4.44 25
Morning Star What can I say. I bought three boxes on special. I am so glad I did. One box down and out of 20 only had 1 bad one. The smoke was thick the ash was long over 1.5 inches before it fell. Draw was perfect flavor was packed in every stick. Very full bodied and stout. I would rate it up there with the top brands on the market of not better than some I have smoked. I look forward to trying the Maul next. That one is more my size. If it as good as this one I may have just finally found my every day cigar. Great job JR. 5 5 1
Morning Star What can I say about this stick. I would rate it right up there with Diesel. It is not for the faint of heart. A very full power smoke. It has a great draw great construction. A really good flavor and smell to it and it was very consistant with only having smoked about 10. Will certainly be trying the other BONESHAKERS. Got my eye on one already. 4 5 1
Morning Star Once again JR you ship the fastest out of your competition. Order a batch of cigars for the next two months on a recommendation from a friend on Sunday and it came in already. I cant wait to try them. Will give a more extensive review in the up coming weeks. 3 5 1
Morning Star This could be the most affordable delicious smoke ever. bought a box and then bought 4 more. good stuff. 5 5 1
Morning Star Just Received the order 3 Boxes and let me tell you!! I couldn't wait had to lite one up.. OMG.... I normally order Boneshaker 4.50 x 60 but these cigars are just as good....I am a big fan of boneshaker Cigars. Never had a bad one. Great burn and taste. A strong ash and great draw. Thank you JR's Cigars for always having these in stock.... 5 5 1
Morning Star Classic Honduran flavor ver dark oily wrapper. Don't see it as particularly strong. 4 5 1
Morning Star I love this smoke! I only have two cigars set apart from the rest and this is one of them. I bought a box every single one was what I expected it to be. - a tasty stout sumbitch. 5 5 1
Morning Star Nice 4 5 1
Morning Star Yes...Full bodied and expressly designed for "feet up" enjoyment with a nice dram of Jamison. 4 5 1
Morning Star Love, love, love them. They’re strong but haven’t passed out yet smoking one. Two hour smoke with consistent burn and ash. Great construction. 4 5 1
Morning Star Love this stick, always delivers on quality, taste, draw and burn and just ordered another case. Pair nicely with Dr. Pepper with a splash of Sailor Jerrys spiced rum. 5 5 1
Morning Star Tried one of these after having on of the regular Bone Shakers (which I also like). Man was this a nice smoke I truly enjoyed this cigar the burn was nice the flavor was great and there was no harshness to it at all. I will be ordering more of these and keeping them on hand. 5 5 1
Morning Star I almost made a mistake and ordered a box of these based on the reviews while looking for something different. Luckily I received 3 as part of a sampler and had one last night after dinner. What a disaster. Normally I smoke Partagas Blacks so I'm no stranger to full-bodied cigars. This cigar was like smoking a piece of coal. It was made well drew well it was just consistently bad throughout. I've got 2 more from the sampler they'll be going to the golf course as give-aways to friends that want to try them...or in the dumpster. 1 5 1
Morning Star Love it!!!!!! My favorite smoke. I love Arturo Fuente but this guy has my heart right now. Packed with flavor. Not for everybody but definitely for me. 5 5 1
Morning Star This is a damn good cigar. From the dark oily smooth wrapper to perfect sharp burn. It's a full body of goodness. Definitely one of my favorites. 5 5 1
Morning Star This is a very good cigar. Everything is perfect the draw constitution and sharp burn. This is definitely a full body smoke. 5 5 1
Morning Star Excellent full strength smoke. Strong but tasty and well constructed. One of my favorites 5 5 1
Morning Star Everything from the slick dark brown oily wrapper the aroma and complex flavors this full bodied smoke is definitely in my top 5. 5 5 1
Morning Star Smokes far gentler than it really is. Delicious, flavorful, burns and draws well and built like a little tank. That said, I powered through one in a hurry and it sent me to the chair with a glass of cold water like a school kid. Up until then, very enjoyable. 4 5 1
Morning Star I’ve been Leary in the past about trying new cigars but this one was worth the try!! GREAT consistency from one stick to the last one. Great flavor and are made tough as nails, trust me it won’t come apart in your hands like a lot of them. 5 5 1
Morning Star Great flavor 5 5 1
Morning Star Very nice, quality smoke. Not sensational, but an even burn, medium to strong palate, and something I would never turn down… 4 5 1
Morning Star Great construction & draw; relatively even burn (for a maduro). Nice, full-bodied flavor, but not earth-shattering. Benefits greatly from aging. 4 5 1
Morning Star Full Body, Bold, Good Complexity ,Flavor, Great Spice A Little Chocolate And Good Construction Can't Beat The Price Great Bang For Your Buck. 5 5 1
Morning Star Been my go to got years. Best flavor and best consistency with burn too 5 5 1

Boneshaker Full Body Cast

Morning Star 5 × 56 BSFMS

Morning Star, in very affordable boxes of 20, is a genuine full-bodied flavor bomb! Even more powerful than the original Boneshaker, this over-stuffed 56-ring Robusto unleashes a bevy of bold flavors that are sweet, chocolaty, and peppery all at once. We recommend that premium handmade cigar newbies proceed with caution; however, the rest of you seasoned smokers will enjoy a top-quality, high-octane smoke that will keep you coming back for more!

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