3.6538461538461537 26
De Luxe Good when on sale smoke these frequently I have had some bad ones that were too tight flavor is good usually burns sideways but they are a decent deal pairs well with beer for me decent BBQ smoke 3 5 1
De Luxe My first JR order. 6x50 Maduro. I hit the lottery on this oneeven burningmellowsmoothe chocolate taste. A winner in every way. Give 'em a shot. 5 5 1
De Luxe Not as dark as most Maduro cigars but still a Maduro. Very good construction with a surprising even burn. Flavor was pretty consistent little coffee but mostly a classic tobacco. 3 5 1
De Luxe This is a pretty solid smoke. Not great but good. Wrapper is rustic compared to the naturals I've had. Flavor is pleasant with chocolate a nice cigar taste. I bought these on special but a bit pricier than I normally spend on an everyday smoke. All in all not bad but not as good as expected. 3 5 1
De Luxe Great cigar for a low price. Wish it was a little longer but will order again. nice mild-medium and mellow. This cigar is a hidden Dominican treasure. 4 5 1
De Luxe Save your money for JR Alternatives. 2 5 1
De Luxe First one I tried had great flavor great construction but poor draw. I was hasty to judge it on this basis. Others have been drawing fine and I can't say I never encountered this issue with higher priced cigars... I will be getting more in the future. 4 5 1
De Luxe Taste is great but 1st one I lit kept going out and was hard to draw. Thought my ears would pop I was dragging so hard.. I hope the rest smoke better. They appear to be very well constructed so I am hoping that that first one was a lemon. 4 5 1
De Luxe These cigars are a hidden treasure.Excellent mild flavor for a maduro.Would definitely purchase again. 4 5 1
De Luxe I was pleasingly suprised with this cigar. The construction was very good. Which pondered me a little with the draw being just a little tight. Thecfavor however was consistent with nice mild creamy taste with just a hint of sweet spice. To be considered a Maduro it seemed a little light on color and the wrapper was a little dry compared to other Maduros. All in all a quality cigar. 4 5 1
De Luxe I re-ordered this cigar because it is a nice economy smoke. Just a click below the premium brands. So if you can tolerate a stick here and there that misses the mark I'm gonna stick with my opinion that this is a killer $2.50 choice. 3 5 1
De Luxe The flavor is great, the construction seems great as well, but the draw is a bit loose for me, meaning it takes very little effort to draw the smoke through the cigar. I prefer a little tighter draw than this cigar offers. It stays lit well. 4 5 1
De Luxe Good cigar for money 4 5 1
De Luxe a nice cigar but some were nasty in flavour 3 5 1
De Luxe Big fan of Maduro, and this one was right in target. 5 5 1
De Luxe Plugged draw, spongy, barnyard taste. An all-around lousy cigar. 1 5 1
De Luxe fair won't purchase again 3 5 1
De Luxe Has a rich flavor, a great morning smoke 5 5 1
De Luxe good smoke for an afternoon 4 5 1
De Luxe I smoked one yesterday. The draw was poor. I couldn't keep the cigar lit. Today I tried another and it was a marvelous, rich but mild Dominican maduro smoke. If I could be sure of the consistency, Casa Blanca would be a daily smoke. 3 5 1
De Luxe This is quite a good stick and it hits a sweet spot of price and product, especially when on sale. 4 5 1
De Luxe disappointed with the uneven burn/canoe on the majority of the lot I bought- but the flavor was good 3 5 1
De Luxe I always buy these on sale. A nice, kind of sweet smoke for a value number. Highly recommend 4 5 1
De Luxe very good 4 5 1
De Luxe good stick 5 5 1
De Luxe I smoked one right after it delivered and it was a little bland. That’s why I gave it a 4. After being in the humidor for a couple of weeks it was a great mellow cigar with a lot of flavor. It was a 5 after that!! 4 5 1

Casa Blanca

De Luxe 6 × 50 CBDLB3

A gorgeous black and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper covers our very popular Casa Blanca De Luxe Maduro. Nestled beneath this fabulous leaf is a thick Mexican binder and choice Dominican filler tobaccos. This mellow beauty has notes of cream, cocoa, nuts, and caramel and a hint of spice. Mellow maduro enthusiasts have been devoted to these cigars for over 30 years! Sold in reasonably priced bundles of 20.
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Connecticut Broadleaf


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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