4.5 8
Mace At first, the strong pepper taste put me off with a mild burn to my lips and rather rough smoking flavor.. I have to admit that I almost put it out, but it improved as the cigar burned down which is kind of unusual for me. At the half-way point, I actually started to enjoy this cigar. 3 5 1
Mace Great construction, great smell, very powerful 5 5 1
Mace Excellent flavor, draw was great 5 5 1
Mace This is a good cigar to buy when it is on sale 5 5 1
Mace Solid dependable product. 4 5 1
Mace I love it. It goes good with my coffee in thw morning and also with my favorite Drink in the evening 5 5 1
Mace Good construction..nice draw and ash. Likely a little bold flavor for some but no lingering after taste. A good buy on sale 4 5 1
Mace This is my daily smoke. Not because it’s a cheap stick but rather a fantastic stick. I always would buy bundle cigars for daily smoking and save my finer cigars for weekends. Ever since I discovered these Bone Shakers, I have stopped getting disappointing bundle cigars and started smoking bold, flavorful cigars at damn near bundle prices. I highly recommend these to anyone that likes to get what they pay for. 5 5 1

Boneshaker Boneyard

Mace 5 × 52 BSBMACE

Bold, yet incredibly well-refined, Boneshaker Boneyard Mace cigars offer tantalizing flavors of white pepper, espresso, wood, some earthiness, and hints of cinnamon, that hardcore full-bodied cigar aficionados will find simply irresistible. These rich flavors come courtesy of a Nicaraguan puro blend that features finest aged Cuban-seed tobaccos. These delicious, flawlessly rolled handmade premium cigars are sold in surprisingly affordable boxes of 20.
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