4.37037037037037 27
War Hammer Perfect choice -extraordinary, Love it! 5 5 1
War Hammer Bought a box of these and no complaints. Very nice smoke. I enjoy a nice full body and easy on the wallet. Nice draw, nice flavor. Nice to have with an ice Starbucks Frappuccino ! What a combo!! I'll order again for sure. 5 5 1
War Hammer I bought a box 6x60 Tombstones without having ever trying one, now my favorite of the Boneshakers. 5 5 1
War Hammer Tried these on a whim and was very pleasantly surprised. On my second box of these as of this review and will definitely be ordering more. 5 5 1
War Hammer These sticks are delicious from the beginning to the end. I risk burning my fingers to get as much out of these cigars as possible. 4 5 1
War Hammer Excellent smoke! Vibrant and full bodied. 5 5 1
War Hammer An all around great cigar.. 5 5 1
War Hammer This one's a keeper! 5 5 1
War Hammer My favorite of the Bone Shaker selection! 5 5 1
War Hammer Tasty stick 4 5 1
War Hammer This is my favorite go to cigar great taste great construction and a great smoke with your friends. 5 5 1
War Hammer Very tasty, full-bodied flavor is exactly as described. Great construction, draw, consistency, & reasonably even burn (for a thicker wrapper); with a firm white & gray ash. Benefits greatly from aging. I agree with other reviewers that this is my favorite of the Boneshaker line-up. 5 5 1
War Hammer My favorite cigar from AJF or anyone. Taste, strength, construction and burn, it's all there. Once you light one up, be prepared to take a flavor journey. You've just fired up something special! It's an experience and it's different for everyone but one thing my friends and I all agree on, the Tombstone line rivals cigars costing 3 and 4 times as much. Sit down and enjoy it! They don't become available very often so when they do, buy them up! 5 5 1
War Hammer Had them before and loved them 5 5 1
War Hammer Great construction and greater flavor , rich and creamy with a kick 5 5 1
War Hammer Boneshaker Tombstone is hands down the best of the Boneshaker series! It's a AJF stick, what else can you say! 4 5 1
War Hammer Cigar seems loosely packed, smokes fast and the flavor leaves a harsh aftertaste. Lots of smoke but that's about it. 3 5 1
War Hammer Good draw, pleasant flavor, medium strength, enjoyable smoke 5 5 1
War Hammer Draw is fantastic and consistent throughout the box. Unlike the other Boneshakers I've smoked. Which had draw issues, construction issues, inconsistent flavor profiles. Leave it to AJ to blend something for a brand and absolutely improve it's quality 100 fold. 5 5 1
War Hammer n/a 5 5 1
War Hammer Not the best I’ve had and definitely not the worst, draw was good, burn was good, flavor was meh 3 5 1
War Hammer I was disappointed after seeing the positive reviews. The Tombstone Boneshaker claims to be a full strength cigar. I didn't agree. Maybe medium at best. It had a problem staying lit. I got this in a sample pack and I'll smoke the rest in time. I probably would not purchase this particular cigar type, but I've had good Tombstone brand cigars though. This one just didn't do it for me. 2 5 1
War Hammer I was plesantly surprised with this full. bodied cigar . The first half was delicious and stay lit while I was cutting grass. The burn. was a little uneven.. The second half the cigar became stronger than I prefer so I let it go out. Good smoke but the construction was off. 2 5 1
War Hammer What a great affordable smoke. It is put together well, the wrapper never unravels or tears and it is an even burn. The flavor is full but not to heavy. Definitely one of my favorites. 5 5 1
War Hammer AJ never disappoints. 2 hour smoke easily....if you can get this around $4/5 DO IT!! NOT THE BEST DRAW BUT ITS A TORO SO..... 4 5 1
War Hammer Came across Warhammer in a variety bundle and loved it so much got a box of the toro's. Not an everyday smoked for me, but could be for sure. Smooth draw and consistent full aromatic flavor. Fantastic rolled product that you need to make sure to take the time to appreciate. 5 5 1
War Hammer I've had this cigar before and it was "okay." But I got 2 in a sampler pack recently and the first one I tried to smoke didn't last long. I couldn't get the labels/rings off. The label/ring on the foot of the cigar was so superglued I ripped the end trying to get it off so I could light it. I got it lit and smoked it down to a pinkie's width and couldn't get that label/ring off even worse than the one on the foot. It ripped a hole in the cigar to the point where I couldn't get a draw off of it. I gave it two stars only because what I did get to smoke of it was somewhat pleasurable. One of my pet peeves about cigars is, I hate labels/rings that won't come off without damaging the cigar. I think I know why this was "disposed" of in a sampler pack. More people might've had the same problem so they sold them in a sampler pack. I hope the other one I have isn't the same, if it's fine I'll update my review. 2 5 1

Boneshaker Tombstone

War Hammer 6 × 60 BSTWH

The Boneshaker Tombstone War Hammer is the enormously popular 6 inch by 60 ring cigar that’s making its third appearance in the highly acclaimed Boneshaker series. The cigar is produced by AJ Fernandez, and rolled at his prestigious factory with binder and long filler tobaccos painstakingly grown on the volcanic fertile soil from his farm in Estelí Nicaragua. And, in true AJ fashion, you can count on pristine construction, a great, burn, and an easy draw from one cigar to the next. After lighting a War Hammer, you’ll be greeted with full bodied, yet exceptionally smooth flavors of chocolate, red pepper, caramel, leather, and cocoa. A captivating sweet tobacco aroma beautifully ties the whole smoking experience together. This modestly priced masterpiece from AJ Fernandez is certain to become a permanent fixture in your favorite humidor, so order a box of 20 from JR Cigar now!
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