4.357142857142857 28
Mace At first, the strong pepper taste put me off with a mild burn to my lips and rather rough smoking flavor.. I have to admit that I almost put it out, but it improved as the cigar burned down which is kind of unusual for me. At the half-way point, I actually started to enjoy this cigar. 3 5 1
Mace Great construction, great smell, very powerful 5 5 1
Mace Excellent flavor, draw was great 5 5 1
Mace This is a good cigar to buy when it is on sale 5 5 1
Mace Solid dependable product. 4 5 1
Mace I love it. It goes good with my coffee in thw morning and also with my favorite Drink in the evening 5 5 1
Mace Good construction..nice draw and ash. Likely a little bold flavor for some but no lingering after taste. A good buy on sale 4 5 1
Mace This is my daily smoke. Not because it’s a cheap stick but rather a fantastic stick. I always would buy bundle cigars for daily smoking and save my finer cigars for weekends. Ever since I discovered these Bone Shakers, I have stopped getting disappointing bundle cigars and started smoking bold, flavorful cigars at damn near bundle prices. I highly recommend these to anyone that likes to get what they pay for. 5 5 1
Mace Other than a half dozen butane manipulations, this cigar was awesome. I'll buy more of these babies. 4 5 1
Mace This is a great Maduro with great flavor, well made and for the price it just can't be beat. This is my daily stick Monday - Thursday. 4 5 1
Mace This is a great cigar. The depth of flavor and construction are probably unrivaled within the price range of this cigar. Considering price and quality this is one of my favorite cigars right now. 5 5 1
Mace This is a very good cigar. Lots of great flavor. 5 5 1
Mace Lots a flavor, good draw and burn. I was a little worried these would be too full for my liking, but I really enjoyed these. I'm a sucker for sweet tipped cigars and if these had a sweet tip they'd be perfect for me. 5 5 1
Mace A #BOTL sent me a Boneshaker Boneyard Mace as a Christmas gift, along with a few other cigars. I punch cut it, toasted the foot, and proceeded to light it all the way. I wasn't even halfway thru with it and I was on JR Cigar's site on my phone ordering a box! Man, this is a great cigar! I mean, $78.90 for a box of 20- that's $3.95 a cigar. It is just as good, or better, than a lot of $10 cigars. I have over 2000 cigars in my collection and I rate this one up there with some of my $15 sticks! Try them, you will not be disappointed. I paired it with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. 5 5 1
Mace Consistently good smoke. 4 5 1
Mace No bells and whistles. Just ok. Bland.. Little flavors. Very strong 3 5 1
Mace Really enjoy the slight sweet finish. Good cigar…great price! 5 5 1
Mace This is a nice short stick and packs a very good punch! 5 5 1
Mace Lots of spices in this compact cigar. Enjoyed it so much that I smoked it back-to-back! 5 5 1
Mace I really enjoy the Boneshaker. One of my favorite cigars now. Once in awhile I will get one that is poorly constructed. 1 out of each of my last 3 orders was impossible to smoke. Plugged so bad my draw tool didn’t help. I think I will stick with the boneshaker full body cast. I have had better luck with their construction so far. 3 5 1
Mace I ordered a box of these as I have enjoyed them in the past. Well, disappointing cigars. Inconsistent burn, plugged so tight a poker can't open it. Flavor was off...just a bad cigar. What happened Bone Shaker? I'll stick with others.... 3 5 1
Mace Gonna get a box of these soon, love the blend! 5 5 1
Mace Not flavorful. 3 5 1
Mace Very nice smooth draw 4 5 1
Mace Stronger than my usual cigars but still overall a good smoke 4 5 1
Mace Good flavor. Construction was good. Good smoke. Will buy again. 5 5 1
Mace BoneshakerBoneBoneshakerBoneshaket 5 5 1
Mace excellent smoke 4 5 1

Boneshaker Boneyard

Mace 5 × 52 BSBMACE

Bold, yet incredibly well-refined, Boneshaker Boneyard Mace cigars offer tantalizing flavors of white pepper, espresso, wood, some earthiness, and hints of cinnamon, that hardcore full-bodied cigar aficionados will find simply irresistible. These rich flavors come courtesy of a Nicaraguan puro blend that features finest aged Cuban-seed tobaccos. These delicious, flawlessly rolled handmade premium cigars are sold in surprisingly affordable boxes of 20.
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