4.333333333333333 18
Lonsdale Maduro My first time with casa blanca and I'm so pleased. What drew me to this purchase was the lonsdale shape, which aren't that popular. Spice, coffee and just plain ol earthy tobacco make this a future staple for me. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro I love the rich tobacco taste and the construction is excellent. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro For four dollars you get an A J Fernandez blend with top quality construction. Burned sharp as razor without a single touch up, drew perfectly, and rock solid I got spicy coffee mostly with a hint of sweetness. Strongly recommend if you like a perfect Lonsdale in maduro. I smoke slowly, and this one was about 1-1/2 hours start to finish! 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro I bought a box when they were on sale and boy am I glad I did! They have an excellent draw with a good balance between spice and earthiness. Highly recommend. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Fantastic Deep flavors. I enjoyed this cigar very much that I smoked it down to the nub. It was slow smoking and full of flavor. It gave me a long white ash at a 66% humidity, but would have preferred just a little bit drier. Overall, great smoke. Highly recommend. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Agree with all the other positive reviews. This is one on my regular go to gars it’s most delish!! 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Perfection in full bodied form. Burns even and draws exactly stick after stick. Flavor is unbeatable and for the price? It's a steal of a deal. Buy a box, i made this my everday smoke. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Good average cigar, well constructed, burns slow and even. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Consistently a great value, I’ve always found this maduro underrated and this is the best shape/size to enjoy it’s delicious wrapper. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Very consistent stick after stick. Great price as well. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Wow, for this price I wasn't expecting so much quality. Very rich and perfect for everyday snoke. Would buy again. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro One of the better price to performance cigars out there. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro it 3 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro A bit harsh on reliting,flavor was okay,construction was excellent. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro The casa Blanca longsdale maduro is wonderful madness. Flavors truly and distinctively change from tangy citrus to worm. coffee to sweet chocolate. All made possible by a easy draw and an even burn 4 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro 1st time trying these out,smoked 1st one to the nud,flavor, draw & construction, will definitely purchase again. Big Bunny. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro Not a very complex cigar. Pretty plane and not very strong in my opinion. Have had several from the box of 20 but wouldn't reorder personally. Flavor is kind of bland and I would only recommend it as a humidor filler. Kinda smokes like a shortfill and i would say maybe make this a passing out to others kind of cigar if you're looking for one. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Maduro This cigar surprised me with the good & even ash burn and the easy draw. It’s smooth steady medium flavored maduro stick. Great everyday smoke. 5 5 1

Casa Blanca Nicaragua

Lonsdale Maduro 6.50 × 43 CBNLB3

The Casa Blanca Nicaragua Lonsdale cigar is a delicious maduro blend that’s a more powerful version of its famous Dominican cousin. Skillfully rolled, highly fragrant, and just as affordable as ever, this high-octane Casa Blanca is oozing with flavorful notes of chocolate, earth, spices, leather, nuts, and a rich tobacco sweetness. Order yours today, and get ready to experience the bolder and darker side of Casa Blanca.  
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Dominican Republic


Medium - Full


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