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Adirondack Excellent humidor at an excellent price point. 5 5 1
Adirondack It’s an excellent humidor, but the hygrometer needed calibrating, which is easy to do. The hygrometer read 60% humidity, when the humidity was 75%. 5 5 1
Adirondack This is the second humidor that I bought from JR. Very decent design with a reasonable price. The only drawback is the hydrometer rounded magnet isn’t too powerful to hold the hydrometer so the hydrometer comes off sometimes when I open the lid of the humidor. 5 5 1
Adirondack This is a great box for the money. Very roomy and versatile with the included dividers. I had to add some double sided tape to hold the humidifier and hygrometer in place, not really a problem. 5 5 1
Adirondack The box is made in Florida and well made. Unless I am mistaken, the tiny, barely visible divots, made by the router, look like it’s made from fiberboard and not solid wood. That is the reason I gave it four and not five stars. The fit is tight, and opening can be a little difficult until it breaks in. I would rather it be too tight than lose moisture. The hygrometer and humidifier are crap from china. I use Boveda and after market hygrometer so no problems. I would definitely put some cedar sheets in the bottom. The cedar inlaying has a weak scent even after seasoning. 4 5 1
Adirondack This humidor is built solid and the craftmanship is fantastic. You can feel the seal when you close the lid. I conditioned it for 2 days and it was ready to go. With it sealed, it maintains the humidity due consistently due to the great seal that it has. I checked on it every day for a week, but I didn't have too. It ran a little high, but it stayed that way for a long time. This is a piece of furniture. Looks great and works hard to keep the cigars humid. 4 5 1
Adirondack It is huge, gorgeous finish. 5 5 1

Cigar Humidors

Adirondack 3HADR

The Adirondack Cigar Humidor boasts a striking, unique dark and light rustic wood grain that will accent any home, office, or cigar den décor. An antique tarnished lock & key with tassel and hidden quadrant hinges provides the added fit and finish normally found on costlier high-end humidors. The interior is lined with premium kiln dried cedar to encourage the all-important aging process for up to 100 of your favorite cigars. In addition, a Spanish cedar tray with two dividers at the bottom allows you to separate your brands. SureSeal Technology ensures proper lid seal on closure, and a large rectangular humidifier and glass hygrometer is included in the package to get you up and running in not time. Best of all, the Adirondack Cigar Humidor is sold for a surprisingly affordable price! Order yours from JR Cigar today.
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