3.981132075471698 53
Esquire We had no idea what to say the word is the most part time job of the Vietnam war in the next couple weeks to see the 3 5 1
Esquire Ashton is always at the top of my list when I walk into a cigar bar and at these 5 5 1
Esquire I've had a few Ashtons. Not a bad smoke. But padrons are still my favorite. 3 5 1
Esquire Bought one of these in the smoke shop down in Georgia Columbia Georgia was really impressed with this cigar but it wasn't cheap but worth the money 5 5 1
Esquire This Ashton is no joke its top notch one of the best maduros on the market unbelievably delicious mmmm mmmm good just like cambels 5 5 1
Esquire Overall I was pleased with this cigar however I did have some trouble with the wrap wanting to crack and flake off 3 5 1
Esquire Good cigar I didn't enjoy the taste that much but everything else was exactly to be expected 4 5 1
Esquire Five star five star who's the greatest closer far this guy is it's a nice smoke with food tastes and bodh 5 5 1
Esquire Ashton makes a good stick I still prefer there cousin in Fuente but it still is an overall enjoyable cigar 3 5 1
Esquire The Ashton has a great flavor to me. It's so cocoa and nutty flavor that just makes my mouth water. The construction to me was alright. I had a few runs and my draw got loose. But over all this cigar was pretty good and I enjoyed every minute of it. 4 5 1
Esquire This is made from good tobacco and has a lot of flavor when it burns well. Unfortunately as with a lot of small smokes the performance is inconsistent. A lot of draw issues and it's prone to overheating. 3 5 1
Esquire Love this Ashton I haven't had much of a life only had a couple but I love the dark when do instead of the Connecticut this is an awesome size good smoke well worth it 5 5 1
Esquire Aston has always been a great smoke for me and the equire has definitely become one of my favorite blends by them. Will be having this again 3 5 1
Esquire This cigar was a disaster! Did not burn evenly at all. Also was lacking in flavor. Won't be wasting humi space with one of these. 1 5 1
Esquire Pretty solid cigar with a hint of fruit and coffee. Construction was decent and the finish was smooth and easy. 4 5 1
Esquire Great cigar has the perfect taste length everything is great for the price and get your money worth it has good color too 4 5 1
Esquire Deep flavor full cigar. Rich smoke. Most definitely a treat ill be trying again. Try one 4 5 1
Esquire The Ashton esquire in my opinion is a very flavorful cigar I would recommend it to anyone 5 5 1
Esquire What a top quality smoke. Excellent draw and amazing construction. Would buy again. Great cigar. 5 5 1
Esquire A great cigar for beginners. Mild smoke but a wonderful stick to smoke. A must try 4 5 1
Esquire Great cigar. Worth the price. Flavor was excellent burn was a little off but I think it was my RH. 5 5 1
Esquire Ashton VSG is my favorite from this maker but this one is on my radar as well. Lots of earthy spicy flavors 5 5 1
Esquire One is Ashton's great cigars. Ashton's has always been a legendary cigar maker. This cigar has everything you want in an excellent cigar excellent and complex flavor ash burn smoke and finish. 5 5 1
Esquire Ashton is another puck for me besides my daily choice. Esquire is on the mild side that I prefer and offers a long lasting smoke. 5 5 1
Esquire Heavy hitter full of taste and a great draw. Well made and aromatic. A must have 5 5 1
Esquire This one had good construction and great consistency but I am not a fan of real dark cigars. Just personal preference. A friend shared one of these with me. Just not a fan. 3 5 1
Esquire Good all around smoke definatley worth trying thick rich coca flavors with cream and caramel 3 5 1
Esquire Ashton esquire is a great cigar by a great brand. This is one of my favorites for sure 5 5 1
Esquire This class of cigars are not good at all they are not sweet our mild just not my type of cigars 2 5 1
Esquire I was not too sure about the cigar when I first purchased it. But the look of the cigar definitely caught my eye on the cold draw you could taste the creaminess of the age tobacco the first and second third were fabulous nice flavor transitions creamy smooth a mild to medium cigar. I would not suggest this cigar to the beginner smokers. But this is a fantastic cigar that pairs with almost anything I would suggest this which I would call nothing but a desert stick after a nice meal and a nice rum.. 3 5 1
Esquire While I haven't had many Ashton cigars this is one of the few I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Beautifully crafted cigar. 5 5 1
Esquire The Ashton company always delivers quality cigars and the Esquire is worthy of being in that line up. 3 5 1
Esquire started enjoying premium cigars a few months ago. Im not in to large cigars I only smoke the cigarillo tins. I must say that I have really enjoyed these Ashton Esquires. I find them to be very smooth & mild 5 5 1
Esquire Very nice smoke if your in to full flavored smokes. Got kinda a sweet burn to it. 4 5 1
Esquire This one has a nice dark rapper construction is pretty good seems are tight things are minimal draw is open flavor is great 3 5 1
Esquire Perfectly aged and a beauty. Hints of sweet coffee and extremely smooth and mild. Definitely a treasure. 4 5 1
Esquire Good smoke full bodied flavor. It is okay but not the best cigar. All around it is decent 3 5 1
Esquire Not a bad cigar in this line. Rich flavors sweet burn. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Elegant design well worth the price. 5 5 1
Esquire Nice cigar. Very affordable too. It's a good one for beginners because of how mild it is but I'm not a fan of mild flavored cigars. It's smooth and creamy though. 4 5 1
Esquire This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: spiciness/pepper caramel. Not a big fan with Esquire. Burn issues & did not taste good. 2 5 1
Esquire I prefer the natural over the Maduro but this one is loaded with fresh tobacco sweetness and raisen flavors 4 5 1
Esquire Ashton makes good lines the esquire is one of them black oily wrapper with a nice tooth makes for a good time leather and pepper fill your nose and wake up the palette I had this with my father and he agreed it's great after dinner smoke 5 5 1
Esquire This want my favorite stick from Ashton the flavors just didn't do it for me 4 5 1
Esquire This is a good smoke I enjoy the bold flavor the draw an construction could be a little better but all in all still a good smoke 4 5 1
Esquire Not a fan of this stick from Ashton as it fell apart while I was smoking. The flavor was t bad but the quality was enough to turn me off 2 5 1
Esquire This cigar has a very creamy smoke. Really nice cool drags every minute. Beautiful blend of favors aswell. 5 5 1
Esquire Ashton Esquire is a cigar that is very good. But it's very expensive as well. So is it worth the cash you have to spend on it. My opinion is Yes it is. These are pretty tasty. A little overpriced but I can splurge every now and then. 5 5 1
Esquire This cannon is jam packed to the hilt with flavor and a great cloud maker. Great until the end 5 5 1
Esquire construction and draw was good. the burn was even and no touch ups were needed. the aroma was wonderful and the flavor was a bit lacking. 4 5 1
Esquire Another great on from ashton nice even burn great construction and flavor is unbeatable i will be buying more of these 5 5 1
Esquire This cigar has an easy draw. The body ranges closer to medium. The flavor is slightly past medium with an earthy undertone. Hints of leather and a strong white also contribute to this being a well rounded smoke. 3 5 1
Esquire The Ashton esquire was great. So rich and cocoay with hints of coffee and some woodsiness 5 5 1
Esquire I enjoy small cigars often when I don't have enough time to smoke full size one. This small cigar has plenty of flavor and taste to enjoy except the price compared to other similar size which can replace this expensive sticks. 3 5 1


Esquire 4.25 × 32 ASE3

While crafting any Ashton, The Fuente family only uses the finest Dominican tobacco available. That’s why no matter the size, each Ashton is flawless and delicious. The Esquire Maduro, with its petite size and Connecticut Maduro wrapper offers the same outstanding smoking experience as the rest of the Ashton's. Packaged in 10 Tins of 10.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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