3.8947368421052633 19
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Very nice morning or afternoon. Easy to light nice even draw. Nice flavors start to finish. No harshness. Smooth and silky. I really have enjoyed these! 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Although I found the draw s little rough this is a nice sweet cigar that holds up well and smokes smoothly 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Nice smoke. 5 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Nice draw. Consistent. Smooth creamy smoke. 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) This is an excellent cigar especially at the price point. Have smoke to Belinda's for many years and they are good smokes 5 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) As good a smoke for the money as I've found 5 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) A great mellow flavor that got better the longer when smoked. I liked then so much that I got lucky and bought them off of the Deal. Great price 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) I really have missed the Belinda Prime Minister but this replacement will do nicely. Beautiful wrapper nice draw even burn and luscious taste. What's not to like? 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) This Belinda just was horrible has no flavor falls apart and draw was so tight that just had to chick it hate these 2 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Mine did not come with a cedar wrap just a plank of cedar in the cellophane behind the sticks. Other than being disappointed in the presentation (I wanted a few cedar wraps for my humidor) the flavor and burn of these sticks is respectable. 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) auction purchase and one of the best ever. very surprised at how good this cigar was for the price. 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Very nice cigar. Cedar really punched through every puff. Not a really thick smoke producer but very creamy. Well worth the price! 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) I bought a 5-pack to try these out. The first one tasted flat with a strong burned tobacco flavor. The second was better the third was simply outstanding the fourth was OK and the fifth was that flat burned tobacco taste again. Inconsistent. I will not buy these again 2 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) The cedar wrap provides an aire of elegance and removing it is just the prelude to a fine smoke. I often use the cedar to ignite and toast the foot. Ash smoke draw flavor and fine construction make this a regular go to cigar. 5 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Enjoyable cigar. There are cedar notes while smoking. Nice variety of flavors as the cigar smokes. Smokes cool. Would buy again. 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Very nice smoke. Quality all the way around. I’ll be purchasing more of these in the future. 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) The Draw is slow at first. Made the hole bigger. After 1 5th of the cigar. The Draw opened up nicely. The burn was even throughout the smoke. The taste is decent. Overall for the price it is a good cigar. I enjoyed it. 4 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) If you really like Hondurans, and have three hours to spend, this is a pretty good cigar. The draw was surprisingly good for a cigar this long. The wrapper is fragile, and split part-way up, but I was able to smoke it past that spot. I had to put it down about two-thirds of the way through. It was just too much earthy Honduran power for me. It's a decent cigar, but not one I'd buy again. I'd choose the Epicure instead. 3 5 1
Prominente (Cedar Wrap) Better than I thought, and not bad price for a 5 pack. Draw was pretty good, and seemed to burn even the whole time. Would buy again. 3 5 1


Prominente (Cedar Wrap) 7 × 50 BLPR5

This Churchill-sized, medium-bodied smoke will burn for quite a while. Its unique flavor comes from its special blend of tobaccos. Vintage Honduran and Dominican long fillers make it smooth and creamy while its Sumatra wrapper provides a nutty aroma. The cedar wrapping is used to give it a hint of a woody flavor along with the slightest zesty notes. Packaged in a pack of 5.
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Dominican Republic / Honduras




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