
Churchill Anniversario is a great example of why R&J is a premium leader decade after decade Great wrapper and complex flavor with a start to finish goodness 5 5 1
Churchill This is one of my favorite romeo and juliet cigars but ive only had 2 of them. Amazing flavor and the aromas were great as well 5 5 1
Churchill Good overall smoke. Could have been a bit fulller for my taste. Good construction and draw. 4 5 1
Churchill Beautifully crafted silky wrapper. Smooth draw with razor ash. Leather cocoa hint of spice. Stands up to the brand. 5 5 1
Churchill Generally R and J are to mild for me..this one bucks the trend..packs a bit of a punch..nutty..good to the end 5 5 1
Churchill This was an OKAY smokenothing special.I found the flavor a bit strong as I enjoy a milder smoke 4 5 1
Churchill this was a really nice stick great flavors of chocolate and smooth draw easy one to enjoy great bodied and construction nice anniversio churchhill would buy these again i wpuld say yes to these and suggest these all the time 4 5 1
Churchill I only buy these when they are on sale as I can't afford to buy them as an everyday smoke... Enough said - they are great... 4 5 1
Churchill These can be bought for around $10. Nice smokes to enjoy from time to time. Always consistent and tastes great 5 5 1
Churchill Not bad. A little mild for me. I usually go for stronger flavors but found these at a good price. Puts off good smoke the entire time. First third again mild making you wonder if if there is anything more. 2nd third about the same as the first. Last third changes a little with some strength but just not enough boldness or spice for my taste. Good quality just not the right cigar for me. 4 5 1
Churchill Nice medium to full cigar . Good pull and good wrapping. Burns even and is very enjoyable and an ok price . 4 5 1
Churchill One of the best from the RyJ line. Nice and smooth and mellow but still has a very complex smoke. Great cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill An outstanding smoke. Even draw and consistent flavor for the entire stick. Smooth medium cigar that can be enjoyed at multiple times. Terrific with a single malt before or after dinner. 5 5 1
Churchill Great smoke R & J are always a good bang for the buck. Very consistent . My go to. My wife even loves the smell. I'm not the kind of guy that wrights a review so seriously consider The Romeo & Julietta brand. A beauty. 4 5 1
Churchill I got these in a five pack to try as it's been a long time since I've smoked any RyJ stuff. Very well made and the familiar taste neither bad or outstanding middle of the road. But I still think they are good value. 4 5 1
Churchill Again this is one of those cigars that never let me down. As you would expect from this great brand the construction and flavor profile is near perfect. 5 5 1
Churchill This special edition givE has a greY medium body with some spice and lots of great spice with great construction 4 5 1
Churchill This is probable the closet a non Cuban cigar that does taste like a very flavorful Cuban cigar this cigar is excellent in my opinion...….. 5 5 1
Churchill Damn these are good!!! 4 5 1
Churchill poor construction this are totaly poor made no I don't recommend 2 5 1
Churchill Nice romeo very smokey with mild to medium strength hints of cedar and nuts very long smoke flavors weren't consistent during the last third 4 5 1
Churchill Romeo y Julieta normally lack flavor in my opinion this one the Aniversaio chuchill is going to be a longer smoke 4 5 1
Churchill This is my favorite all time non Cuban cigar! As is my wife's as well OMG great co structure. And ash flavor comes In spades string but not overpowering. Oily silky wrapper and classic ring looks awesome In. The hand of a lady or a gentleman. Volumes of rich thick smoke with every puff. 5 5 1
Churchill Have some in the humi tried it once and had to go out and get more really enjoyed this stick 4 5 1
Churchill Not a huge fan of this cigar. The taste has a fruity and spicy note that falls apart by the half mark. Would not recommend this again. 2 5 1
Churchill I've smoke a few of these that I received in samplers. Very well made and tasty but hard to keep lit. 4 5 1
Churchill RomeoRomeo Julieta does it again weather find smoke. A little more robust than their usual but with the same sweetness. Good try lots of smoke. Really enjoyed this one 5 5 1
Churchill This cigar is so good. There's no other way to say it. It delivers tons of flavor and perfect construction. I highly recommend it. 5 5 1
Churchill A REAL powerhouse of a cigar! If you are an experienced cigar smoker you will love the flavor of this one! 5 5 1
Churchill A great smoke consistent and even burn tastes great. It's my cigar of choice. 5 5 1
Churchill The aniversario is one of my favorite cigars! It has a decent draw very flavorful and consistent throughout. So glad to see they are still available. If your looking for a nice cigar for around a campfire or playing pool then this is the one. 4 5 1
Churchill A great smoke as good as expected. The usual quality flavor and consistancy. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a classic smoke! A special occasion cigar for me I smoke it at parties and at social gatherings. Very good stick 5 5 1
Churchill Romeo y julieta is a very consistent smoke smooth and creamy well balanced it definitely makes my short list of best cigars I've had to date this is a go to smoke for me anytime of the day 5 5 1
Churchill Very good, but for some reason not as good as last batch. Seemed more generic or cookie-cutter. 4 5 1
Churchill Great smoke. Need 1 1/2 hours to fully enjoy this smooth yet flavorful RyJ. 5 5 1
Churchill Great flavorful cigar. Just a little uneven on the first leg of the journey requiring a little touch up, but a great smoke overall. Sweet flavors throughout, with a nice draw all the way.. 4 5 1
Churchill A very strong cigar. Tastes like a Nicaraguan puro to me. Draw is very easy, making for a hot, rough and rather harsh taste. Get ready for your head to spin! 4 5 1
Churchill nice smoke to relax and enjoy with your favorite cocktail with - an over sized chair makes it even better. smooth long lasting well constructed 4 5 1
Churchill full bodied - well constructed - great smoke for being outside in the wind with.- good taste - good price performance. dropped a few times and kept it's shape - stayed lit even when set a side for a while 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar. Good construction. Good notes and burns well. 5 5 1
Churchill love them 5 5 1
Churchill OK but not great. I am not a fan of Dom Rep. cigars but thought I would give it a go again. Still not big on them, but I got a few more to try. 3 5 1
Churchill dark notes of nuts, raisin, leather but sweet, great flavor. pair with banana chips (weird i know) mouth watering flavor 4 5 1
Churchill very good 5 5 1
Churchill Great construction, long burn/ash. More to the medium than full side. The draw was a little tight for the first half, than opened up. Pairs nicely with a good stout! 4 5 1
Churchill The JR Review Forum is fair and a great value to any consumer, especially a novice or casual (try 'em all) smoker. though how do you compare a Volkswagon to a Rolls??? So, let's do this...A.) is a "bargain" cigar B.) is a "value" cigar C.) a "premium" and D.) a "super premium" and E.) "ultra premium"...a good barometer here on what's-what is the pricing. THE EQUATION IS NOW MUCH EASIER TO DIGEST... the R&J Anniversario is of the highest order in the D.) or "SUPER PREMIUM" category and if these seem affordable to you, then you cannot find a better cigar on the planet. Okay, maybe the JR Ultimate Cabinet selections. But that's it. 5 5 1
Churchill I had 34 hours to kill, so I went and visited a random cigar club in Scranton PA. I got a Romeo Y Julieta Aniversario in the Churchill. What a beautiful cigar, nice draw, kinda wonky on the burn, maybe because my lighting technique. Either way, I loved it, I really do appreciate Romeo Y Julieta, and behind it's a fantastic legacy brand. I'm happy to be on the Romeo Y Julieta bandwagon! 5 5 1
Churchill This is a strong cigar for the Romeo line but the flavors keep it enjoyable. 4 5 1
Churchill Very consistent and an even burn. Description right on spot. 5 5 1
Churchill one of my favorites - full flavored and built well - great cigar to give away to another smoker. enjoyed with a nice scotch and made a great evening 5 5 1
Churchill I love these cigars! They have a nice rich flavor and smooth! I recommend you pick up a 5 pack today! You want go wrong! 5 5 1
Churchill A good size stick with a Phone flavor, but as I alluded in the title, a bit inconsistent. The inconsistency falls to the draw, ranging from easy and predictable to attempting to suck a golf ball through a garden hose 4 5 1

Romeo y Julieta Aniversario

Churchill 7 × 54 JUACH_1

The Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Churchill is crafted in celebration of the Romeo y Julieta line’s 130-year-old heritage, and is a fuller flavored addition to this legendary and extremely popular line. Conveniently packaged in single cigars, the silky, sun-grown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper is a beauty to look at. Under the cover reside Peruvian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan fillers to round out this big, bold, and delicious medium to full-bodied smoke.  
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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua / Peru

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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