2.4166666666666665 12
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler Overall impressed ! Tremendous value. Extremely fast shipping, Being a newbie I'm in the discovery phase with my new hobby. So much to learn! 4 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler No where nearly as good at Three Buck Betty 1. Not even close. However two of the four offerings were quite good. The other offerings were not up to par. Good inexpensive smoke Sure! Burn well but 'hot.' 3 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler I really enjoyed this pack. Great selection of some good quality smokes. I liked the variety and quality. 5 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler I buy these for my fishing and outdoor activities. These, in this batch, all smoked well, good draw, staying lit. Not the tastiest of cigars but I like good draw and staying lit. For my purposes, this is a good value. 4 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler I didn’t get the Padilla’s. Instead got Casa de Garcia Connecticut Churchill’s which tasted ok but kinda cheaply made with poor construction. Not at all anything close to a Maduro like the Padilla Doctrine that I would of rather have gotten. Also got the wrong Boneshakers. Got the full body cast version of the Morning stars’s. I’m not mad at that one though. Wanted to try those anyways. Really wanted to try the Padilla’s though. Called in to make it right. Guy was nice but haven’t gotten a response back and I gave up on the idea of trying to get a replacement. It’s disappointing to wait for something specific you wanted to try only to have them exchange something out because they don’t have an item in stock. Refund it or at least reach out and ask if I would take a replacement instead. This seems to be common practice here I’ve noticed. Hope that changes. 1 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler The quality was good. Fresh. A nice variety of medium to bold. And I enjoyed the discount coupons for affiliated companies like the watch and wine. 5 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler Unfortunately I only got 2 from the ones that were listed. Was really looking forward to trying the Padilla Doctrine Torpedoes. They let me down this time. 2 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler I boght 2 Packs because the 5 Padillas, the only real premium cigar in the pack. They subbed 3G's, one of the worst cheep smokes they offer. they would not make it right. Time to consider a new Cigar supplier. 1 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler Big Disappointment Sent the wrong cigars 2x!! When I questioned J&R they advised that these are packed at the factory and have no control over the shipping. Rather than make it right they advised me to return the sampler. Bad customer service!!! Substituted the Boneshaker & Padilla's with lower quality cigars. 1 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler I ordered two of these and the sent me casia garcia instead of the padilla which are the best cigars in the bunch. when I called they said to bad. They used the casia garcia as a sub for the padilla. A casia Garcia is no sub for a witch doctor. I will never order this sampler again. 1 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler Called to understand why order was not correct. They provided cheap substitutes because they ran out of what they offered. Without calling would not known this. Very disappointed Advertised: 5 Padilla Doctrine Torpedo, 5 × 56 old world. Received: 5 Casa de Garcia's, very cheap alternatives Advertised: 5 Boneshaker Boneyard Morning Star, 6.50 x 52 Pyramid. Received 5", wrong size, received 5” Boneshakers 5 La Finca Ammo: Received 1 5 1
Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler Of the 3 cigar types in the picture, two were not what was sent, and are of lower quality. Not happy 1 5 1

Cigar Samplers

Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler THRSMP2

Our JR Exclusive Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler includes three of our top-selling value priced handmade premium cigars presented to you in quantities of 5 cigars each. This highly anticipated follow up to our original

Three Buck Betty Sampler promises you the same great flavors and outstanding value. Don’t let Betty’s super- affordable price fool you though, because every stick in this economy priced package can easily hold its own in taste, quality, and construction, with the best high-end handmade premiums out there. This top-shelf sampler starts off with the medium to full bodied La Finca Ammo cigars. First introduced in 1972, La Finca cigars are one of our oldest and most trusted Nicaraguan brands. This tantalizing Toro is medium to full bodied in strength, and oozing with rich, bold flavors of earth, spice, leather, cedar, and dark roast coffee. Next up is another medium to full bodied gem from Boneshaker called the Boneyard Morning Star. Fans of “Figurado” shaped cigars will simply love the looks and taste of this 5 x56 Pyramid, that serves up a bevy of bold earthy and spicy Cuban-style flavors. Rounding out this must have cigar sampler is the Casa de Garcia Connecticut Churchill cigars. A gorgeous golden brown Connecticut Shade wrapper paired with a three-country blend of premium tobaccos , provide a creamy smooth and mellow smoke that’s certain to become your favorite morning companion. Order this fantastic Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler from the only place you’ll find it— right here at JR Cigar!

The Three Buck Betty 2 Sampler includes the following:
• 5 Casa de Garcia Churchill Connecticut
• 5 Boneshaker Boneyard Morning Star
• 5 La Finca Ammo
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EMS / Maduro

Pack of 15

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