4.043478260869565 69
War Hammer I was bracing for a BOLD powerhouse of Cigars what I got was medium strength Maduro Cigar. 3 5 1
War Hammer This is my first one of these and I'm quite impressed great draw nice even burn and wonderful flavor. Great pepery sensation hints of chocolate and spice. I love Nicaraguan tobacco and I'm quickly becoming a big fan of a 60 ring gauge cigar and the price is an exceptional value. 5 5 1
War Hammer Just like the old Bone Shaker not sure why they added body cast but tastes and smokes the same as their last 6x60 maduro that suddenly became unavailable on the website. This is a great cigar and bar none the best value for a large maduro. Right there and even more consistent than La Gloria Series R 4 5 1
War Hammer Not for beginners. 5 5 1
War Hammer It was a strong and long smoke 4 5 1
War Hammer Great full body stick with great flavor at a great price ! 5 5 1
War Hammer Caught these on sale and had wanted to try them out. Happy I did. I plan to keep them around as a regular smoke. 5 5 1
War Hammer Great taste, but some don’t draw as well as others. 4 5 1
War Hammer I like a bigger ring cigar and this one is just right! Burns well but had a few that lost the wrapper towards the end. Still I’ll buy again. 4 5 1
War Hammer The Boneshaker is one of my favorite go to smokes paired with a good glass of rum or bourbon 5 5 1
War Hammer One of my favorite cigars. Consistently rich flavor draw and construction. Great value. I've made many friends become fans upon trying this one. 4 5 1
War Hammer Just doesn't have that kick in the pants like AJ Fernandez and Cuban Cigars posses. 2 5 1
War Hammer I really enjoy this cigar. It's one of my favorite jr exclusive cigars. If I could I would always have these in my humidor. I've had no issues with it so far. In my opinion it's one of the best for the price. 5 5 1
War Hammer Just like the old Bone Shaker not sure why they added body cast but tastes and smokes the same as their last 6x60 maduro that suddenly became unavailable on the website. This is a great cigar and bar none the best value for a large maduro. Right there and even more consistent than La Gloria Series R 4 5 1
War Hammer Great cigar for the price some batches are super solid rolls some are stemmy...still worth a box...this is my 4th box in a year. My buddies are all smoking this stogie now to 4 5 1
War Hammer I don't know how anyone could like this cigar. It has a horrible flavor and harsh bun. 1 5 1
War Hammer Favorite 5 5 1
War Hammer I love the flavors in this cigar. A great long smoke. I have had several instances where the wrapper peels off. Humidor is testing perfectly. But... this is the only negative thing I can say about them. 4 5 1
War Hammer This is one of my favorite cigars 5 5 1
War Hammer These are surprisingly good cigars. Good draw. Even burn. But please believe the company when they tell you that they are on the stronger side. Not a problem if drinking a caffeinated beverage along with the cigar, but I don't recommend smoking one on an empty stomach in the middle of the day. I will definitely purchase these again. 4 5 1
War Hammer I've purchased these by the box a few times. If you get 15 out of 20 that you can actually smoke you should then go buy a lottery ticket. I threw away 5 FIVE last night after fighting each for more time than I can justify. Horribly constructed; way too tightly rolled, no draw what so ever. And the ones you can smoke are a battle throughout. Anybody saying this is a cigar worth the money is either high or knows not what a quality cigar should be and act like. 1 5 1
War Hammer Thick, and vibrant smoke, strong enough to make you know you are smoking a real cigar. Strong and flavorful. Well made and consistently good. In my regular rotation now 5 5 1
War Hammer Great draw. Thick rich smoke with a velvety mouth feel. Rich consistent flavor throughout. 5 5 1
War Hammer did nit find it to full bodied lacked any depth in regards to flavor just smoke tractor cigar cutting my lawn 2 5 1
War Hammer I got the sampler, and full body cast is imho the best of the boneshaker series. Not surprising when I return to buy a full box, they are sold out! This is that late night, drinking whiskey and want to take it to the next level of relaxation smoke. superb. 5 5 1
War Hammer good smoke for the nic hit. good draw if not too moist or overpacked. wrapper is super thin. sometimes looking at it makes it crack. good thing i can smoke this cigar by cutting it up into a pipe because out of a box of 20, often at least 5 are too tight to draw and 3 have cracked wrappers from nothing more than snipping off smallest tip of the cap with a cigar cutter causing the whole thing to unravel 5 minutes into the smoke. 3 5 1
War Hammer Absolute junk have yet to have a good one I’ve smoked about 10 and not a single one has been worth even decent it was an absolute waste of money, period 1 5 1
War Hammer Uneven burn with hollow spots, and the headaches afterwards were unreal! Wouldn’t give one to a “wanna-be veteran bum” in manhattan.. 2 5 1
War Hammer I nice smooth smoke from start to finish. 4 5 1
War Hammer The cigar was very good and mild I will order them again 5 5 1
War Hammer Really enjoyable full body smoke that is affordable to be smoked on a regular basis without breaking the bank. Well constructed burns even and regular the 6x60 is a good hour or so of kick ass smoke 5 5 1
War Hammer Solid full bodied smoke, I like it! 4 5 1
War Hammer I don't care for the name, and the label is tacky & juvenile, but the cigar is delicious. Smooth, full-body, flavorful, complex. The slightly sweet, chocolate and spice taste is great. A very satisfying cigar that is worth more than it costs, it has become my favorite. 5 5 1
War Hammer a nice full body stick with lots of smoke. 4 5 1
War Hammer Well sorry to say they were not all they were cracked up to be ..some of the sticks were split ,cracked etc ,draw not so good not as strong as I thought hey no biggie of all the sticks I’ve purchased from you guys have been top notch ….Thanks Guys Mike 2 5 1
War Hammer I've been smoking the War Hammer for years and I love them. 5 5 1
War Hammer This blend of BoneShaker is a bit much for a lot of people. REALLY FULL BODIED > can turn an Amateur smoker Green. This Size is the Answer as a full 60 Ring tones this down a bit. I love strong an so this cigar is like Perfection to me. The full NICA treatment of depth and flavor. Just right when sipping on a Single Malt during a movie or a ball game 5 5 1
War Hammer The Kick was there and I am there for it. The draw was good but the burn was uneven and I had to relight several of them or "cut out" the thick pulp. Not bad for the price. 3 5 1
War Hammer Best cigar ever 5 5 1
War Hammer Very good cigar. Good paired with coffee. 5 5 1
War Hammer Great coffee flavor, great draw. One of my top 5! 5 5 1
War Hammer An overall fan of the Boneshaker line for quality, flavor and value. I have purchased a number of boxes in different sizes with no issues. Purchased 2 boxes of these. A huge disappointment. These cigars appear well constructed. Once lit, at different points in different cigars they crack and split. I have already smoked 1/2 box and have had one cigar out of ten that I could smoke all the way. The rest had plug like blockages or loudly cracked as I was smoking them, unravelling to the filler. I would never buy these again. 2 5 1
War Hammer Dry, flakey, tastes awful! Leaves a horrible taste in your mouth for ours. Love boneshaker. Have ordered them repeatedly. These have clearly not been stored well, hence why they’re on sale. You should do better jrcigars. This is awful. Not one to complain, but this is my fifth cigar of 20 and it’s as bad as the first, and the 4 before it. 1 5 1
War Hammer This cigar is my new favorite. I order these or a different boneshaker line as part of my order every time I order any cigars at all. I have not had perfect luck with consistency, but neither have I with any brand, smoke enough you'll find a flaw. These maybe a few more than others, but the flavor is amazing. I like full flavor full bodied big ring guage Nicaraguan cigars and these are that to a T. And for the price, how could you not love them. 5 5 1
War Hammer this is a great cigar for my style. Full body big ring! like a hour smoke. sometimes needs to be in the humidor for months! 4 5 1
War Hammer My friends and I all agree that the BSFBC is a great smoke. I used to find these at all the little gas station humidors which is how I discovered them. These days I ONLY order them from JR. The price is fantastic and they are built like cigars costing twice as much. I have also become a real stickler about letting them (and all my cigars) sit in the humidor for a while to, "settle in." I enjoy the notes of chocolate over the subtle hints of pepper and the nice smooth finish of nougatty cream. The burn is perfect and it is rare that I find one that isn't perfect in its burn and construction. Make time and space for this one. Sit down with your favorite drink after a nice meal in the evening and prepare for the experience! 4 5 1
War Hammer I have been purchasing and smoking the boneshaker line consistently for years and it is safe to say they have gone downhill. What was once a great cigar has become a great disappointment. They were once a well constructed tightly wrapped stick and now they are loose, spongey to the touch, hard to keep burning and full of voids. Originally i had noticed this issue in the boneyard series but now it is across the whole boneshaker line. I certainly miss the old formula and hope in the future we can see this line returning to its former glory.... 3 5 1
War Hammer Got this one in the latest Cigar of the Month shipment. Initial impression is favorable. Good construction and a consistent straight burn. Definitely full bodied with descent spice. Coffee and dark chocolate. Pairs nice with peanut butter whiskey. 4 5 1
War Hammer Great drawing and tasting cigar. These are generally well wrapped but you can be easily disappointed by inconsistent and loose wrapped cigars. 5 5 1
War Hammer War Hammer is a great every day cigar. 4 5 1
War Hammer Tried all three. Boneshaker, Boneyard and full body cast. This one came in third. Not wrapped as tight and a few uneven burns. Decent flavor. 3 5 1
War Hammer Very nice medium- full smoke.. enjoyed it very much. Sufficient draw. Good construction and consistency. 5 5 1
War Hammer I absolutely love these sticks!!!! 4 5 1
War Hammer Good smoke 5 5 1
War Hammer A great smoke at a descent price. 5 5 1
War Hammer Excellent smokeGreat taste an a slow burn also great with my favorite glass of bourbon an music… 5 5 1
War Hammer Good cigar 5 5 1
War Hammer Great cigar and price 5 5 1
War Hammer These cigars pack huge flavors. Not so full bodied to turn your gut, but is definitely on the fuller side. Draw has been decent for the most part, but I have had issues with keeping an even and consistent burn. But for the price and flavors this cigar brings I can deal with a bit of an uneven burn. I’ll get these again. I’ve also had the original Boneshaker and the boneyard. The boneyard is probably my favorite of the three I’ve tried. Can’t wait to try the tombstone. 4 5 1
War Hammer Very hard to smoke and the smoke is not coming out. 2 5 1
War Hammer One of my favorite smokes. A full cigar with a good burn. Great with a red wine. 4 5 1
War Hammer 2nd best of the Shaker fam. 4 5 1
War Hammer Enjoy the cigar very much 4 5 1
War Hammer Ok smoke nothing special. 5 5 1
War Hammer I wanted to try these as they are less expensive than some of the others out there. You wouldn’t know it by the flavor though! I was pleasantly surprised! A nice full body smoke, easy draw and even burn. I will definitely get these again! 5 5 1
War Hammer Excellent Flavor and consistency box to box 1.5hr smoke smooth even burn 5 5 1
War Hammer My daily go to cigar. Consistently well made Good flavor Good price 4 5 1
War Hammer They are strong but smooth. They smoke very well. 5 5 1

Boneshaker Full Body Cast

War Hammer 6 × 60 BSFWH

Brace yourself for a powerful full-bodied smoke of epic proportions with Boneshaker War Hammer premium cigars. This impressively large 6 x 60 stick derives its raw strength from an Ecuadorian Sumatra maduro wrapper surrounding a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and a blend of dark, bold, ligero long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. Once lit, Warhammer unleashes a bold tapestry of flavors that includes bittersweet chocolate, spice, and red pepper, before a rich, leathery finish. Order a box of 20 Boneshaker War Hammer cigars today, and enjoy a savory, uber- full-bodied smoke that pairs splendidly with your favorite, rum, whiskey, dark imported ale, and espresso.

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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf





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