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Black 40ct Very surprised , bought this as my third humidor for just my Daily working cigars . The construction and how tight the lid closed has moved this to my premium cigar humidor. Much better then the two I paid over 100 each for. 5 5 1
Black 40ct I knew paying less than $40 free humidor got this wasn't going to be the best humidor I've ever bought but I was very pleasantly surprised when I received it. It is not nearly as heavy and solid as my quality humidor but after seasoning this one the lid closes surprisingly tight I've had it for 3 weeks and it seems to be holding my cigars very well none of them are drying out. Although I'm not risking putting my good cigars in there LOL not just yet anyway. But for the money well worth it 3 5 1
Black 40ct Honestly I always bought my sticks from a local shop that has a GIANT walk in humidor. But since moving out of the area a 200 mile round trip for a fresh stick is not feasible. I ordered this and got right to work seasoning it. Sits at a nice steady 80% with little effort and have noticed a real difference in a couple of weeks on my supply. Happy I bought this. 5 5 1
Black 40ct I specifically contacted customer service with the sku number and screenshot of the item to insure this was in fact a paradigm humidor with the logo, I was assured it was and had the logo. What i received was a cheap black blank chinese made humidor with no air seal at all, it wont even hold 70 for 2 days after seasoning. After waiting 3 days for a response about my initial question, I never got a reply back when I pointed out I had received a cheap chinese knockoff. PLEASE read their policy, its basically "tough sh#t, once the shipper has it its your problem" and thats IF customer service responds, never got a response on this one, its basically a shoebox with a broken hygrometer, do not rely on it, maybe for storing plastic sealed boxes or tins, but there is no seal and the hinges will be bent if its shipped very far, this ones gone onto the wood pile since apparently I dont get a response.Ill be placing an order for a paradigm (good quality humidors) elsewhere as well as any hardware from now on. Very disappointing after spending hundreds in my first few months here, (my cigar purchases I have all been very pleased with.) This is after almost a full week delay on shipping as well. After waiting for weeks for a cs response I feel people should know so they dont get a useless product. It wont let me paste a screenshot but heres a copy paste of cs guaranteeing this was a paradigm: Dear Adam Sxxxxxxxx, Thank you for your inquiry. It does have the logo on the humidor. It is our absolute pleasure to service you. We hope this information is of use to you and thank you for reaching out to us! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any future questions or comments you may have. Thank you, JR Cigars 1 5 1
Black 40ct What kind of people continue to sell a product that is very clearly not the one pictured? You are selling a chinese made plain black box, clearly not the one pictured. I have the email, from your cs stating and guaranteeing me this is a paradigm, I asked first, then said something after this chinese special arrived and nothing a month later, yet the bad reviews are down in less than 20 mins...what's up with that? My good reviews for everything else, including like 3 boxes are still up, but you wanna lose business over a chinese knockoff? just trying to be honest, wish you would too. Very disappointed in this. 1 5 1

Cigar Humidors

Black 40ct 3H8125BK

This simple yet elegant Black Cigar Humidor adds a look of understated elegance to any home, office, or cigar den décor. This affordable unit has a Spanish cedar interior and divider and comes complete with its own humidifier and gold-toned analog hygrometer. And, thanks to expert craftsmanship, it holds up to 40 of your favorite premium cigars with a sturdy airtight seal.

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