4.444444444444445 27
No. 40 Now this is good relaxing and really deep flavors . Heavy and rich this cigar smells so good . It’s Taste is equal! Draw is excellent and construction is near flawless . 4 5 1
No. 40 This is an amazing Maduro cigar packed with tons of flavor with a very easy draw 5 5 1
No. 40 You know when you light up a Ashton it gonna be a great cigar this one's no exception. Medium body. Great burn great draw 5 5 1
No. 40 Ashton is the king of mild light wrapper cigars and now the king of medium bodied maduros Fabulous 5 5 1
No. 40 Wow the flavor in this!! Just deep and dark this is a power stick with a great look to it. It really sends a message! 5 5 1
No. 40 I love love love this cigar. It's about perfect in almost every way. Fuente really made something great for Levine and Ashton with this. 4 5 1
No. 40 great cigar. I got a sweet flavor throughout the whole cigar. draw was good and I had to relight and touch up once. would smoke again. 5 5 1
No. 40 Great cigar loved the aged maduro wrapper there was more flavor thanks to the maduro the construction was superb the burn was razor sharp lots of well balanced smoke 4 5 1
No. 40 Very nice! A nice smooth and rich Maduro. Again very smooth and satisfying. Dark chocolate nuts cream and awesomeness. 4 5 1
No. 40 Great smoke. Tons of flavor and smoke. Not a full body smoke but has all the flavors you could want. Really well made stick. 5 5 1
No. 40 I prefer the no. 60. The wrapper imparts a nice sweet flavor that is delightful without being too much. The wrapper holds up great to a heavy wet bite. The flavor profile is very nice without anything too strong. Nice earthy flavors that grow as the cigar burns. A very enjoyable treat! 3 5 1
No. 40 Ashton aged maduro no. 40 is one heck of a maduro. Nice and oily with an excellent spicy finish 4 5 1
No. 40 Wonderful stick if you like a nice strong oily and dark maduro this is for you this is a peppery smoke wagon with a nice even burn and a nice draw 4 5 1
No. 40 Ashton aged maduro no. 40 is a nice smooth smoke. Tasty and good flavors. Great smoke to have with a friend. 5 5 1
No. 40 Very nice cigar with full bodied taste and. Road flavor. Nice consistenty. And great finish. Would recommend. 5 5 1
No. 40 The wrapper on this stick is almost the best part. Prelite draw was fantastic and didn't almost light it 4 5 1
No. 40 Love a good Maduro but this one is great so I'm not sure I can say enough good things. Great Flavors and a perfect burn. 4 5 1
No. 40 Great cigar flavorful 5 5 1
No. 40 Always a great smoke. Great flavor, burns evenly 5 5 1
No. 40 Solid stick. Medium bodied and consistent so you could smoke these Maduros everyday. Burned a little uneven but the draw was excellent. Would buy again if my Padrons are sold out. 4 5 1
No. 40 Had the Ashton Maduro for the first time and I was not disappointed! I'm finding I'm not the biggest Maduro guy, but this one was great from start to finish. Already ordered some more. 5 5 1
No. 40 I'm not a real Maduro guy, but the Ashton Maduro is as advertised. Great with a glass of red wine or a darker beer and some bourbon. Can't wait to have this one again. Loved every minute of it. 5 5 1
No. 40 What an enjoyable stick, lots and lots of delicious smoke surrounds you as you move from espresso to cappuccino to hot chocolate. Definitely worthy of a box. 5 5 1
No. 40 This is a fine cigar but i was expecting an A+ like other Ashtons, this one is a solid B-. 3 5 1
No. 40 It's that time a year for me when I reach for the Ashton Maduro. For some reason I find this perfect in cold weather, with a guinness and some bourbon. Just got some in the mail from jr, can't wait to enjoy one this weekend. 4 5 1
No. 40 An amazing and rewarding experience! Excellent construction, flavor and aroma. Burns consistently well. Draw could use a little work. A little too tight. Notes of spice, leather, spice and orange. I would definitely purchase again. 4 5 1
No. 40 Good flavors good draw I really enjoyed this cigar 5 5 1

Ashton Aged Maduro

No. 40 6 × 50 AS403

This beautiful toro is the essence of premium tobacco. Created by the famous Fuente family for Ashton, this delicious smoke is wrapped in an aged Connecticut Maduro wrapper. The rich creamy taste is perfect for the true aficionado. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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