4.428571428571429 14
Eclipse Tube By far one of the best Ashton cigars to ever come out. Nice flavors of chocolate cedar hay earth and pepper. Burns awesome and tastes even better! 5 5 1
Eclipse Tube One of the best Ashton I would say better than the ESG to me. Nice feel to the stick and smoked great. Full flavors with sweetness to it. Not complex but good. 4 5 1
Eclipse Tube Ashton VSG rocks in complexity construction and texture on my lips which is big One of the only tube wrapped harsh that I would give to a real smoker 5 5 1
Eclipse Tube This Ashton is a flavor explosion. Lots of leather and earth with a mild sweet buttery taste. It did however have a tighter draw than I like. 4 5 1
Eclipse Tube My VSG Eclipse has an amazing flavor. Mouth feel is silky but with a touch of pepper on the tip of the tongue. It is my first VSG and I am very happy with the taste, feel and smoke output. My issue lies in the burn. I have cut this stick twice attempting to correct an "eagle beak" ember. I was very careful lighting both times to allow the tip to warm completely before lighting and as we speak my middle finger is burning and my index is quite cool. Rather annoying for the calibre of names attached to this otherwise enjoyable stick. 3 5 1
Eclipse Tube A good smoke, but not a WOW " smoke at all" an what i'm after is WOW WOW" smoke" but would smoke one or two a day, with my other smokes for sure. 4 5 1
Eclipse Tube The Ashton virgin sun-grown eclipse is a purely amazing cigar. Tons of outstanding flavor excellent Construction 4 5 1
Eclipse Tube Easy lighting cigar. Smooth draw that yields a lot of enjoyable smoke. These can be a bit on the strong side sodont rush this cigar. The dark wrapper is loaded with flavor and the right spice level. Nice earthy notes to please your pallet 4 5 1
Eclipse Tube I wanted something between a Cuban Partagas Series D #4 and a Dominican Partagas Black Label Magnifico and this Ashton was recommended to me. I purchased it with a bit of cynicism and low expectations. It was a terrific smoke. Great flavor construction and draw. Less flavor in the mouth than the Black Label as it came predominantly from the smoke. The Ashton grew much fuller in the final 25%. I truly enjoyed it and would certainly purchase and smoke this cigar again. Delicious smoke if you like full bodied cigars. 5 5 1
Eclipse Tube What a great cigar. Medium to medium full body. Burn great great draw the are to pricey for me to smoke often bit great cigar 5 5 1
Eclipse Tube This nice tubo keeps Ashton's best brand fresh. The VSG iss o flavorful with great transitions perfect construction and a decent amount of strength. 4 5 1
Eclipse Tube This one just blew me away with the deep dark cocoa flavors and heavy strong maduro wrapper not bad at all 5 5 1
Eclipse Tube The Ashton veg is great deep delicious flavor strong and full bodied one of my favorites Ashton so best cigar in my opinion it's a treat for sure 5 5 1
Eclipse Tube A little pricey but worth the price ! The construction is almost perfect , the pull good a little tight but not bad , complex taste very good , burn great takes about an hour or so clean burn , over all one fine cigar ! 5 5 1

Ashton VSG

Eclipse Tube 6 × 52 ASVET_1

Ashton VSG Eclipse Tube cigars are blended exclusively for Ashton by Carlos Fuente Jr. using aged Dominican binder and long filler tobacco taken from the finest and most fertile plants at the Fuente family farms. After even more extensive aging, each Eclipse is covered by a beautiful deep brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The delicious result is a buttery smooth full-bodied smoke with complex flavors of pepper, hay, leather, earth, and vanilla, that can be enjoyed by every style of smoker. Order this single cigar packaging of Ashton VSG Eclipse Tube today, and allow this aluminum tubed luxury cigar to become the perfect smoke for those very special occasions.

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Dominican Republic

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