4.590909090909091 22
Short Robusto AVO in short rubusto is a great little stick for those quick occasions. Snag these up 5 5 1
Short Robusto Best construction of the line. No time for a big smoke this one will be less than an hour with all the great AVO flavor 4 5 1
Short Robusto This is a great robusto shorty.... great velvety smoke. Great after taste and good burn through. 5 5 1
Short Robusto Heritage is really awesome. The short robust is a nice packaging for the bold yet mellow flavors. It’s well constructed as most Avo cigars are. 4 5 1
Short Robusto Doesn't get any better. Great Cigar ! Perfect draw great flavor worth every penny. Will become a true favorite ! 5 5 1
Short Robusto Great cigar and everybody needs to try this out. Ton of flavor and great notes of beauty. I would recommend this to any cigar aficionado out there. 5 5 1
Short Robusto Recieved a box as a gift and loved them. Full of bold full tobacco flavors. Hints of chocolate leather and pepper with a nice lightly creamy finish 5 5 1
Short Robusto Love this smoke in the morning on way to work. Light flavors that are perfect for that 5 5 1
Short Robusto Surprisingly long lasting cigar for such a short size. Avo is one of the best in the business and it shows again here with flawless construction and a gtpreat smooth smoking cigar. Rich flavor never harsh and a solid gift for your taste buds. 5 5 1
Short Robusto Ordered a box of these for the winter.that way I can enjoy a cigar and not have to be out in the cold for to long.. this is a full flavor treat. Hints of cocoa coffee with a mild spicy finish. The avo heritage collection is probably one of the best morning coffee smoke ever. And this gem doesn't disappoint. Quite glad I have 20 them to enjoy. I will definitely order again and keep these in my humidor all year. Perfect for when you only have 30 to 40 min.. 5 5 1
Short Robusto Awesome little smoke. The size for a wee bit of scotch and a short conversation. enjoy. 5 5 1
Short Robusto I think the construction was made of left overs. Did not burn even 2 5 1
Short Robusto This is a fun smoke and burns even and very well. Got some chocolate is the best way to describe on the retrohale. Light and smooth burns well hard to draw here and there. On sale it's worth the money.. 4 5 1
Short Robusto This shorty is a perfect waiting for the wife to come out cigar! Spicy nutty woody flavors surround the palette thank you 5 5 1
Short Robusto The Avo Heritage Short Robusto it's a really good full flavored cigar with some nice wood note 5 5 1
Short Robusto Great Stick make sure to try all of the blends in this line their all great 4 5 1
Short Robusto The Ago Short Heritage Robusto is a fantastic cigar short burn time on this size 5 5 1
Short Robusto I just smoked one of these last night on honor of the life Avo Uvezian. Not only was he a great musician but an awesome cigar maker. Pssita RIP 5 5 1
Short Robusto This one is good that if you are in a rush or just in a crunch for time but what something good this would be the one to go to 4 5 1
Short Robusto Good full strength cigar. Leathery taste with a slight nutty finish. Bought a box for walking the dog at the end of the day short Robusto is perfect for a 40 minute walk. Only complaint is the bands sometimes rip while taking off. 4 5 1
Short Robusto Awesome cigar. Avo is a great company. The incredible construction plus the meticulous blending combine to deliver a superior cigar. 5 5 1
Short Robusto You can't go wrong with AVO. Choose your blend; choose your size; enjoy. This blend has more body than the Classic blend but retains the base woodiness with some leather and a hint of cocoa. 5 5 1

Avo Heritage

Short Robusto 4 × 56 AVOHSR

 The Avo Heritage Short Robusto is an ultra-premium cigar crafted with perfectly aged and fermented Cuban-seed Dominican binder and fillers, rolled inside a gorgeous Cuban-seed sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper. Delicious multi-layered notes of cedar wood, toasted nuts and earthy chocolate effortlessly combine with hints of white pepper, for an unbelievably complex full body experience. 

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Ecuador Special Sun Grown

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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