4.1875 32
President One of the best value mild cigars you can get. 3 5 1
President Such a smooth smoke long burn time tight rolling great sweet flavor and timeless. Might be my next go to nightly cigar 5 5 1
President I've smoked these since 1990 and have never been let down by consistency. Good smoke. 4 5 1
President Good not great cigar 2 5 1
President The President is my perfect inexpensive cigar for the golf course. It burns evenly draws easily and has a very mild buttery flavor. Moreover it provides a nice soothing smoke over a good part of a round. 4 5 1
President I love this cigar. When I see them I buy some. They never disappoint 5 5 1
President Great smoke especially for the Price. Casa's are my go to daily smoke with a mild-medium strength medium body full of creamy leathery flavors. Its a must try you can't go wrong. 5 5 1
President A cigar worthy of its name. The Presidents Casa Blanca delivers on all its campaign promises! 4 5 1
President A little above my price range I grab these whenever I can on auction. Very consistent mellow cigar and definitely one of my favorites! 5 5 1
President Best smooth-mellow out there for every day cigar smoker. Has become pricey in last few years but still my 1st Choice. Would buy more if price returned to original level. 5 5 1
President This is a nice smooth burning, good draw, mild to medium flavor cigar. I would prefer a little stronger flavor but this is good. The price makes it a real bargain for a Dominican cigar. Will definitely reorder 4 5 1
President This has become my Friday night on the patio with a cocktail cigar. Great stick very well made nice easy mild/medium flavor. Smooth consistent burn with an easy draw. I get about an hour and a half from the President. After about 100 of them I have only had 1 that unwrapped on me. I buy them every time I get a 20% off 5-Pack and I let them age a bit before smoking. Casa Blanca is one I will always have in my humidor! 4 5 1
President Great tasting cigar definitely unexpected and great pricing! 5 5 1
President This is a good budget smoke! Yields a nice mild flavor open draw. great smoke and beautiful burn. Although I favor a bit stronger flavor this is a reliable stick! 4 5 1
President This is a really good smoke for the money. It draws well burns evenly and while it isn't heavy in flavor it gets richer after a smoking it down a bit.. I make these my primary golf course cigars as two of them pretty much take care of the round. 4 5 1
President My favorite bargain cigar. Smooth and creamy and can usually be had for $2 a stick These are a little on the larger side which is great for when you have an extended evening to yourself. So far I have not had any unravel on me but I usually use a punch for these which provides a good draw. 4 5 1
President For the money - this is a very smooth nicely put together cigar. I eld definitely buy these again and would recommend to anyone looking for a good value in a cigar. 4 5 1
President Nice construction and well rollled. 5 5 1
President Well made, even draw and mellow. The price has been steadily creeping up on these and are not quite the value they once were. 4 5 1
President Great value 5 5 1
President Good smoke, even burn with a mild flavor. I will buy these again. 4 5 1
President Sometimes a bitter taste. 3 5 1
President Great in every way! 5 5 1
President This is the cigar when I want to just sit and enjoy, even in the car. 5 5 1
President Nice burn, easy draw. Good value. 4 5 1
President The smoke burned okay but a little uneven at times. Slight creaminess with subtle flavors. 4 5 1
President This cigar taste good for sure burns for over 1 1/2 even 2 flavors are good threw out well constructed consistency is there over all good cigar! 5 5 1
President One of the worst cigars I have ever ordered from JR. Taste bad, draw ok. overall experince, never again. 1 5 1
President Great for golf course 5 5 1
President Good middle of the road cigar for a daily smoke. 4 5 1
President I like these , they got great construction with a good milder flavor with wood coffee and nuts and a light spice, the draw is nice and smooth. 4 5 1
President This is my "go to" cigar. An excellent, smooth, mellow flavor that lasts a long time. Some of the reviews talk about a bitterness. I've found that all cigars have this attribute and its not just about the quality of the cigar but in how it's smoked and lit. 5 5 1

Casa Blanca

President 7.50 × 50 CBPR5

Casa Blanca President stands among the most popular premium cigars in our JR exclusive brand lineup. Produced in Santiago, Dominican Republic, each President is expertly rolled in a popular 7.5 x50 format using aged Dominican fillers, a Mexican binder, and a beautiful sandy brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. Due to its hefty length and girth, you can expect a long lasting, mellow bodied smoke that’s laced with rich, smooth flavors of leather, cedar, sweet spice, and cocoa. Order an affordable 5- pack from JR Cigar today, and enjoy this Dominican masterpiece that has been pleasing smokers since it was first launched way back in 1985!
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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