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60/6 This is my favorite Camacho blend. I prefer this in the robusto size however they're all good. This particular size takes me a good 2 hours to smoke. It's very full bodied and it can get a little harsh in the last 3rd. Overall id give 8/10 for its price range 5 5 1
60/6 Tasty Maputo...somewhat large be prepared for a long smoke. Full bodied for sure and lots of flavor. 4 5 1
60/6 The Camacho Triple Maduro really measures up to the hype that this full flavored cigar has built up! The Bold Dark flavor that Maduro leaves present a deep earthy taste. The construction is solid with a smooth and even draw as is the standard expetation from any Camacho offering. As always the consistently even burn the bold flavor and the smooth even draw combine superbly to make this an excellent after dinner smoke!! 4 5 1
60/6 surprisingly smooth with great aroma and flavor. 4 5 1
60/6 I was wanting to try this stickfor a while and i am happy i did. nice drawalmost razor sharp burn dark flavors. Great cigar! If youre looking for a great maduro dont skip over this one 3 5 1
60/6 I really enjoyed this cigar. The construction was perfect. The draw was extremely smooth. My girlfriend tried the Triple Maduro and loved it. Out of all the Camachos we've smoked this is easily our favorite. Hints of sweetness coupled with spice will definitely satisfy your taste. A great full strength smoke. 4 5 1
60/6 One of my favorites if your a Maduro lover. You just can’t go wrong with it 4 5 1
60/6 great 4 5 1
60/6 A must have for a Maduro smoker, Very well constructed, burn is excellent. carry's a beautiful white ash for at least 2 inches, Flavor is medium full and absolutely delicious, one of my new fav's., been smoking Maduro cigars since 1989. Thank you Camacho and JR for delivering such a great smoke, 5 5 1
60/6 Great smoke 5 5 1
60/6 This is one of my favorites, period. Great flavor, draw, and burn time. Makes for a great end of day smoke with some bourbon. 5 5 1
60/6 Cigar could use a little more weight. 4 5 1
60/6 Rating: 2.5 stars Condition: Simi hard. Draw: Hard draw Relights: 2 with multiple purges to keep it cooking Flavor: Opening puffs: zero flavor in the first opening puffs. At this moment smoking to be smoking. 1/3 Pepper flavor no true welcoming spice. There is an anger to the cigar that says I am not hear to be taken lightly. It provides a musky smoke like a dank cellar created its essence. 2/3 Tingle from the full body cigar is peaking at this point no additional flavors are presented, but very very slight hints of salt and sweetness for a brief second. 3/3 Cigar has lost its bite and that's a good thing, the mellowness of the pepper makes this part relaxing and enjoyable. Overall this cigar is not something I recommend smoking unless your pissed at the world. I would recommend putting it in the humidor for at least 6 weeks or more to see if the overall profile will mellow and not be someone that knocked the pepper shaker in the pot. It tends to go out more often than other cigars and dew to the very tight draw takes multiple puffs to produce a full mouth of smoke. It's a stick that needs to be baby sat so don't take this one for a relaxing trip down memory lane. 2 5 1
60/6 I this a couple days ago and wow, fell in love with the flavors. Very tasty cigar. the next day I had a Maduro Padron and the flavors were not as good as the Triple Maduro Camacho.....I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for that, Just speaking my experience. The construction is nothing like the padron, the padron was flawless with zero touchups needed....the Camacho needed about 3 touchups. But I'm big on flavor, I dont care much on how many touchups were needed. 5 5 1
60/6 A great cigar! Starting with the cold taste, a pleasure. The cold taste has enormous amounts of chocolate. The draw and consistency are awesome, and the construction is good. Notes of chocolate, cream, spice, and leather. A truly very enjoyable experience. 5 5 1
60/6 Fell in love with this cigar. This is such a smooth & tasty cigar, NO harsh pepper at all.....smooth and leathery sweet. 5 5 1
60/6 Smooth draw and nice full flavor cigars. 5 5 1
60/6 Great price. 5 5 1
60/6 Great cigars 4 5 1
60/6 this is a strong and full boded cigar. construction was fantastic for such a big and densely packed cigar. the draw was perfect and so was the flavor. 5 5 1
60/6 I didn't find the cigar that strong. But, I'm a Maduro guy. I found the flavor balanced and smooth. If a cigar is stinky enough that people leave me alone too have a whiskey and a smoke, it's a plus. I got a 5 pack on special and appreciate the smoking experience. 5 5 1
60/6 I was introduced to the Triple Maduro while on vacation - I was looking to sample cigars I can't find locally - this was recommended when I said I prefer 58-64 ring gauge. This is well-made - good draw, feels substantial, very pleasant aroma, taste. Definitely strong - wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't smoke on at least a semi-regular basis. A little pricier than what I'd usually enjoy regularly, but I couldn't pass them up when JR put the 5-packs on sale recently. Out of the 50+ cigars I've sampled over the past year, I'd put it at about #5. 5 5 1
60/6 Great taste, draw was perfect. Camacho never disappoints. If you like a nice well rounded triple maduro then this is the one for you. 5 5 1
60/6 Great smoke 5 5 1
60/6 While certainly not the “most flavorful full body cigar in the world”, the flavor does approach “sweet, smooth, with a bold dark taste” - kind’a like you’d expect from a triple maduro. Excellent construction & draw. Burn is very good, for a thick leaf wrapper, requiring only an occasional touch-up. Recommended for fans of large, full-bodied maduros. 4 5 1
60/6 Very good taste, smooth with a bit of a kick. I was skeptical that it might be too strong but it’s definitely a great tasting cigar. Very relaxing. Now it’s on my favorites list. 5 5 1
60/6 Much better than I thought. Rich taste even burn. Very good for the price point. 4 5 1
60/6 Very relaxing cigar. Enjoyed the experience. Thank you JR CIGARS 5 5 1
60/6 Delicious stick haven't found a camancho I didn't like yet. 5 5 1
60/6 Great draw and plenty of flavor in this stick, love the chocolate must it delivers across the palate. 5 5 1
60/6 I’m a novice smoker and I am finding out what flavors I prefer. I found that the Camacho Triple Madura had sweet and spicy notes that I am gravitating towards. A great smoke in the morning with coffee and even better in the evening after dinner with a good stiff drink. This stick is definitely one to keep stocked up in the collection 5 5 1
60/6 Really good and strong. I enjoy a difference in my humidor. This cigar is most welcome. 5 5 1
60/6 Got them in a five pack, on sale. What a fantastic cigar. I let them sit in my humidor for a couple months. And they are delicious. 5 5 1
60/6 Excellent full body stick. This stick is not for the weak of heart.!! 5 5 1
60/6 Full of flavor and packs a punch like a train. Highly recommend for people looking for a strong smoke. 5 5 1
60/6 Smooth , well built cigar , not over the top 4 5 1
60/6 Great smoke 5 5 1
60/6 of all of this camacho series I like this the most. Well made, good flavor pairs well with full bodies scotch or bourbon. I prefer a smaller size 5 5 1
60/6 Great depth to this cigar. One of my favorites. 5 5 1

Camacho Triple Maduro

60/6 6 × 60 CTM6020_1

The most flavorful full body cigar in the world, this big 60 ring gauge giant is sweet, bold, and smooth. It uses exclusively aged Honduran Maduro tobacco for its blend. It is strong yet smooth and boasts flavors of earth, spice, and a hint of dark sweetness. If you are looking for that bold dark taste and a big smoke, this Triple Maduro, packaged as a single cigar, is the one for you.
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