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Smoking Mixture The second you open the tin you're hit with the scent of smoked Latakia. This tobacco packs well and is pleasant to smoke. It does not have the sweetness of a lot of pipe tobacco, but is more savory. 5 5 1
Smoking Mixture When I opened my first can of Balkan Sasieni and I smelled it’s tin note I was immediately struck by the perfect balance (in my opinion) of a crisp and creamy almost pine like smokiness with a mix of subtle sweet tanginess. Just the savory tin note alone adds so much in the overall experience of this Balkan blend. Next I would have mention how wonderful the ribbon cut is in this blend. This tobacco is produced by the Scandinavian tobacco company which means you get two things in every tobacco product you purchase from them: 1. excellent quality tobacco’s 2. legendary cut quality, and this blend is no exception, this is the best ribbon cut you’ll find out there and a tin costing so little this is an amazing value on JR for such a high quality tobacco. The moisture content was perfect. Packed in the bowl like a dream. For me smoking Balkan Sasieni is now an event that I look forward to almost every time I light up my pipe. Smooth and creamy, smoked Latakia with the subtle tang from the orientals is just an amazing experience and taste. Burns cool and relatively dry, leaving a smoky almost incense like room note behind that is very pleasant. I really can’t say enough good things about this blend. Try a can of Balkan Sasieni and enjoy! 5 5 1
Smoking Mixture Strong and smoky tin note. This tobacco is apparently unadulterated by a Chemical “cover” and is nice and rich tasting. I continue to enjoy it and will buy it again from JR. 4 5 1
Smoking Mixture Smooth, creamy, full flavor, mild, with no bite. A good one! 5 5 1
Smoking Mixture Delicious tobacco, rich tasting, heavy and perfect. 5 5 1

Balkan Sasieni

Smoking Mixture 1BS

Balkan Sasieni Smoking Mixture is a legendary, full flavored English recipe that consists of toasty Syrian Latakia, spicy Perique, Macedonia, and the finest aged Virginias. For many decades, pipe tobacco connoisseurs worldwide have been relishing the signature woodsy complex flavor, and smoky, burning leaves aroma of the Balkan Sesieni Smoking Mixture. This comes in a 1.75 oz. tin.
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