4.2 35
Panetela Ashton is one of my favorite cigars. They are always a great smoke. 5 5 1
Panetela I really love the entire AJ Fernandez line. The cigars definitely pack but pack an equally incredible punch of flavor. It had an incredible draw and burn and lots of delicious smoke. Definite recommend! 4 5 1
Panetela This stick is decent. It has good flavor but it didn't hold up very well when I smoked it. Granted I have only been one and some cigars have some variation... But this is not my cigar of choice 2 5 1
Panetela Very smooth and creamy if that's what your looking for you right in the place of cigars you want to be. 4 5 1
Panetela Ashton makes a good smoke but the price point doesn't really match its quality. Good cigar but 8 bucks a stick would be much more fitting 5 5 1
Panetela Great flavor and always consistent. A great stick with a nice scotch after dinner. Highly recommend. 5 5 1
Panetela Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. Well worth the price. Enjoy only the very best. 5 5 1
Panetela This is a medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: creamy smooth pepper. This cigar is very well balanced. From start to finish the draw does not disappoint. Pairs well with dark roast Colombian Coffee or Crown Royal. Must have in your rotation. 3 5 1
Panetela'll like this cigar. With the small ring gauge the wrapper is in control of the flavor profile. Smooth woody and a nice spice. Downside is the draw is not as consistent as with larger rings. 3 5 1
Panetela The Ashton panacea is amazing for the price good anytime smoke for you and some buddy's woody barnyard flavors and dark leather spice 4 5 1
Panetela These are great long boys. These will raise eyebrows because of the unique looks. These are perfect cigars if you like woodsy flavors. Great for travel. 5 5 1
Panetela Ashton is always a good choice and these are a long lasting mild to medium flavor and usually have a good draw. 4 5 1
Panetela Great cigar and great taste. Lowe quality because of the lower price but it was still a great little cigar for the price!! My friends and I all love them! 3 5 1
Panetela Great for those who are starting to smoke cigars. I would go for a big ring gauge had to poke it a few times for a better draw. 3 5 1
Panetela It takes a little getting used to a vitola of this size not for a beginner but it smokes great once you get a feel for it. 5 5 1
Panetela good draw on this cigar. just one touch up needed. I did not have to relight it. very mild cigar with a pleasant tobacco flavor. 4 5 1
Panetela Ashton is one of my favorite cigars. I haven't come across one I didn't like. It's an experience I'd recommend to any cigar smoker. 5 5 1
Panetela Ashton panetella is a great cigar by a fantastic brand. Very easy to smoke and creamy. Very enjoyable 5 5 1
Panetela Didn't realize that the draw would be so tight too much work for me it was half gone before it opened up everything else was fine 3 5 1
Panetela Am looking for a longer cigar with same ring size. 4 5 1
Panetela Fantastic rich in flavor this cigar leaves nothing to be desired. Sooo good. If you haven't had the pleasure stop procrastinatin and get some today! 5 5 1
Panetela Ashton makes a great stick and I've never had one that disappointed me yet. If you haven't tried one do yourself a favor 3 5 1
Panetela I really love the design on the cigar it's really impressive the length of the stick makes for a lot of smoke out put the taste is really good also 4 5 1
Panetela Love it. Smooth creamy and great flavor. This was my go to stick for many months. I highly recommend. 4 5 1
Panetela Love the panatella. More flavor than the larger ring gage. I always go for the smaller ring gage for that reason. A little harder draw in the beginning but opens up nicely after a few minutes. Vert enjoyable. 4 5 1
Panetela A panatela actually suits a smooth mild cigar like Ashton I prefer heavier cigars but this is a great cigar 5 5 1
Panetela Ashton makes some great cigars. This one is an absolute winner. Love the pantela size. 5 5 1
Panetela Very nice cigar. Smokes very well. Price point is a little high. But still ok. 4 5 1
Panetela Decent cigar and good all around smoke. Would love to see this in my humidor. The flavor is a very good and long lasting one. 4 5 1
Panetela Very good strong cigar has great ash nice burn evenly taste was a blah same thru whole stick and just wasnt a nice cigar 4 5 1
Panetela Complex spicy and nuanced this luger accented cigar is sure to keep plates engaged until it's rich and mellow finish. 5 5 1
Panetela I loved this cigar good flavor draw and consistency. Especially for its length it still burned slower then I thought. This cigar gets some bonus points in my books because it's fun reccommend for social smoking of all levels 5 5 1
Panetela Lengthy little smoke. Good flavor good body a little on the mild side. Buy them today and check them out. You will love. 5 5 1
Panetela Not the best looking wrapper on the market but still a good smoke. nots of spice wood pepper and a little bit of cream. 4 5 1
Panetela Ashton are my favorite. 5 5 1


Panetela 6.50 × 36 ASP

Another luxurious smoke in the Ashton line. A light Connecticut wrapper and a mix of premium Dominican tobaccos give this a cigar a creamy smooth taste. The thin size makes it ideal for getting the most flavor out of the cigar. Try one and see why Ashton is one of the top cigars on the market. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.
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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



Cedar Chest of 25

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