4.185185185185185 54
War Hammer Nice burn, smoke output, spicy flavor and strength at a very affordable price. 5 5 1
War Hammer I'm a huge boneshaker fan. I've always enjoyed smoking them in every size they have for the most part. However this is not the case with the boneyard line. I've tried every size in this line. And all but the toro lived up to the quality that I've come to love in the boneshaker brand. The toro has good construction and flavor profile. But the draw is just to tight. It does not matter how good the construction or flavor profile is. If you can't get a good draw it makes a bad smoke. Everything as to be working together in order to be an awesome cigar.With that being said. In my opinion the boneyard war hammer is the best of this particular blend. The quality is there in the construction, draw, and flavor profile. I highly recommend this cigar in the robust, torpedo, and the war hammer. If they fix the draw issues with the toro size it will be a good smoke. 5 5 1
War Hammer This cigar is a good addition to the Boneshaker lineup. Good construction, good flavor, good burn and good price. In my opinion, it's a must try. 4 5 1
War Hammer I was very pleasantly surprised with this cigar. I normally stay closer to a medium bodied cigar. These were wonderful and mellower than some medium sticks. I will definitely keep them as a go to on my humidor. 5 5 1
War Hammer So far, I have always managed to buy these while they are on sale which makes them even better. The flavor is good and the burn is fairly consistent.. 5 5 1
War Hammer Very nice taste and consistency. 4 5 1
War Hammer Strong and full flavor. Great cigar to pair with nice beer. 5 5 1
War Hammer i like the flavor and draw . only complaint is that about 6 out of 20 don't burn evenly and sometimes canoe. 5 5 1
War Hammer Excellent flavor but the draw wasn’t perfect due to the moisture content. The cigars were s little damp. I feel that they will improve though. This cigar was exceptional in spite of any criticism. The flavor was like comparing a fabulous bottle of wine to a regular one. Easily my favorite cigar to date other than Monty #4’s from Cuba. 5 5 1
War Hammer Boneshaker has become my absolute favorite. supreme value. 5 5 1
War Hammer Great flavor 5 5 1
War Hammer I initially tried the regular Boneshaker and was quite surprised at how good it was but disappointed that it was not as strong as stated. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go with the Boneyard War hammer. I didn't think it could get better but it did! This smoke was great. Excellent flavor, very good draw and it showed some complexity and stronger. next time I will order a box. 5 5 1
War Hammer Excellent smoke from beginning to end. Plenty of smoke output and a great taste as well. 5 5 1
War Hammer Another great smoke, can't wait to try the rest of the line. Great price point 5 5 1
War Hammer I saw these a year ago and decided to take a chance after reading the reviews and a couple of videos that I found. I was not disappointed. I have since smoked several War Hammers, Boneyards and Tombstones - Bodycast is next. I like a variety of sticks with different flavors and strengths but these are a must for my humidor. 5 5 1
War Hammer Bought a 5 pack Sampler. Flavor and draw was outstanding. HOWEVER... the burn was horrible. Had to keep touching it up. Will that stop me from enjoying them? Probably not. 4 5 1
War Hammer Smoked a couple of these Boneyards in hopes of the same quality as the Boneshaker Warhammer 6X60. Not nearly as good. Super disappointing. First one canoed way to much. Second one was the same but also tunnels causing hot spots. Going to have to let them sit in my humidor for a while longer in hopes they get better. On the other hand when it smoked the flavors were awesome. 2 5 1
War Hammer Great cigar flavor and slow burn. There is some tunneling/canoeing however. 5 5 1
War Hammer Got in 6x60,absolute largest vitola of choice,this wasn't a strong stick,just very flavorful((imo). chocolate,dark leathers,Great price too.Worth buying again. 5 5 1
War Hammer Excellent construction, draw, flavor, and slow burn! 5 5 1
War Hammer Outstanding in all aspects! 5 5 1
War Hammer Great cigar. Packed and rolled perfectly. 5 5 1
War Hammer nice slow draw, excellent flavor, and strong 5 5 1
War Hammer Great product 5 5 1
War Hammer If you're a huge fan of the FBC or the TS, this one probably isn't for you. To me, this is a lighter version of the regular Boneshaker. For my palate it is light when it comes to expectations for a Boneshaker stick. The construction of course is on par and it burns nicely and smoke production is good but overall it is a muted version of the Mighty Boneshaker line. It is good, if the Full Body Cast or Tombstone is too much for you (and I love those BTW). More of a dried fruit and less chocolate. More raisin and less pepper. Much less pepper although I don't taste pepper as the dominant flavor in any of the other Boneshakers. While it wasn't so much for me, I enjoyed it for what it was. 3 5 1
War Hammer Not as powerful as the Boneshaker, but a good smoke. 4 5 1
War Hammer Despite the name this is a very well flavored and mild cigar, well put together with a nice even burn all the way down and a easy draw 5 5 1
War Hammer You can't beat this cigar and it's a definite buy when there's a deal. 5 5 1
War Hammer I was quite pleased with the flavor and consistency of this cigar, it was the second of the Bone Shaker line that I bought and I will certainly be buying more in the future 5 5 1
War Hammer Man I want to love these but the pull is sooooooooo inconsistent. Some of them don’t even burn at all. Flavor is great. Quality is great. Pull is horridly inconsistent. 3 5 1
War Hammer Very good flavor 4 5 1
War Hammer Not sure about the cigar but I purchased these thinking they were 60 ring but they sent 52 ring. Not sure if the description is incorrect or they sent the wrong ones. The wrappers on the cigars I received are the same as the photo. JR only offered to take them back and give me a credit. Not convenient considering I needed them for a mid-week get-together. 1 5 1
War Hammer Good product good delivery 5 5 1
War Hammer One of the best everyday cigars out there. Great value. 4 5 1
War Hammer Very well constructed, draw even , a very nice cigar 5 5 1
War Hammer Great draw with an even burn. Medium/full strength with hints of pepper, spice and earth. Not a bottom of the barrel smoke but priced right to smoke without breaking the bank. 4 5 1
War Hammer I ordered a 5 pack to sample. I have attempted to smoke 3. First the smell opening them is old and musty almost rotten but being the glutton for punishment I guess I kept think well it's a one off. The draw is horrible. It's like trying to draw with cellophane wrapped around the end. The burn is horribly uneven. I don't know a lot about cigars but I know a bad one and this is it. 1 5 1
War Hammer Boneshaker Boneyard is a consistently great smoke. It has a slight pepper taste, burns even, and smooth draw. It’s not an economy stick but won’t break the bank. It is my Friday night, after dinner, with a stiff drink stick choice. 5 5 1
War Hammer This brand has been a big part of my himidors inventory. But this particular one I have to give away. After smoking two, I found them to be very sour, with a hard draw it was like drinking a milkshake to get a decent puff. I won't buy anymore of these and hope other offerings are better like he full body cast. 3 5 1
War Hammer This was just way too much Burnt. Burnt coffee, burnt nut, burnt wood, burnt burnt burnt. I even tried it twice to make sure. With the exception of the first half inch, it just became yuck in my mouth. The first half inch was actually pretty good. But then it settled into flavors I did not enjoy. I am glad I tried it. I gave away the rest of the 5-pack. 2 5 1
War Hammer I’ve been ordering these and the other War hammer versions 4-6 boxes a month, for the past five years or so. Up until last fall I had been mostly happy with them. I ordered 6 boxes of these and 2 of the regular war hammers for an extended vacation. Unfortunately I was no where near any Mail service in order to return them. What I got out of those 8 boxes was about 12 smokable the rest were like Lincoln Logs, with zero draw. Even cutting them in half and poking a hanger down the middle made little difference and only added to my frustration. The way I see it, at the very least, Bone Shaker owes me at least 7 boxes of smokable cigars or they can kiss goodbye my 4-6 box order every month. 1 5 1
War Hammer Good flavor good length and longer than average smoke 4 5 1
War Hammer Firm cigar, but occasional irregular burn. Sometimes burns the tongue. 4 5 1
War Hammer It goes to show that a powerhouse cigar can be done tastefully (see my review on JR Ultimate by Rocky Patel-Robusto). Black pepper all over the place and an aroma that will singe your nose hairs, but refined. Sip if you want.....not my everyday smoke but damn well worth the change up. A mainstay in my humidor!!!! 5 5 1
War Hammer A good stick and a good price affordable I like a bone shaker with a nice cup of coffee really goes well Great taste of coffee earthy definitely worth it. 5 5 1
War Hammer Love when it’s on sale. 5 5 1
War Hammer Overall not very impressed. Very inconsistent on clean burn and ease of draw. Literally had 6 of 10 that had large holes causing bad burn. Then 1 maybe a good draw and other like trying to suck a golf ball thru. A lot of relights needed on all. I had ordered 40 of these and only really enjoyed maybe 6 or 7 of those 40. 1 5 1
War Hammer A lot of these were loosely rolled & had some burning issues, but they're a nice big smoke worth the price when on sale. 3 5 1
War Hammer I have to admit, I have been buying All Four lines of the Boneshakers. I was never disappointed until now. If it wasn't for the chance of winning these War Hammers ( Boneyard) in an Auction and I needed Cigars, it would have been about the 3rd I would have returned and item. I was very disappointed that out of 20 cigars only about 8 were actually constructed and smoked well.. 3 5 1
War Hammer Charles was dry,cracked when lit. 2 5 1
War Hammer One of my new go to cigars 5 5 1
War Hammer This may be my new go-to cigar. Takes nearly 2 hours to smoke, which is a great way to spend an evening. 5 5 1
War Hammer Rich with great flavor medium body 5 5 1

Boneshaker Boneyard

War Hammer 6 × 60 BSBWH

Boneshaker Boneyard War Hammer is a hefty 6 x 60 ring premium handmade cigar with bold, full bodied flavors of white pepper, espresso, earth and cinnamon, courtesy of the finest 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. Perfect after a hearty meal or when paired with your favorite gourmet coffee drink or adult beverage, the pristine construction, slow burn, and affordable price makes it even more appealing. Order an affordable box of 20 from JR Cigar today.
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