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War Hammer Warhammer BoneShaker Boneyard 6x60 Earthy nicaraguan smell First draw: hard pull tightly packed very earthy not overly spiced close to just right richer coffee taste like a medium/dark roast but not to heavy First third: very heavy coffee filled taste instead of the usual heavy spice filled notes in a nicaraguan filled bases cigar Second third: more spices break thru the coffee taste switch to a more earthy taste still really really tight draw Lets cut this review short for a certain reason upon finally making it two the final third the draw is almost unbearable to enjoy as it is so tightly packed if you dont draw on it every 10-15 seconds it will attempt to go out in the middle overall it is a good cigar but with less packing in its overall beautiful craftmanship it would be an extraordinary cigar but unfortunately until that problem is fixed it will stay as a good cigar 4 4 1
War Hammer Its was alright just way too overpacked to really enjoy smoking it oterwise if it had a lighter pack it would of atleast been 9/10 but for now its definitely a 6/10 3 4 1

Boneshaker Boneyard

War Hammer 6 × 60 BSBWH

Boneshaker Boneyard War Hammer is a beastly 6 x 60 ring cigar oozing with bold, full bodied flavors of white pepper, espresso, earth and cinnamon, courtesy of the finest 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. Perfect after a hearty meal or when paired with your favorite gourmet coffee drink or adult beverage, the pristine construction, slow burn, and affordable price makes it even more appealing!


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